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  1. What's new in 4.6.0? Achievements Achievements, badges, ranks, rules, gamification, whatever you want to call it, this is the most significant feature for Invision Community 4.6.0. This brings a whole new level of earning and showing trust to other members while gently nudging more quality contributions to your community. Zapier integration Do you want new member registrations to magically appear in a Google spreadsheet? Perhaps you want members who opt-in for newsletters to be added to Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign. Cloud and Enterprise customers can do all this and more without writing a single line of code, thanks to Zapier. Web app and push notifications We took the time to round out our PWA (progressive web application) framework for 4.6.0 to include service workers, push notifications and more. I barely understand it, but Rikki takes you through the changes in our blog entry. Anonymous posting For some types of community, where discussion topics are particularly sensitive, community owners want to make sure that members register with their real details but are given the option to post anonymously where appropriate. For example, organisations dealing with abuse or sensitive topics might want the member to feel safe and disinhibited to post info without fear of being identified by the rest of the community. Solved content In Invision Community 4.6.0, we have rounded out our "solved" feature by allowing the feature to be enabled on a regular forum, along with notifications, statistics and more. Health dashboard As Invision Community is a top of the line community platform with excellent developers and an amazing QA team, it's unlikely ever to go wrong. On the infrequent occasions that you need to identify potential issues within your community, the new health dashboard makes it easier to diagnose problems and request support. Spam improvements Our Enterprise customers run very visible and very busy communities. One of the pain points they had was identifying and limiting the annoyance of spam within the community. We created a new round of improvements based on that feedback to mitigate spam, and these changes are available to all Invision Community owners with 4.6.0. Cloud and Enterprise customers will also benefit from multiple under-the-hood optimisations for our cloud platform, including better caching of resources for faster response times.
  2. TEMPLATE TEMPLATE INSTRUCTIONS HIGHLIGHT EVERYTHING BELOW, COPY AND PASTE THE BELOW (Press CTRL + C to copy it, and press CTRL + V to paste into a new thread.) Title the thread after the operation in all upper cased caps. Add appropriate tags to thread. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND [] OPERATION: SUM/INTENT: PRELIM INQ: OBJECTIVE: COLLATERAL: ADDENDUM: COORDINATION: # PRELIM REQ: • • • •
  3. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND NON-JUDICIAL PUNISHMENTS DEFINITION Non-judicial punishment (or NJP) is any form of punishment that may be applied to individual military personnel, without a need for a court martial or similar proceedings. NJP permits commanders to administratively discipline troops without a court-martial. Punishment can range from reprimand to reduction in rank, correctional custody, restriction in duty, extra duty or deduction of credits. The receipt of non-judicial punishment does not constitute a criminal conviction (it is equivalent to a civil action), but it is will be added in the service record of the individual. COMMANDING OFFICERS RESPONSIBILITIES Prior to imposition of NJP, the commander will notify the accused of the commander's intention to impose punishment, the nature of the misconduct alleged, supporting evidence, and a statement of the accused's rights under the UCMJ. All service members, except those embarked or attached to a vessel currently away from its home unit, have a right to refuse NJP and request a court-martial. If the accused does not accept the NJP, the NJP hearing is terminated and the commander must make the decision of whether to process the service member for court-martial. If the accused accepts NJP, he or she, plus a representative if desired, will attend the hearing conducted by the commander. The accused may present evidence and witnesses to the commander. The commander must consider any information offered during the hearing, and must be personally convinced that the service member committed misconduct before imposing punishment. The process is as follows: 1. Member acts in misconduct 2. Commander creates an event documenting the hearing Commander must state the intention of punishment Commander must state the nature of misconduct, why it is bad Commander must state the supporting evidence Commander must state the actual rule 3. Member accepts punishment / Member declines punishment Commander must begin process for Court-martial 4. Resolution (End of NJP) PUNISHMENTS Maximum penalties depend on the rank of the accused and that of the officer imposing punishment: For officers accused of misconduct By Commanding officer of the grade O-7 or greater Arrest in quarters: not more than 30 days Restriction to limits: not more than 60 days Forfeiture to credits: not more than ½ of account holdings. Admonition or reprimand By Commanding Officers of the grades O-4 to O-6 Restriction to limits: not more than 30 days Admonition or reprimand By Commanding Officers of the grades O-1 to O-3 Restriction to limits: not more than 15 days Admonition or reprimand For enlisted members accused of misconduct There are three types of non-judicial punishment commonly imposed. Summary Article 15: (O-3 and below) commanders and commissioned OIC may impose: Restriction of activities (engagement through Discord, Guilded, Webquarters and