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Found 3 results

  1. Originally i was going to medically discharge this person as clearly he has some major issues. But what followed after we told him in more of abrupt way he decided to bring up his homophobic "opinion" (hate speech) onto the reason why we planned to medically discharged. The reason why we decided to medically discharge him was due to his clear mental state in his leadership position when asked to be active after him asking to lead 2 weeks prior and showing 0 activity. He then proceeded to say in his fireteam chat (which i am in also) that he has literally cancelled everything that day including
  2. UltimateWolf805, has now been with the Office of Naval Intelligence a recorded four times. With consistent leaving and returning. In three of these resignations ultimate left due to not getting what he wanted or not getting along with someone, typically a drama related resignation. Today on November 14th, 2020 Ultimate started a new clan with a recent ex member named Vein who left after not getting what he wanted additionally. UltimateWolf805 then attempted to poach members from the UNSC Razor to join his new clan. This isn’t his first time leaving and he his becoming a pain in the a
  3. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE ODST T Raven has had a record of lying to other enlisted about experiences, social status and other events. Where regulations were not enforced because of the minuscule scale of these lies and sheer abundance that were not reported by lower enlisted (presumably because they do not know how to report them) It has become clear that it has become a conflict of interest and grown. Stolen Valor, is illegal under the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 and while it is not in wearing medals or other dependabilities for a trial, talking about military se
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