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Found 1 result

  1. As we project to become the gaming community we want to scale to, new games come into our shared interest in gaming to enjoy the fundamentals of a clan. The fundamentals being family, a group of people you enjoy playing with and want to play with. While our operations as ONI is only under the scope of Halo (which really means we will only conduct operations and practice role playing on Halo) we want to strengthen the communities bond to each other. Many of us play more than Halo and the roster is expanding as more great games enter the market. Which brings us to the forums, as you may know ONI ranking is based on content. It is based on content or posts because our operatives consistently create posts/reports and submit content in the effort to expand our intelligence. This same content count is also complemented by website activity. The idea of having more forums for specific games is to encourage more posters - Should we allow this alternative way of ranking up, should we create sub forums for popular games we play?
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