Xbox Live) for not more than 14 days Extra duties, including fatigue or other duties, for not more than 14 days Restriction with extra duties for not more than 14 days Company Grade (O-3 or below) commanders may impose the above plus: Correctional Custody for not more than 7 days (only if accused is in the grades E-3 and below) Reduction by one grade, if original rank in promotion authority of imposing officer (E-4 and below.) Confinement on activity (restrict recipient to one map for 1 hour) Admonition or reprimand, either written or verbal Field Grade (O-4 to O-6) may impose: Restriction for not more than 30 days Extra duties for not more than 30 days Restriction with extra duties for not more than 30 days Correctional Custody for not more than 15 days (only if accused is in the grades E-3 and below) Forfeiture of ½ credit base of account Reduction by one grade if E-5 or below or reduction to E-1 Confinement on activity (restricting recipient to one map for not more than 6 hours) Admonition or reprimand, either written or verbal If the member considers the punishment to be unjust or to be disproportionate to the misconduct committed, he or she may appeal the NJP to a higher authority. This is usually the next officer in the chain of command. Upon considering the appeal, the higher authority may set aside the NJP, decrease the severity of the punishment, or may deny the appeal. They may not increase the severity of the punishment. Personnel are permitted to refuse NJP in favor of a court-martial; this might be done in cases where they do not feel their Commanding Officer will give them a fair hearing. But this option exposes them to a possible increase in severity of punishment or court conviction leading to discharge. Navy and Marine Corps personnel assigned to or embarked aboard ships do not have the option of refusing NJP, nor can they appeal the decision of the officer imposing punishment; they may only appeal the severity of the punishment.
  4. WIN-TIES-LOSS Due to the nature of Intelligence in operations abroad there is no pride with scoring, only analytic impression. A score was never kept with the Office of Naval Intelligence to control moral and the emotional outlook domestically. Tracking was reserved for units to boast and gleam a record of combat. This is now put behind us. Revisiting this community pillar per new initiative this thread stands as the official record of all wins, ties and losses throughout all reporting and operational powers under the Office of Naval Intelligence. All units reporting, every match against another party, in every operation made under the command of ONI, UNSC or affiliated parties. Starting on the re-release of Halo: Reach and completion of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection December 3rd, 2019 UNSC High Command has decided that the record moving forward for the entirety of ONI will now be tracked. This thread will be updated with responses of matches and proof of record. This thread will record all engagements/events scheduled with any other parties/clans/groups/organizations without exclusion of campaigns. 4-1-5
  5. Decided to do away with the merit system, its use was marginalized from the credits system and not automated. The merit system may come back at an later update when we roll out achievements/progression system through Invisions community software.
  7. Orientation into the community, definitions and current answers to questions audibly over the Orientation voice channel on ONI's Discord. Only available to those that have the role "Needs Orientation" on Discord. Contents to orientation is available in the #orientation text channel. INTRODUCTION Welcome to the Office of Naval Intelligence, an intelligence focused community based on the Halo universe faction 'ONI' and its military the UNSC. Many are overwhelmed by the amount of channels and roles that exist here and so this orientation was created to better explain any and all functions of ONI, ONI's Discord Server and ONI's Web quarters to you. The ability to ask questions here is welcomed, please feel free to ask anything you want for the remainder of this session. KEY CONCEPTS Role-Playing is the changing of one's behavior to assume a role, consciously to act out an adopted role. Role-playing can also be done online in the form of group story creation, involving anywhere from two to several hundred people, utilizing public forums, private message boards, mailing lists, chatrooms, and instant-messaging chat services to build worlds and characters that may last a few hours, or several years. Often on forum-based roleplays, rules, and standards are set up, such as a minimum word count, character applications, and "plotting" boards to increase complexity and depth of story. There are different genres of which one can choose while role-playing, including, but not limited to, fantasy, modern, medieval, steam punk, and historical. Books, movies, or games can be, and often are, used as a basis for role-plays (which in such cases may be deemed "collaborative fan-fiction"), with players either assuming the roles of established canon characters or using those the players themselves create ("Original Characters") to replace—or exist alongside—characters from the book, movie, or game, playing through well-trodden plots as alternative characters, or expanding upon the setting and story outside of its established canon. Role-Playing Clan is a clan in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterization, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, they may improvise freely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games. Events, characters, and narrative structure give a sense of a narrative experience, and the game need not have a strongly-defined storyline. Interactivity is the crucial