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Found 6 results

  1. So we have been running the same promotion process for close to a decade now, we're reviewing most if not all processes going into Halo Infinite. What is the general concensus on the current process? Do we like it, should we keep it or can we change it to a non-approval base promotion, where the person promoting you does not need approval of anyone else. I'm not going to make this a poll because I'd like to hear people out on what and why the decision is, feel free to drop a message.
  2. It's been a stretched challenge to track promotions and training, on something that isn't as essential as game nights and having fun I propose we start using the military calendar to track evaluations, class announcements and the more extra curricular activities. This would make everything more transparent for good or bad but it would surely ease the stress of checking an extensive google excel document to see whose due for one, when should it be reviewed and etc.
  3. It has come to my attention that certain clans are using Discord fully for all web based operations. Smart, intricate to honor them and to gather information the scope of ONI Signal Corps. will need to be expanded. In this expansion for 2020 we will need a new plan to define the jurisdictions and action of ONI Signal Corps. and Signal Intelligence overall. This is a discussion thread for this plan, aside from our monthly Security Council meeting.
  4. I'm working on this, have been working building this thing for a while now. People and other clans need to know that this is all role play again but more importantly tailored to ONI and Halo Infinite, this all has a visualized place in a table of organization. Many MOS jobs were omitted because Halo simply lacks the capabilities, where for example Arma 3 could in the Light Armored Reconnaissance marine MOS. I can't stress enough it can't be that serious. If someones in game being an ass, their MOS does not call for it.
  5. Hello all, to be well informed is one of my responsibilities here that has been an outlier to where it matters for me. Not many of you know me as the previous ODST leadership before ODST J Texas and going in and out of retirement, my role as a Staff Captain not to be confused with Captain in service or to be actively asked to engage in every battle ever has only been harmful to the uprising NCO's who might not respect people they don't know. The MOS is something of a lifework to this clan, a final project for me as I really get going on studying more and pursuing personal interests outside of gaming overall. It is strange that it will come to you when you least expect it, but once you find your passion you will be asked to manage your time and in that action you are given some hard choices and bitter conversations. Everyone has a solution to everything and it might not all be the same but I've been asked to see out some suggestions and explain every thing I do in addition to why we've come up with some of the things we've have. I'm open to serious suggestions, backed up ideas that are tested or tried and even some completely new untested ideas too that in theory should work. Please for the life of me do not just comment we need a "Grenadier" MOS so that someone can master the M319 Grenade Launcher. Everyone should know how to use that gun.
  6. Bored, sitting here in front of my laptop in a couple of other IRC’s thinking what if ONI had a group of people from the outside completely unrelated to write about what they think and see?
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