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  1. After discussions over discord we recognized a need for better map knowledge, specifically weapon and vehicle spawn locations. I will be updating this thread with per map images as I’m able to, as the following resources mostly focus on non-forged maps. Please feel free to add anything other media as well. Good luck and good hunting. http://haloreachprotips.blogspot.com/2011/?m=1 Top down weapon locations brought to us by Halo Reach Pro Tips https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1966938911 A steam community link to Skeles YouTube series regarding weapon spawns across the halo franchise
  2. WINTER CONTINGENCY is an official United Nations Space Command emergency plan that deals with situations where Covenant forces have become aware of, or are present at, a human colony world. In this thread we will list all Covenant contacts to schedule games per the Covenant War.
  3. At first contact with “Travis B200” from Defense Command. He was salty for not being able to get in the base in an open raid and he lost. He posted if anyone beats him in a 1v1, he’ll give them $150. So I took his deal. when I was going 10-7 he texted that he wasn’t going to pay me even if I win, so I lost a bit of confidence. But either way, he won the 1v1 with a 15-14. Travis B200 ended up getting angry that I managed to get so many kills on him, so I asked him to go again, he denied my request and left.
  4. SUMMARY: OmniKingXEN0 also known as MYTH1CxSL4Y3R does not believe that ONI is "real" he believes ONI is fake and that it died in 2015. As the first person in point of contact this person might be of interest to interview. To why and how did he come to this conclusion needs to be asked.
  5. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. N/A FIRST CONTACT: N/A OUTCOME:WIN E Halo GAME TYPE UNSC RAZOR CLASSIC MAP VARIANT Fort pierce 3.0 GAME DURATION 01:00:00 GAME HOST Chillguy23 SCOUTS N/A COMMAND & CONTROL Chillguy23 FRIENDLIES HOSTILES XxGHOST374xX xXSuperMaster97 Canadian Taco5 Tom Checkman Tsar Yanvich gabstephens Chillguy23 Rex Lokai STANDOPOWAAA shepar166 blueaero3535 Ajax Valdez HellzJanitor174 I Kortex I Trill808080 jkpzn REPORT At the start of the game, we were defending Fort pierce 3.0 against any foreign invaders or enemy clans. For equipment, we had one grenade launcher, sniper, spartan laser and one SPNKr and two mounted machine guns M808 scorpion. The invaders had regular starting weapons two M12 warthogs and UH144 flacon. Spawning in our SSgt.Chillguy23 give us our positions and ejective to double-time it to the fort and held until the timer runs out. When everybody was situated SSgt.Chillguy23 assigned spartan laser to XxGHOST374xX, SPNKr to HellzJanitor174, grenade launcher to blueaero3535, Sniper rifle to Chillguy23, mounted machine guns to Trill808080 and Canadian Taco5, M808 scorpion to Tsar Yanovic, Chillguy23 and standopowaaa swap weapons at the end of the game standopowaaa took Sniper, Chillguy23 took spartan laser. We held the line multiple times against enemies soldiers and Spartans, one UH-144 falcon escaped a spartan laser charge and entered above the base gun down one member, and drop off three enemy soldiers they sprint to the armory and held the armory down about two minutes until we flush them out and held off the invaders on the ground we got rushed by two M12 warthogs were laying off Covering fire so the enemy soldiers can rushed the ramp and Enter the base and almost killed us if it wasn’t for the M808 scorpion plus laser sniper and SPNKr we would have been overrun. But Everybody held the fort and we win the open raid. Overall, the goal was to win the open raid work together and Gain raid experience. For improvement Communication when people didn’t callout Enemies location and also have some blue on blue Action and some people didn’t tell us when they are going to grab ammo from the armory and their post is not garden work on communications. PICTURES: N/A
  6. So I'm currently brainstorming and working on some ideas for raid maps and just wanted to see what design philosophies others had when trying to make a map. These are some of the main things I've taking into consideration for my map that I'm currently working on. Balance alongside available munitions and vehicles -- It should be a challenge for attackers but defenders should not be able to run on autopilot Playability vs Base accessibility ie. options to approach the base Preventing physics exploits because we know how reach physics can be Distance between base and spawn -- you want the distance to be noticeable but not enough to where it forcefully slows the game Now before Reach MCC I had only played raids on Halo 5 so I was not there for the "Glory Days" of Reach Raids. These are the takes I've gotten after doing some reach raids, so I'd like to get more on what others thinks. I'll be sharing more as I progress on the map.