difference between role-playing games and traditional fiction. Whereas a viewer of a television show is a passive observer, a player in a role-playing game makes choices that affect the story. Such role-playing games extend an older tradition of storytelling games where a small party of friends collaborate to create a story. While simple forms of role-playing exist in traditional children's games of make believe, role-playing clans add a level of sophistication and persistence to this basic idea with additions such as game facilitators and rules of interaction. Participants in a role-playing can will generate development in characters and an ongoing plot. A consistent system of rules and a more or less realistic campaign setting in games aids suspension of disbelief. The level of realism in games ranges from just enough internal consistency to set up a believable story or credible challenge up to full-blown simulations of real-world processes. It is important to understand the difference from reality in how the application of the clan is on Halo. Anything too realistic that cannot be applied to the game such as hand gestures/military signals will simply not apply to our group and is uninvited. It is urged that participants looking for more realism in military role play look to other clans, groups or games. Characterization is the representation of persons (or other beings or creatures) in narrative and dramatic works. Narrative A narrative, story or tale is any account of a series of related events or experiences. The word derives from the Latin verb narrare (to tell), which is derived from the adjective gnarus (knowing or skilled). Narrative is found in all forms of human creativity, art, and entertainment, including speech, literature, theatre, music and song, comics, journalism, film, television and video, video games, radio, game-play, unstructured recreation and performance in general, as well as some painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and other visual arts, as long as a sequence of events is presented.
  8. Quick update for potential XSS when building lightbox images are created. Update's for Invisions forum software. Would rarely be an issue here but doesn't hurt to update.
  9. Previously the forum ranks were judged through reputation system on Enjin, now we've decided to incorporate an much anticipated system based on the cube and third power. As most of us scientist of numerology in command decided this is something we needed to add in one form or another and Invision shines best here by having a global system that counts everything you do as a content item. POSITION LEVEL CONTENT/POSTS Serviceman 1 1 Junior Attendant 2 8 Attendant 3 27 Senior Attendant 4 64 Junior Operative 5 125 Operative 6 216 Senior Operative 7 343 Junior Agent 8 512 Agent 9 729 Senior Agent 10 1000 Junior Field Agent 11 1331 Field Agent 12 1728 Senior Field Agent 13 2197 Chief Field Agent 14 2744 Junior Special Agent 15 3375 Special Agent 16 4096 Senior Special Agent 17 4913 Chief Special Agent 18 5832 Junior Supervisor 19 6859 Supervisor 20 8000 Senior Supervisor 21 9261 Chief Supervisor 22 10648 Chief of Staff 23 12167 Public Affairs Officer 24 13824 General Counsel 25 15625 Inspector General 26 17576 Deputy Executive Director 27 19683 Executive Director 28 21952 Deputy Director 29 24389 Director 30 27000
  10. Human Intelligence, HUMINT
  11. PROWLER CORPS. INFORMATIONAL: The Prowler Corps is a division of the United Nations Space Command's Office of Naval Intelligence. All permanent crew aboard ONI prowlers serve in this sub-branch.
  12. PROWLER CORPS. || INFORMATIONAL: WHAT IS A PROWLER? WHAT IS A PROWLER? A prowler is a variety of stealth-capable corvettes within the UNSC Navy. Prowlers are used by the UNSC Navy for stealth infiltration/exfiltration, to gather electronic intelligence gathering, and mine laying (setting up traps). Most prowlers are crewed by Office of Naval Intelligence personnel serving under the Prowler Corps. ROLES The prowler's primary role is to stay hidden while safely gathering battlefield intelligence, avoiding direct combat due to its light weapons and armor. Because of their tactical value and potential to change the outcome of any given combat situation, every UNSC battle group has at least 1-3 prowler assigned to its ranks. The prowler's only combat role, besides active combat monitoring and recording, is discreetly laying cloaked fields of HORNET nuclear mines in orbital regions. Prowlers must have the capability to hide even within their own fleet to avoid being tracked in the event a UNSC ship fell into enemy hands. As this role applies to video games it becomes harder to reproduce the roles prowlers play in the Prowler Corps. as such ONI prowlers are the main units all agents fall under, prowlers can range between the parent of several small teams to an complement of Marines, ODST and Spartan forces to be deployed in battle. Each prowler is conditionally created on the basis of a current objective. CLASSES Eclipse-class prowler UNSC Eclipse, UNSC Bad Moon Rising, UNSC Bucephalus Razor-class prowler UNSC Razor, UNSC Starry Night, UNSC Black Widow, UNSC Ghost Star, UNSC Ghost Song, UNSC Night Watch Sahara-class heavy prowler UNSC Sahara, UNSC Dusk Winter-class prowler UNSC Winter, UNSC From The Ashes Stealth cruiser UNSC Point of No Return, UNSC Vanishing Point
  13. Pages Security Update Invision have released a fix to resolve a security issue with the Pages application. an issue when joining a club, increases security for customizing Pages blocks an issue with duplicate purchases via Stripe, marketplace tokens and a security improvement for Blog an issue when upgrading disabled applications None of this stuff we're really affected with but the updates come free and don't break anything.
