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Found 2 results

  1. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND OPERATION: REVEILLE SUM/INTENT: Establish a forward operations base on Halo: Reach PRELIM INQ: The release of the new game presents some new unforeseen challenges. UNSC Army battle dress uniform needs to be unlocked and targets need to be identified. As of this post it is less than 48 hrs since release and it has been determined that playing both ranked and social matchmaking will progress your levels into the Season, the Season is now how people can achieve new armor sets. OBJECTIVE: Have 16 members in Military Police CH252 Helmet, Chest and Gungni
  2. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND OPERATION: Eightfold Path SUM/INTENT: Win a Big Team Battle match against Noble Zeal clan. PRELIM INQ: Reconnecting with the Dropshock Brigade (previously 340th ODST Combat Training Unit) ODST Col. Vitamin R, now known as Raker is returning DSB in Star Citizen as "Halo is dead." Understandably DSB will not see a return and possibly never see one but other Lieutenants have started their own Halo clans. It is only fair that we challenge them as descendants/splinter factions of the same clan, although ONI is not directly associated with DSB much of its hist
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