  7. Op Capacity: 2 Game Mode: Forge Objective: build a map that will put the trainee in the position where they have to try to pass the test and climb every mountain. Attendance: @Agent Sniper00 @Verocy
  8. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX / STEAM OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 9 ACTIVITY VARIANT: MEETING OBJECTIVE: To go over the past month and what is expected of them next month. ATTENDANCE: @Maple@Chillguy23@Harry Cramb @HellzJanitor174 @the gamer 24833 @Tsar @Ultimateracet8 @Blueaero3535 @SuspectedAphid PERSONAL COMMENTS: We went over what has been going on in the past month and what we have done. We gained around 5 members in total and reported to have completed 26 events including AAR's and Op reports. None of the Fireteams managed to complete all of their objectives and plan to set out new ones for themselves. People also raised any concerns in which I clarified.
  9. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX / STEAM OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 13 ACTIVITY VARIANT: GAME NIGHT OBJECTIVE: Have fun playing together ATTENDANCE: @Tsar@B1ue Team Sucks@Nemesis@Chillguy23@Blueaero3535@Ultimateracet8@Creeperkidl0l@StandoPowa5487@SuspectedAphid@Mystic oros@Harry Cramb@Maple@PriceLessIrony PERSONAL COMMENTS: Everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves. It was nice seeing a higher turn out as it increases the chaos of the entertainment.
  10. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: Discord OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 6 ACTIVITY VARIANT: MEETINGS OBJECTIVE: To go over the month of February and talk about plans for march ATTENDANCE: @B1ue Team Sucks @Nemesis @Chillguy23 @the gamer 24833 @Blueaero3535 @Harry Cramb PERSONAL COMMENTS: over the month of February we reflected and saw we had an increase in activity with having ran 25 events in total, had a member increase from 17 to 28 and had very little if no drama at all. All and all it was a great month. For march we talked about me being away while i move to England and what's expected of the fireteam leaders. The main objective is to finish operation: Horizon
  11. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX and STEAM OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 7 ACTIVITY VARIANT: BASIC TRAINING OBJECTIVE: To complete BT ATTENDANCE: @Harry Cramb @the gamer 24833@Chillguy23 @WeIIOkBoomer@XxGHOST374xX @Blueaero3535 @CRIS BEH NUTS PERSONAL COMMENTS: everyone done well and behaved well. Couple of the green recruits struggled but learned quickly. The downside of it gamer ran a "pre-BT" which sullied the actual BT as they knew what they had to do and got practice before hand. He will be filing an op report on that ASAP so i can understand what they actually need to work on.
  12. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 7 ACTIVITY VARIANT: MEETINGS OBJECTIVE: To go over the current activity, setting up raids and recruitment ATTENDANCE: Tsar x Halo, Harry Cramb, Lucy Flat Line, the gamer 24833, Aeterna Sol, KrxzyUndead and Jason L Lewis PERSONAL COMMENTS: In this meeting i talked to all the fireteam leaders in both branches besides ghost as well as other members about how they can improve activity and should. I said how it was unacceptable from the fireteam leaders to let the marines activity drop just because blue has left temporarily. Navy i explained is on another level with 0 activity and i said i want to see changes to that by the end of the month or i will be making serious changes. I also talked about the clan Division who i came into contact through Lucy where i will be trying to set up events iwth in the near future hopefully. Lastly we talked about recruitment, how the marines need to reach their goal of 3 fireteams and navy still needs to reach 2 but their target is also 3.
  13. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 2 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Team tac prep OBJECTIVE: Teach the people of my squad the basics of team tacs and basics in evasion even in plain sight whilst also teaching camo spotting. ATTENDENCE @Aeterna Sol PERSONAL COMMENTS: Sol has began to understand the basics of movement and how to move in the least noticeable way possible. This lesson was gained by me giving him a "heart attack" by following him in the way stated above and attacking his flank.