  14. Positions in an A-Team The Commanding Officer and the Warrant Officer determine the best course of action to take throughout the mission and must be able to adapt and change plans as necessary. In addition to serving as the commanding officers of guerrilla and insurgent armies assembled by the A-team, they may also advise foreign leaders and officials. Intelligence and Operations Sergeants gather and analyze intelligence on conditions in foreign territories the A-Team occupies and on the enemy. They are also charged with outfitting the detachment with the supplies and equipment they need. Communications Sergeants are in charge of the sophisticated communications equipment the team carries. They are also the soldiers who relay any information gathered by the Intelligence Sergeants back to Special Operations Command (SOCOM). The Communications Sergeant may also be responsible for carrying out any Psychological Operations (PSYOP) related to broadcasting. Medical Officers are equipped to perform field surgery, set up hospitals, offer healthcare to local peoples, and care for the health needs of the detachment. In addition to the regular training each receives as a Green Beret, the Medical Officers receive an additional 10 months of medical training. Weapons Sergeants are trained not only in weapons used by the American military but are also experts in the weapons in use in their AO. They have the ability to train others, including armies assembled by the team, in weapon use. Engineer Sergeants plan the logistics of the mission. They serve as navigators and design needed structures in the field such as impromptu bridges. They are also trained in demolitions and sabotage.
  15. Hello ONI, through trying times we look for solutions in our logistical challenges of maintain service records for +300 members with another +2000 member records to migrate here. In this search for something to make our administrative duties less of a chore, or a job because this is just a role playing community and suppose to be something closer to leisure or entertainment we found PERSCOM Soldier Management System, this system set us back maybe $270~ /exact details in UNSC Procurement forums. This system is a tool we can leverage to help individuals track their own records and see what they may need to get accomplished. It's very behind in where we want it today but its something that we indefinitely want to see work having already spent that money for a license and again a lesser $ value in its subscription. Recently its come to my attention that email addresses were visible through the PERSCOM Soldier Management System and individuals, to no harm or criminal intent used email addresses to find and gather information targeting myself, @ADM S Osman, @Cryztal Lynk, @Sweettly and @CAPT L FLATLINE 5/6 members were targeted internally all being females. This is an absolute cause for immediate investigation, but more so an apology from mine and staffs behalf for overlooking the email addresses being visible to everyone. Because of this incident we've come to set up a development server to test applications in privately before we bring it to public eyes. We intend on punishing those that wished to target the female members of this clan and go on to let this happen problematically. Moving forward don't expect for email addresses to be visible to anyone but staff and if members find email addresses to be visible again, I will issue a promotion, credits or equal dollar value to our subscription to this soldier management system. This is the proposed action, This is the notice for members and who is in this system to date.
