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  1. To Whom it May Concern, I recommend Agent Sniper00 be promoted to the rank of Petty Officer 1st Class. Sniper00 has completed the requirements for this rank successfully. He has also been great in supporting his fellow clanmates being a great constant so for in game tactics and advice. I know Sniper will always be looking for opportunities and methods to improve both himself and his teammates as players whether that be through 1v1s or other trials. Regards, Sergeant Major Tsar
  2. To Whom it May Concern, I recommend Maple be promoted to the rank of E6 Staff Sergeant. He has been successful in completing his requirements for this rank over the past few months. He has been outstanding in getting the most out of his fireteam and interacting with them on a regular basis and I believe he is a great example of what to be as an NCO both in game and out of game. I look forward to see how he and his fireteam grows as we get closer to the release date of Halo Infinite. Regards, Sergeant Major Tsar
  3. I recommend this promotion for Cisco for the fact that he’s been trying his whole heart trying to get all the achievements for halo . He has a unique goal and I admire that about him. Although he’s the most quiet one I enjoy his company. He’s also been trying to build maps for the razor and he’s proven his loyalty to The Office of Naval Intelligence . He’s been here for over a month and he’s also been active in trainings. I’m glad to have him as one of our members and i look forward to see him progress he in ONI.
  4. I’m recommending the rank of Crewman Apprentice to TTV Coach for his dedication here in the Office of Naval Intelligence. He is currently the most active Navy personnel here in the UNSC Razor and I know he deserves it. He’s also one of our most competitive players and I couldn’t have anyone better than him. I haven’t had no issues with him and he’s also helped out most of the navy to rank up in competitive matches. I’m glad to have him here in the navy and we all appreciate his unique skill way of playing
  5. I’m recommending this promotion for @Archerlordfor the fact that he’s recruited his 2 recruits already and has been here in for 2 months now. He’s been an active member and has showed potential here in the navy. He joins up trainings and he does decently well in them. I’m glad to have him here in the navy, and I’m glad to see him progress as one of our members.
  6. I recommend this promotion for @Megumin for his recent dedication towards being very active and taking on orders effectivity. I see potential in him for the future of clan as he proves to excel at leadership during Team Tacs, and can lead teams to victory. For two months, he's been involved with the clan numerous amount of times and I'm happy he's willing to improve on faults he had in in the beginning. Overall he has proven to be a reliable member of the marines and generally I believe he deserves and has earned his promotion.
  7. I recommend this promotion for @UnicornVenomfor the fact that he’s more active than usual at this time, he’s also been trying his hardest to pull in recruits alone and I see potential in him since he’s able to follow exact orders. He’s puts alot of efforts in trainings and lots of us are starting to see that. He’s been doing extremely well in raid practices and he is able to understand a lot when it comes to trainings. It’s good to see Unicorn doing extremely well and I hope to see him progress even further in the clan.
  8. I recommend this promotion for @EggLad5834 for his dedication on being active and doing extremely well with no problems in all trainings, he is a great example for all marines and he’s shown he is able to follow up with everything. He’s showed up in all the trainings so far and so he’s one of our most active members in UNSC Razor. I’ve seen him trying his hardest and I think he deserves a promotion .
  9. I recommend that blueaero be promoted to the rank of STAFF SERGEANT E6. He has meet the requirements for this promotion and has shown his dedication to the ship and clan as a whole. In leading his fireteam he always highlights improvements and is very approachable which I think is an important trait in a Fireteam Leader for the best cohesion. I look forward to continue working with Blueaero and seeing his further progression. Respectfully, Tsar, SERGEANT MAJOR
  10. I would like to request a promotion for Pfc. Verocy, as she has completed all the necessary requirements for E3. During her first internal and team tac I knew she was someone to keep an eye on, over those two hours she was able to show that she is beyond capable of doing what is expected of her and executing it near perfectly. Time after time Verocy has been able to take charge of a situation, either from the very start of the game or in the middle of chaos, develop a strategy and effectively put it into action. Over the past month she has taken on the responsibility of leading a FT, doing much more than is expected of her. She has since developed her own trainings - How to strafe, advanced mountain climbing, team communication - to name a few, I've attended a couple of these trainings and I can say from start to finish there is a true difference in how her fireteam and those attending play. That difference is because she has taken the time to focus on one aspect and explain how to successfully do it and reminds them the training won't stop until the objective is complete... and pretty soon after they complete it. I look forward to working with her in the future and hope she remains an active member of the ship. Solid job V.