  14. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 7 ACTIVITY VARIANT: BTB OBJECTIVE: For us to affectively win BTB games as a team and to improve leading capabilities. ATTENDANCE: Tsar x Halo, Harry Cramb, Lucy Flat Line, the gamer 24833, Aeterna Sol, KrxzyUndead and Jason L Lewis PERSONAL COMMENTS: We played in total 8 games that night winning 4/8. Considering this has been theyre first time playing together in a while (navy and marines) they were very rusty in comms. Leadership was also lacking amoungst them. Jason stepped up one game when i lagged out and he did very well. Lucy as well at first struggled ot take control during games due to everyone being rowdy including myself at times. She eventually started to lead very competently and even going ahead and allowing us to win 2 games. Ghost of december and Ghost of July were absent without excuse as i wanted navy to attend due to the branches inactivity. July further went and disrespected members in the discord. I have requested that that the fireteam leader discipline july as he sees fit as how he spoke to members and my XO was unacceptable. There was also an incident involving flatline and Krazy which should be resolved. We also held a meeting which will be in the follow up Op report. Overall this was a fun training and it was good to see the branches working together and having fun as thats at the end of the day our aim.
  15. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX / STEAM (MCC Crossplay) OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 6 ACTIVITY VARIANT: BASIC TRAINING OBJECTIVE: The objective was to keep everyone talking during gameplay. ATTENDANCE: @Tx3 Yanovich @Aeterna Sol@Mr Morris @B1ue Team Sucks Nemesis and Jason L Lewis PERSONAL COMMENTS: One of the best trainings hosted. Only two people did not show up because one was installing the game and the other was at work. Morale was at a all time high and everyone had a blast. We started with 4v4 while other people join late or needed to finish running ONI sword base for the banner. We played H4 action sack and got boomball. people thought this training didnt make much sense. They thought i just put on action sack while we wait. Sol proved why the training was was a thing because he was quiet until I told to speak while everyone else is talking. His reason is that he was focusing so he stayed quiet. After I got Sol to get over the hurtle of talking and playing and the person who was late joined and the other guy was done running the mission we hopped into BTB Heavy H3. We has problem maintaining control on our vehicles but we could blow them up if stolen quickly. A little more BTB we switched it to FFA Reach and played boomball to get people more objective focused. During the FFA matches at one point I switched it up and played "hunt Morris" during a Fiesta so all i wanted to hear were callouts on where morris was and kill him. That went really well and fun. Jason was trying to recruit everyone that we met in FFA and got one from it. I left for like 10 minutes to go pick up a pizza and i put Morris in charge. from what i heard about they played infection and sounded like it went well. I came back to Harry Cramb in the party and the mood of the whole party changed because of his presence and the party went quiet. With all respect to him I would like him not be present to any trainings or events hosted by the Marines. This vibe change because of his presence was not the first time of this happening. This also happened during My BCT on H5 with the Marines. The only reason it was on H5 is because lack one for MCC at the time of this post. The BCT was Sols Op report. IM extremely happy with my unit and there activity. They stay positive the whole time. If Harry would like to know what happens in my trainings he can check my op reports or have a stand in like Morris and he can update him on what my unit does during a training or BCT.
  16. 2Vigilant Strike Team was a mercenary, separatist, sangheili team that targeted loyalists and UNSC insurgents. Started in 2010 and ending in 2017, they were small with no more than 12 members. Commonly being hired by small clans that were UNSC and sangheili alike. Sometimes aiding in raids, training sessions, lobby raids, or recruitment programs for their allies. Led by Xiro Ky Lufam, the majority of the team was under his sangheili lineage. They always wore maroon and white or some mixture of the two.