  16. Hello ONI, we have an point system update effective now! Released Yesterday at 03:09 AM it is a IP.Board 4.5.x database update. For many and us as well, because we haven't put this infront of the Procurement or Engineering Corps. eyes here is the latest. Features NEW Give out points for new items, reviews and comments in other applications. e.g. Downloads, Gallery, Calendar and most 3rd party app. Member group allowance to give out points automatically to selected member groups. Mass modify member points tool to add or remove points from selected member groups. Unlock topic feature to set which forums will require members use points to unlock and view topics. Add points for voting in poll or for poll owners who receive votes. Set points for club forums. Either individually or via the admin cp. Member filter for points to support group promotions or bulk mail filters based on the number of points. Admin tools to reset all members points or clear points logs. Redeem points into a manually processed value with custom field support. Integration with the Commerce application to redeem points into account credit. Set per forum values for members giving and receiving reactions. Set how many points new members get on signup. Enable an auto reset for points. Top points widget to display the members with the top points. Customize the fixed point options given out for each post. Change the name or prefix of points. Set how many points new topics, replies are given in each forum. Set how many points are given to the topic starter if someone replies to their topic in each forum. Import points from other Points apps if they store their points in the forums database. (Confirmed working with ibEconomy.) Points displayed in profile information of each members post. Manually modify a members points count from their profile. Including a note stating the reason. Profile tab that displays a list of that members points log. Set group permissions for who can view and manage (add/remove) points. Global points page to display all the recent points logs and actions.
  17. Hello ONI, as the Office comes into the new year we've decided to publish every bit of news we can around the site. This will come in cycles from me and others in staff. Today we're going to update the website to version and it should take no more than 15 minutes. Released 01/05/2021 This is a security release and we recommend all clients upgrade as soon as possible. Key Changes This is a maintenance release to fix bugs. Additional Information Security Fixes an XSS vulnerability when quoting posts and comments. This release also contains the patch from 4.5.4 that resolves a security issue with the Downloads REST API Core Fixed an issue moving Icons & Logos to a new storage handler when one or more of the images is broken. Fixed an issue when logging in with LinkedIn.
  18. I just wanted to thank those who stuck around in the community this long to see the year to the end. Those who still find the same thrill and passion in using what they've learned here, wether pulling inspiration from and running away to do their own thing or personal creativity, striving to be the best still puts a smile on my face despite the stress and uncertainty this year's left us with. A lot of progress was still made despite all odds this year and I can only hope to see this community continue to do what they love doing most next year. It means too much to put into words what it is returning to Xbox to see others online and an invite away. To know ONI as a name, as a community despite the many iterations that exist to undermine me, @ADM S Osman or the other characters that made names for themselves here. I'm proud of you all for seeing it through to the end and finishing what you started, keep on striving and pushing the envelope as you always do. Nothing's impossible. With Halo: Infinite announced that gives us a DEADLINE to meet these few things that really need to get done for our community to excel. These are things we've identified needs to be worked on if we want to keep ONI in Halo: Infinite true to its formation. DISCORD LOGIN/MICROSOFT LOGIN REPORTING REVISION (TURNING IT INTO FORMS SUBMITTED AND SENT TO DISCORD CHANNELS) LEADERS, WE NEED MORE LEADERS EXPANSION INTO OTHER FPS GAMES I'd like anyones help in the above this coming year and as we step into 2021 wish for everyone a healthy and bright year.
  19. Hello all, So I have set up Discord logging in and sign up. It is cool but limited only to Discord. So far it looks like it works, just one of many Discord integrations I want to do though. Hopefully we get to the other stuff, apologize for the informality do not feel like typing too much!
  20. TITLE OF AUTHORITY Title of authority, title of office or title of command is the official designation of a position held in ONI associated with certain duties of authority. Semi-formally, the title of office may be referred to as "position", or "office", as, e.g., in the expression "the office of admiral". COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF THE OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE The Commander-in-Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence (CINCONI) is the leading flag officer of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) who serves as the command's administrative and operational director. The CINCONI oversees the day-to-day operations of the command and deploys its assets. Under the CINCONI's command exists a microcosm of the UNSC's warfighting capability with its various direct action and covert special operations units, security forces, and warships. Although ONI maintains numerous security councils and a number of checks and balances within the organization proper, the CINCONI still holds the most power within the Office of Naval Intelligence. This office