  11. I would like to request a promotion for Pfc. SuspectedAphid. Pfc. SuspectedAphid has completed the necessary requirements for this promotion. Pfc. SuspectedAphid is an active member of the clan. Sometimes due to parental constraints he is unable to attend events and training but he has always communicated those issues and does his best to attend events. He is just starting in his career and is learning more about the site and how to properly submit operation reports. It is always fun to play with Pfc. SuspectedAphid and he has expanded my own taste in music. I am proud to have had Pfc. SuspectedAphid as a member of my fireteam and as his Squad leader I am still proud. Pfc. SuspectedAphid still has a lot to learn, but that will only come with time and experience. Signed, Sgt. NemesisUNSC Razor Junior Head InstructorMarine Command Bravo Squad Leader
  12. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND UNSC PERSONNEL COMMAND SERVICE RECORD UPDATE Promotion of Chillguy23 Chillguy23 has met the following requirements for SSGT of the ODST's in submitting 25 reports prior to the current 5 on this website. Combing the new ODSTs I went back to reference current commendations, its no surprise that some might be able to already qualify for a promotion in this area as we're logistically behind moving the old site information here in the form of personnel profiles. https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9628592 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9646073 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9646902 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9647579 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9647744 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9651278 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9660338 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9660838 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9660882 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9660907 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9660943 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9660961 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9660971 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9661018 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9661512 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9661551 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9661608 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9661687 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9661712 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9662262 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9662288 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9662317 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9662379 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9662404 Signed, Rear Admiral, Shawn4Japan Chief of Naval Personnel UNSC FLEET COMMAND From the Desk of, Admiral, ADM S Osman Commander-in-Chief of ONI OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE
  13. I would like to request a promotion for [E1]Private Fire 2the flame to a [E2]Private of First Class. She has proven herself by leading in internal raids, and in different types of trainings. She’s shown that she’s committed to do a lot for the clan and she has also succeeded all my requirements to see her as a worthy member of the UNSC Razor ship. I know she will continue succeeding in the clan. @Fire 2the Flame Signed, [LCPL] Agent Sniper00 UNSC Razor Fire Team Leader Fire Team Spades
  14. I am recommending @Fire 2the Flame to be promoted to E2 Private of first class. Prior to being active in all clan events and fire team events she has proven to be a valuable member of the UNSC Razor ship. I know she will progress far in the clan. And as her fire team leader I’m proud of the progress she’s been doing.
  15. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND UNSC PERSONNEL COMMAND SERVICE RECORD UPDATE Promotion of B1ue Team Sucks B1ue has met the following requirements for PFC. of the ODST's in submitting 7 reports prior to the current 1 on this website. Combing the new ODSTs, its no surprise that some might be able to already qualify for a promotion. I've included the 7 AAR's although they may not be visible to anyone. Most of these are socials disrupted by us, something I still stand by today as a waste of time and a good effort in the cause of building the overall community. Disrupting these socials is vital to clans organized for warfare. If people want to sit in games and talk they should just use Discord. https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9365228 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9361498 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9347067 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9346591 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9346528 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9345551 https://semper-vigilans.enjin.com/dashboard/applications/application?app_id=9344322 Signed, Rear Admiral, Shawn4Japan Chief of Naval Personnel UNSC FLEET COMMAND From the Desk of, Admiral, ADM S Osman Commander-in-Chief of ONI OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE
  16. After being asked to put this on hold for a month I am putting in a request to promote Jason again. attends when needed and very objective focused. He was part of Operation Blue on Blue and without him It couldn't have been completed at the rate it was. We were asked to lay low so no op reports have been put in. With our small team of 4 on a winter class ship having Jason promoted will help strengthen the foundation of From The Ashes.