  17. AFTER ACTION REPORT OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE | SECTION ONE | UNSC PILLAR OF AUTUMN [3] PRELIMINARY: Scheduled another scrimmage with Fear and Terror gaming community because finding a match online is near impossible. A3RO Plasma was the point of contact and agreed to a Best of 9 match again with no King of the Hill. AREA OF OPERATIONS HALO: THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION MAP VARIANT | WIN Game 1 Sanctuary/Slayer | WIN Game 2 Sanctuary/Flag | WIN Game 3 Zealot/Slayer | WIN Game 4 Countdown/CTF | WIN Game 5 PIT/Slayer GAME TYPE -GAME DURATION Hardcore Slayer 01:00:00 (Approx.) Hardcore CTF COMMAND & CONTROL Shawn4Japan PARTICIPATING UNITS UNSC PILLAR OF AUTUMN 34TH INFANTRY BRIGADE TIER ONE SPECIAL MILITARY UNIT FRIENDS FRIENDLIES RDML. Shawn4Japan PV2. Drededangel CWO5. Burnt Eddi F-NegativeYellow RCT. Douglas Vance HOSTILES FEAR AND TERROR A3RO Plasma Onyx Eski RGK Ragnarok GamerGirl Aayla SUB-Reticent Deity BEGIN REPORT Had to substitute players since the UNSC Pillar of Autumn had no one that could play, all 5 games went by fast due to A3RO Plasma not preparing for a line up like ours. I expect Reticent Deity relayed information on the usual players online on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Inviting Burnt Eddi from the TIER 1 SMU, one of the best players on Halo: Reach quickly made short work of all the games. Proving it again making 69 kills on Sanctuary Flag. After finding out PFC. Reticent Deity was subbing out for RGK Ragnarok we decided to substitute Drededangel for Douglas Vance (a person I recently invited to join) it made the games clear who was going to win. Following this Reticent Deity will be discharge for playing for another clan without authorization and multi-clanning which is prohibited, his betrayal with good reason. The UNSC Pillar of Autumn is not active and the leadership has failed it. The games went as followed. Game 1: 42-50 Game 2: 0-2 Game 3: 26-50 Game 4: 0-5 Game 5: 30-50 COMBAT ILLUSTRATION (OPTIONAL) FURTHER REFLECTION & HONORABLE MENTIONS FAT had all day to practice, actually Reticent Deity had informed me that is all that they did. Playing scrimmages internally to practice for this. The practice was clear cut that it did not meet our spur of the moment line up from which we scrambled to put together. Next games we need a team that will be on an hour before the event to play and even maybe full teams to scrimmage. Resources from Tier 1 SMU while available should not be something we dedicate clan activities for their original operations are for Esports. To that, Drededangel played well and the Recruit did too. NegativeYellow was a friend from the UGC Esports Discord server but needs to learn a little bit more on how to play taking Sniper and trolling our team. The first two games was in fact very obvious as to how our team never practiced but also players do not know how to rotate, control spawns and control the map. This brings a big worry in how we're going to retain members if every event seems to be makeshift panic of pinging all available assets to play in small time zero sum games. Still a W for us on record though.
  18. AFTER ACTION REPORT OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE | SECTION ONE | UNSC PILLAR OF AUTUMN [2] PRELIMINARY: ADM S Osman reached out to A3RO Plasma who posted in the Halo Discord server looking for a scrimmage for Fear and Terror gaming community. Sentinel could not schedule with them as they are a PC only community so ADM S Osman took over the conversation and agreed to a Best of 9 match. AREA OF OPERATIONS HALO: THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION MAP VARIANT | LOSS Game 1 Sanctuary/Slayer | WIN Game 2 Zealot/Flag | LOSS Game 3 PIT/Slayer | WIN Game 4 Countdown/CTF | WIN Game 5 Battle Canyon/Slayer | WIN Game 6 Sanctuary/CTF | WIN Game 7 Zealot/Slayer GAME TYPE -GAME DURATION Hardcore Slayer 02:00:00 (Approx.) Hardcore CTF COMMAND & CONTROL Shawn4Japan PARTICIPATING UNITS UNSC PILLAR OF AUTUMN 34TH INFANTRY BRIGADE 26TH MARINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE 79TH INFANTRY BATTALION FRIENDLIES RDML. Shawn4Japan PV2. Drededangel 2ND LT. Tsar Halotx3 SGT. fwh army PVT. Reticent Deity HOSTILES FEAR AND TERROR (Forgot) BEGIN REPORT They had us in the first half, but we came back. Slayers were a weakness for the first games but Battle Canyon Game 5 we clutched up and won. COMBAT ILLUSTRATION (OPTIONAL) FURTHER REFLECTION & HONORABLE MENTIONS UNSC Marine Corps. FWH Army has not been seen in years, his retired crippling old hands manage to stand ground against this fat clan. Playing Objective effectively and shooting I was surprised by how well FWH Army did never playing Halo this year with us from what I know. 2nd Lt. Tsar also showed out and the cohesion of our pick up team came up on top. Drededangel did not miss a single shot. HE DON'T MISS.