is currently held by @ADM S Osman following the Halo story. CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS / COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF THE FLEET The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) is an office of the UNSC Naval Command held by a high-ranking flag officer, typically a fleet admiral, who is the UNSC Navy's senior officer. the Chief of Naval Operations is also dual-hatted as Commander-in-Chief Fleet (CINCFLEET), and in this capacity, presides over the Navy's primary combatant command with authority over the Fleet's vast array of warships and small craft. The CNO is the Navy representative to the UNSC Security Council at HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 in Sydney, Australia; the Commander-in-Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence (CINCONI) who leads the UNSC's intelligence service, despite being a subordinate command of the Navy, sits on the council in an equal capacity. This office is currently Vacant as of September/2020. Unanimous approval by UNSC High Command Senior Commissioned Officer (O7-O10) Serving in the UNSC Navy DEPUTY CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS The Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (DCNO) is a title held by a high-ranking officer of the UNSC Navy—traditionally a vice admiral. The position is also called the Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) performing the similar duties to the modern term. The DCNO performs all strategy and resource policies and serves as a single resource sponsor for all manpower and training program matters. The DCNO also performs all administrative related duties, including supervisory roles in testimony for matters pertaining to the Manpower, Personnel, Training, & Education command of the UNSC Navy and Marine Corps. This office is currently Vacant as of September/2020. Unanimous approval by UNSC Naval Command Senior Commissioned Officer (O7-O10) Selection by CNO COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF SPARTAN OPERATIONS The Commander-in-Chief of the Spartans (CINCSPAR) is an office held by the director of Spartan Operations, a service branch of the UNSC Armed Forces. In this capacity, the CINCSPAR holds the authority of a four-star general. This office is currently held by @Shawn4Japan after the creation of the branch. Unanimous approval by UNSC High Command Senior Commissioned Officer (O7-O10) Retired SPARTAN-II or SPARTAN-III CHIEF OF STAFF OF SPARTAN OPERATIONS The Chief of Staff of Spartan Operations is an office held by the administrative head of Spartan Operations, a service branch of the United Nations Space Command's Armed Forces. The Chief of Staff serves as the operational manager and head recruiter of Spartan Operations, reviewing potential Spartan candidates and serving as the branch's representative to the UNSC Security Council for routine administrative tasks. The Chief of Staff is subordinate only to the Commander-in-Chief of the Spartans (CINCSPAR), the director of Spartan Operations. Appointment by CINCSPAR Recruited 300 Spartans in his/her career Serving as a SPARTAN-II or SPARTAN-III
  21. Hello ONI agents, Quick website announcement (more of a record that this happened) we recently updated the domain from inv.semper-vigilans.org to our most faithful traditional semper-vigilans.org this took a lengthy downtime but nothing was missed. I am being asked the detail what happened and if I do find the time I may write it up in the UNSC Engineering Corps. forums for those interested in standing up your own website or just knowing how/what ONI's web server looks like. We've also added SSL or 'the lock' on our website, as we understood that it was a concern to potential recruits and people in general that do not want to go to untrusted websites. As the Office of Naval Intelligence it also makes more sense for all our connections to be as secure and in the highest quality possible. I'll be explaining SSL encryption and what it means again like I did last time for in another thread. With a new domain and SSL we'll be moving forward with adapting the best recruiting process possible. We're still on the look out for app developers that can help us bridge Discord and the Website and take advantage of all the technologies we have access to. With SSL we can now officially encrypt and run a store, host galleries and a multitude of files on the site. SSL is truly a make or break for some people and in a 10-point inspection we are looking good. That's all. Reply with how you feel or any questions, I don't mind answering twice here and in other threads I make.
  22. Section 1 - Overview All unwritten rules are expected out of proper behavior. Always represent ONI in the best manner. It is the duty of a personnel to report any breach in regulation to a superior Officer. All personnel are held to these expectations regardless what Gamertag, Xbox or alias they are using. Section 2 - Respect Respect every player of the game and member of ONI, display it through your words and actions. Excessive cussing, and profanity is neither impressive nor tolerated. Keep it to an absolute minimum. When referring to an Officer, the two proper honorifics are either to address them as Sir/Ma'am, or by their rank in the chain of command. Treat every non-personnel as a potential recruit. Section 3 - Honor ONI does not in any way condone or support cheating, glitching or modding both in or out of matchmaking. Play fair, and to the rules of the game. Impersonation of any ONI personnel or non-personnel's identity will result in discharge. No personnel shall impersonate another rank in the chain of command by displaying themselves as such anywhere at all. Ensure to update this information accordingly with any promotions. If you are discharged, we ask that you