  17. @HellzJanitor174 has shown over the past month great dedication to her position as a squad leader leading well and keeping them engaged. She has met the requirements to be promoted to Lance Corporal in addition to recommendation provided by Sergeant Nemesis. Her advice and thoughts mid operation have always proven to be useful in activities. I look forward to seeing her continued work in the clan. Respectful. Sergeant Major Tsar
  18. @Ultimateracet8has meet the requirements to be promote to E4. He has been active and has proven that he is capable of leading a fireteam. His continued efforts and activity aboard the Razor show an example to everyone in his fireteam. I look forward to working with him forward as he ramps up his efforts and contributions to the ship and Semper as a whole. Respectfully, Sgt Major Tsar
  19. Originally I wanted Sergeant Major. Tsar to submit this promotion but I truly wanted to do this one myself to show how happy I am with Chillguy's performance in the past month. He has completed his requirements which in itself are not small tasks. I find a lot of people struggle to go out of their way to find clans and organize raids with them and he did this but not only that kept an open dialogue, arranged when the raid would be and then I gave him the pleasure to lead the raid himself. Doing what he has done has hopefully allowed us to revamp the 'Operation: Cordial' but also gave us a clan with good repour with. The leader spoke very highly of Chillguy when i talked to him later and it made me very delighted to here the many compliments he through my way about him. The fireteam he leads are marines that all wish to become ODST's so he is also continuously training and prepping them. As well as helping them meet requirements just to apply. On top of this he assists others where its required as well as hosts Bootcamps on the regular. To say he is the member of the month would be an understatement and brings me high hopes for the future of the ODST branch which for so long has not been held to the right standard that Chillguy has shown this past month. All the enlisted look up to him and he is a shining beacon for what every member could be. Keep up the hard work and I'm sure you will achieve what you want to achieve in ONI @Chillguy23. Signed, LCDR. Harry Cramb Captain of the UNSC Razor
  20. Corporal @Nemesis has completed the requirements to be eligible for promotion to E5 Sergeant. Over the past 4 months I've been able to work with him aboard the Razor I can say he has more than proved he is deserving of the promotion. After leading a fireteam successfully, his role expanded to overseeing multiple fire teams as their squad leader. He has handled anything thrown his way with class and solid decision making. I look forward to his further success. Respectfully, Sergeant Major Tsar
  21. I would like request a promotion for Pvt. StandoPowa. Pvt. StandoPowa has successfully completed the requirements for the rank Private First Class. He as been an active member of the UNSC Razor and Fireteam Kilo. He as attended raid trainings and team tac friendlies and has shown his ability to preform at a good level. Sometime he can be quite and but after a while he starts to be more vocal and has good communication with his teammates. I am excited to see what his career here holds for him. @StandoPowa5487 Cpl. NemesisUNSC Razor Junior Head InstructorMarine Command Bravo Squad Leader
  22. @AlonePuppet81 has met the requirements for the rank of Private First Class. I look forward to his continued work and contributions aboard the Razor, as a member of Gamer's Fireteam Respectfully, Sergeant Major Tsar
  23. I would like to request a promotion for Pfc. Blueaero3535. Pfc. Blueaero3535 has successfully completed the necessary requirements for this promotion. He took on a leadership role very early on in his career here and has done very well with his fireteam. Pfc. Blueaero3535 has earned the respect of not only his fireteam but of everyone on the UNSC Razor. Not only has he taken on a huge leadership role early but also has become an instructor of the ship to help train new recruits. It has been a pleasure to work beside and play with Pfc. Blueaero3535. I am proud of the leader he is becoming. I hope to see him continue to do well in his career here and keep progressing as a leader within the UNSC Razor. Cpl. NemesisUNSC Razor Junior Head InstructorMarine Command Bravo Squad Leader
  24. Private @Maple has completed the requirements for being promoted to Private First Class. He has been a very active member and has shown in game and out of game that he is deserving of this promotion. It is great to have him as a part of the ship and I look forward to his continued development . Respectfully, Sergeant Major Tsar
  25. For a couple of months now Jason has met the requirements for E3 and E4. Given our current situation with the 11th MRF and Jason and I being the only 2 active people we are going to try to get the 11th reactive again. I am trying not repeat the same mistake in the 34th and having Me as the highest rank and the next being E2.Getting Jason to an NCO position would help out tremendously with promos and making new leaders when the time comes. Right now given that Jason is currently sitting at E2 my goal is to try to get his promos in in a timely matter. Jason has been in ONI since 12/2/2020 but never got officially reinstated until 2/27/2021. After his probation was lifted in mid January, Harry just never filed a reinstatement on the site for him and Gamer. I would of written them sooner but I thought only Harry can put in reinstatements so they just waited until I got fed up waiting on Harry so i wrote them. I would given jason that he is proficient in raids with how he holds bases and his methods of attacking a base. Given that the last 2 raids we did with Sovereign I would put mountain climbing as a specialized skill on the grounds the maps we used knowing mountains was useless information. I would classify knowing how to climb as skill/tool thats good to know but its extremely situational and is not part of the basic fundamentals of raiding.
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