  19. Morris

    Halo Reach Gameday

    Hop onto Halo Reach and group up with other members of ONI to play on multiple matchmaking modes for the newly released Halo Reach on MCC. Message The Mr Morris to participate tomorrow.
  20. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 5 ACTIVITY VARIANT: OPERATIONS OBJECTIVE: To get work on getting Reveille completed. ATTENDANCE: @B1ue Team Sucks @Jason L Lewis @Death471 @Cavalier IV @Rin Amayu PERSONAL COMMENTS: I really happy to see how long everyone was able to stay on. We started at 7:30pm EST and went until 11pm with no one leaving early. With the odd number of people we ran mainly FFA social on all Halos with Slayer and Obj based modes with a touch of Action Sack. Jason is not the best killer but will sit on the hill and lock it down. He won a KOH game on H4. Rin and I tied a KOH on H3. Rin won a oddball on H3. I do not recall a game where all of us took top 5. There was at least one random there. Cav and Jason can use snipers but not to the degree of Rin, Death, and I across all Halos after playing several matches on H3, H2C, and H2A. It was enjoyable to see Cav play the other Halos since every Halo works differently. We played a few BR slayer on H2 followed into duels on H3. the adaption of Cav and the rest of the crew was great. Playing Halo 3 Sumo was a good change of pace that went right back into basic slayer on H3 ghost town. Halo Reach did take a backseat this session but we did run a few slayers on it to familiar with it . Slayer stand point is Rin at top followed by Cav and I depending on the Halo, Death then,Jason. On OBJ it is Jason on top followed by Rin, then me, then Death, and last Cav.
  21. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 6 ACTIVITY VARIANT: TEAM TACTICAL OBJECTIVE: work on communication within BTB and Invasion match making ATTENDANCE: Jason L Lewis Death471 Rin Amayu Republicism Cavalier IV B1ue Team Sucks PERSONAL COMMENTS: We played 3 games, 2 BTB and 1 Invasion match. during the games we suffered a few instances of friendly fire when operating vehicles. Death lasered a friendly falcon on accident resulting in the death of its pilot. We also struggled with communication, comms were all over the place and a few small arguments occurred, what callouts were given were useful in locating important weapons and vehicles being operated by enemies. During the Invasion game we suffered another friendly fire incident from frag grenades. We also discovered that the playlist is a "Try-Hard" filled game type as death noted he had played against a few of the enemies before and had seen them try this hard before. we won both BTB games but we were absolutely crushed in Invasion. This session wasn't as successful as our last run through in terms of Comms or wins; However, Training is where we learn about these issues so we can address them next time. On a side note we had to wait nearly a half hour to get every one to stop idling and connect.
  22. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 5 ACTIVITY VARIANT: TEAM TACTICAL OBJECTIVE: Work on team work, coordination, and comms in BTB. ATTENDANCE: Jason L Lewis (commanded by) oMyVoid Cavalier IV Decxphvr Blade0fTheAbyS5 PERSONAL COMMENTS: In the first game we were actually pretty much soley focused on communicating. Non-essential chatter was minimal and we made sure to keep eachother up to date on weapons and vehicle status. During our second match frustration was cluttering comms by Cav and myself, but this was immediately ratified for game three in which our control of our teams armor and air absolutely decimated enemy infantry and our anti-armor weapons decimated their own tanks and air. Notably Void who aspires to join Army Aviation upon its formation, used the falcon twice and was able to help myself who was in the Scorpion and the Laser operated by Cav keep all vehicles off the field. Overall regardless of numbers for this session we were able to show ourselves we are a combat ready unit. I have high hopes for the 34th Infantry in 2020 Will Include image of scoreboard from the Team BTB Heavies game.