remove our uniform, and clarify you are an ex-member. Section 4 - Loyalty ONI personnel shall not have concurrent membership with any other clan, community, or organizations. Doing so will result in dishonorable discharge. No personnel shall deviate from the clan structure or create any new institutions/organizations within the clan without proper authorization from the Commanding Officer. Follow all logical orders given to you by your superiors, as long as these orders do not conflict with those given by a superior officer. All personnel shall wear the appropriate uniform at all times, unless direct written permission is given by an officer. This regulation applies to all supported ONI games. Section 5 - Duty Participate in all activities, if not possible, then make sure to inform your superior Officer that you will be unable to attend the event. All personnel must support the ONI 100%, it is a collaboration of effort from all personnel, not just a few people. Ensure that you are devoting a majority of your online time to our main supported game. If you are failing to do this, you will be approached by an Officer, and warned. If your misplaced activity becomes a problem, demotion and discharge may result. Section 6 - Jurisdiction In any dispute that arises over who has jurisdiction and control over a party, the right to lead fellow personnel, or anything of this form, jurisdiction is given to the personnel within the group that holds the highest rank and grade. In the instance of a party leader dispute, if the highest rank in a group requests party leader, then the personnel must turn over party leader if the appropriate conditions are satisfied. If two personnel hold the same rank and grade, then the power is given to the personnel that has held the rank longer. Attaining jurisdiction in a lobby cannot be done by Enlisted Personnel. Jurisdiction cannot be attained in a lobby that is not controlled by ONI. A lobby is ONI controlled when more than half of the lobby is composed of personnel or if it is an organized event. Section 7 - Discipline Always appear as professional as possible, this applies to all aspects of life, at all times. Avoid interrupting a superior when they are speaking to a group, especially in meetings and when addressing a platoon. If you are asked to be quiet in a lobby, it is expected to be done so instantly, failure to do so may result in your removal from the lobby. Do not provoke any opponents before a matchmaking game, if the opposing team is being disruptive, or instigating then simply ignore or mute them. Always maintain composure. Do not abuse any authority that is given to you. With great power comes great responsibility. Do not demand a promotion, if you think you deserve a higher rank, show us, do not tell us. Your superiors notice when someone puts in the extra mile. Section 8 - Punishment When disciplinary actions are necessary often we make you run laps. Laps are reserved for lesser punishments, while higher punishments usually result in demotions, discharges, merit reductions, and temporary bans. We reserve the right to invent any other form of punishment that we may think of either whilst you are running laps, or before the punishment is enacted. If a personnel is ever to hit the negative merit mark, then they are to be dishonorably discharged. Section 9 - Security All ONI members must have complete ownership of their Xbox Live account, and not actively share it with any siblings/friends. Family/friends utilizing accounts for Netflix/HBO, ect. is permitted. Every member is responsible for anything done on their account, regardless of whether it was them or not. Friends may be allowed to use your account if you are present, you are responsible for their conduct. Signed in guests while playing are also an extension of your conduct and responsibility. In cases of a compromise of security, exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.
  23. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND FIELD MANUAL ENLISTMENT V3 | Post Enlistment Thank you for enlisting yourself into the Office of Naval Intelligence. You are now a Recruit. Any and all rules for personnel now apply to you as well. You are responsible for all information contained within the Field Manual and are expected to perform all duties of a Recruit. These duties are also explained in the Field Manual. If you do not login AND post on the forums at least once every 3 days, you will be denied. We want our personnel to check the site and take part in our activities on a constant basis. | Sponsorship Once you have been an active Recruit in ONI for a period of 3 days, you are eligible to be sponsored. You will be required to be sponsored by one ONI active-duty personnel before you are allowed to take Boot Camp. A sponsorship occurs when a ONI member vouches for your membership in the Office of Naval Intelligence. Your sponsor is placing their trust in you to pass enlistment, do not let them down! | Getting Merit To take a Boot Camp, you need to have been an active Recruit for at least a week since your enlistment post in addition to having a valid sponsor. To be considered as active you need to be logging into the HQ frequently and posting in our forums a few times every couple of days. This will earn you merit, which is a good measure of forum activity in the clan. To attain merit, you need to be an active participant in discussion on our forums. Keep in mind merit can be attained in other ways, but as a Recruit, these are the only ways that you can. | Boot Camp Attendance Once you have been an active Recruit of the Office of Naval Intelligence for a period of 7 days, you may take a Boot Camp, otherwise known as the Unified Combined Military Boot Camp (UCMB). Upon submitting your enlistment request, an Officer or Non Commissioned Officer will reply providing you with their gamertag, which you will add. You will then schedule a date with this Officer and the they will run you through a Boot Camp. This will consist of several games with ONI, testing your communication, teamwork, and battlefield skills. If the Officer thinks that you did well, then you will be notified, and will continue to the exam section of the recruitment process. If you fail Boot Camp, your enlistment will be denied, and you won't be able to re-enlist for a period of 7 days. | Enlistment Examination Upon completion of Boot Camp, you may take the Enlistment Examination. This exam will consist of several questions testing your knowledge and understanding of our structure. Be warned however, this exam will test more than just knowledge. Follow the rules as close as possible. You may use the headquarters as a source of information whilst taking the examination, and any outside sources. However, you must study the Field Manual previous to taking the exam or you will not pass. To pass this exam, you will need to get a score of 35/50 or higher. Each question is weighted differently, some are worth much more than others. Which questions are weighted heavier is not specified. If you fail the Entrance Exam, you may not retake it until a period of 24 hours passes. If you fail the Entrance Exam more than once, and your score is not higher than it was the first time, your enlistment will be denied. The score of the exam must increase with each attempt. After 3 attempts, you will be denied. | Post Examination Your examination will be graded by a Non Commissioned Officer or an Officer. If you pass the exam and have been an active Recruit of the clan for a period of 14 days or more, then you will be accepted into the Office of Naval Intelligence, and will become a full fledged ONI Agent, and will be welcomed to our network. You will be granted the rank of E1, and membership to the clan. You will gain all rights and abilities of a full member, and placed in a unit. No enlistment request may last longer than 1 month. If you have not been accepted by then, then you do not have the drive to become a member, and you do not belong here.
  24. The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) are the all-around bad asses of the UNSC Marine Corps. whom occupy the more aggressive roles of the UNSC Special Forces in raiding other clans. ODST's are a special operations capable unit of the UNSC Marine Corps. One of the primary special operations forces of the United Nations Space Command, the ODST are under the administrative and operational control of Naval Special Weapons. The organization is headquartered in the Martian city of Tanais, Kenosha. Its primary training facilities were located on Reach prior to the glassing of the planet. An elite unit of the UNSC Marine Corps, Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are distinguished by their unconventional method of deployment, known as "transorbital support interdiction", in which the troopers are dropped to the surface of a world aboard small, purpose-built deployment vehicles. This allows them to conduct a variety of missions against targets that more conventional forces cannot approach undetected. ODSTs—trained for any kind of landing operation—expect to arrive at a world with hellish conditions, only to enter incredibly difficult combat zones. ODST deployment via SOEIVs is often considered more effective than dropship deployment, as it allows for a spacecraft to make a quick pass over a world and deploy hundreds of ODSTs in SOEIVs in rapid succession. Additionally, since ODSTs are deployed separately, rather than together in one ship, the casualty rate of SOEIV deployment is lower than that of conventional dropship deployment. Each ODST combat team specializes in a particular mission set, though they are expected to be flexible enough to adapt to any given situation. ODSTs are known for their unusual methods of insertion, dropping from orbit onto terrestrial environments. Often landing behind enemy lines, ODSTs are sometimes ordered to eliminate enemy units and clear a landing zone for the wave of troops that follow. Similar to their infantry counterparts, the ODSTs maintain units of varying strength aboard many UNSC vessels and installations. ORBITAL DROP SHOCK TROOPERS The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) utilize the UNSC Marine Corps. & UNSC Army ranks of E1-O6 with a slightly different promotion system tailored to the narrative. No ODST is higher than the rank of Colonel. The ODST's are represented in Semper Vigilans as both the 105th Drop Shock Division & 65th Drop Shock Division with complimentary detachments deployed to UNSC Navy vessels and secret ONI facilities. Recruitment is voluntary based on the qualifications a solder has and how well they do in the entry exam. To volunteer for the ODSTs a serviceman will need the following: — Complete the Halo 3: ODST Campaign on Legendary — Submit an application to the UNSC Special Forces on the website — Served 4 months in the UNSC (from date of website registration/discord join) — Find a sponsor in the 105th ODST Division
  25. Direct liaison authorized (DIRLAUTH) is defined as “that authority granted by a commander (any level) to a subordinate to directly consult or coordinate an action with a command or agency within or outside of the granting command.” DIRLAUTH is more applicable to planning than operations and always carries with it the requirement of keeping the commander granting DIRLAUTH informed. DIRLAUTH is a coordination relationship, not an authority through which command may be exercised. DIRLAUTH is most appropriately used to streamline communications and operations between tactical elements without relinquishing command by the higher authority.
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