  23. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 5 ACTIVITY VARIANT: GAME NIGHT OBJECTIVE: The goal of game night was to check up on people that have been out of activities and have them play with people in the unit. ATTENDANCE: @Jason L Lewis@B1ue Team Sucks @Cavalier IV @ODST J Sechemet @WeIIOkBoomer PERSONAL COMMENTS: Had another great night with the guys. The group started as Jason and Boomer chatting and I jumped on. Boomer kept asking about Sech so he joined us. Cav is really focused on his Mixer life so he was out of uniform and had it changed to Mixer to do some self promoting while not running with the group and switched it back when he started playing with us. Everyone was happy to be there except Cav who did not talk the whole time of him being there. Social FFA was a lot fun even tho we took up more than half the lobby. Jason and Boomer need to get there music situation figured out faster because they did sit pretty much AFK for an entire FFA slayer match. It was fun playing with Sech. Regarding the situation with Boomer, whatever happened that caused Morris to discharge him or whatever. Boomer has learned and has grown as a person and is far less toxic as a person and would love to have him back.
  24. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 5 ACTIVITY VARIANT: GAME NIGHT OBJECTIVE: The goal of game night was to generate activity within the unit. ATTENDANCE: @Jason L Lewis@B1ue Team Sucks@oMyVoidGhost200305, and goldenscree9989 PERSONAL COMMENTS: I did not except such a turnout on that night given that nothing was posted about it within the unit. It was an spontaneous thing that happened when we just messaged who was online to join us on Halo Reach. We need more events like this with a mixed of clan v clan or internals activity to keep morale up. I did learn a lot about my unit and how much they hate snipers gamemodes and will refuse to touch a sniper. Could not ask for better group of guys to play with. Unfortunately only half of the night got recorded since i ran out of space but this sums up the night.
  25. AFTER ACTION REPORT OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE | SECTION ONE | UNSC PILLAR OF AUTUMN [1] PRELIMINARY: ADM S Osman was contacted by Z Killermuffin & Lenn Tf to schedule a raid on PC MCC, group chat on Discord was created and the game was scheduled successfully at 7PM US EST, raid had no political weight. AREA OF OPERATIONS HALO: THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION MAP VARIANT ONI Delta Tower 4.1 [TA] Map made to accommodate for ROE restrictions as agreed to with Tranquility Armada clan. GAME TYPE -GAME DURATION Raid 01:00:00 Standard LIMA COMMAND & CONTROL Shawn4Japan PARTICIPATING UNITS UNSC PILLAR OF AUTUMN ONI DELTA-4 COVERT OPS FRIENDLIES RDML. Shawn4Japan CDR. Dark God Devil PVT. DuarfS ENS. Disclaimable CWO3. GSS HOSTILES Owina9650 z KillerMuffin You7251 Lenn tf BadPupperr Wolf3yXx MidWestKing816z BEGIN REPORT They started out confident since it was 4v7, eventually we started going hard as fuck. GSS eventually joined making it a 5v7 sealing the deal and they never contested the base resulting in our first PC raid win. Started game at 58:00 thinking there was sudden death however the game type broke and sudden death did not kick in losing 2 minutes of time. This was DuarfS first raid and he was able to do everything that was asked of him. We could not get 8 people to begin so the call to ask on reinforcements from ONI Section Three available operatives were needed to covertly cull the separatist Sangheili clan (half Sangheili-half Human) the leader was not present in this raid. Delta Tower 4.1 edited for Tranquility Armada never fell to them. They are looking to reschedule the game with the DMR as the starting weapon. COMBAT ILLUSTRATION (OPTIONAL) FURTHER REFLECTION & HONORABLE MENTIONS UNSC Marine Corps. Private DuarfS was exposed to a classified team of our top tier operators and kept composure, this builds the bridge in the future for teams to work closer together with enlisted. Dark God Devil dropped 150 kills and 261 medals Disclaimable had an average life of 1 hour surviving the entire raid effectively performing aerial surveillance recon over the valley and pick up/rescue operations out of spawn . This is expected but the mention will be made for them to add to their record.
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