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Found 7 results

  1. ULTIMATERACER 8 has been online playing different games for the past 2 months and he has not been active at all, although lots of people have invited him. He hasn’t filed an Leave Of Absence or hasn’t said anything to anyone. He’s also been given the position of fire team leader twice and hasn’t host anything in the past 2 months. Had to remove him as a fire team leader. He can gain his rank back whenever he starts to be active more frequently.
  2. This is a demotion from E5 to E3 as clearly from recent events blueteams knowledge on how the clan works is limited. Further more he will be put on probation where he will be required to recruit 5 people who needs to be signed up to the website and the discord for it to count. If it’s felt this is lenient I am taking into account what he contributed to the ship early on in its active state. Lastly while on his probation if another incident happens the punishment will increase if it’s clear that he cannot change his attitude and learn from his mistake then he will be discharged. Of course any position he currently holds with the ship will be removed. Signed, Captain of the UNSC Razor LCDR. Harry Cramb
  3. @Gabriella Dvørak over the past meetings we agreed that you are to accept a demotion in place for not having any progress in the multiple projects advised against you. Sharing your account between two people, while you understand that is a responsibility both of you will share and decided to undertake is something we have also discussed is not ideal for the outlook of what we want to do. With this demotion, we are revoking the account and will ask for the both of you to create accounts for yourselves under whatever names you please.
  4. Tsar Halotx3 is no longer active with the UNSC Vanishing Point and was given ample time to create and lead it's UNSC Marine Corps. unit this year. For the first 3 months nothing was done to advance the ships activities and organize its troops. The lack of communication to the soldiers and command has warranted removal from staff and demotion from 2nd Lieutenant position.
  5. Death471 is demoted from Sergeant to Private First Class until he can prove activity and host events. Where discharge was discussed with lower command I want to show faith in his potential by posting this thread.
  6. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND DEMOTION ODST J Sechemet abandoned a recruit ignoring him for +5 months hindering his training and career under the Office of Naval Intelligence, it is both a shame and disgrace for a NCO and someone with years of tenure to be trusted in recruiting and fail to follow up. As a recruiter ODST J Sechemet is responsible for the success of his recruits and so, Sergeant and 105th Shock Troops division clearly failed in his duties and abandoned the recruit. 5 months is a long time in enlisted career where we could have had Valid here as an SERGEANT possibly doing more than what the combined forces of the division is doing (here I cite @Serin Osman in an earlier meeting) the ODST"S I knew and grew with into Officer hood and those that have retired were proud of being ODST and being apart of something better. This is an insult and incites the very thing we intend to stop, which is other ONI imposters impersonating our officials and making us look bad. He may not realize it but this has indirectly aided the Covenant and Insurrectionist agenda on what could have been a potentially good soldier and still is clearly for sticking tight. CORRECTIVE ACTIONS Demotion and removal from the Space Assault Battalion, the unit should be highly regarded and not for this fake NCO. ADDED REMARKS I am not sure why this person has a really blurry image, do we have a repository of profile pictures available for enlisted? That is atrocious. I do have one thing, I do see that this is a very light punishment especially in regards to someone else's career. I see this as retribution to the posts he made earlier about us not giving out harsh enough punishments. I understand if NAVSPECWAR wants to handicap the ODST's because we have yet to set up After Action Reporting the way we envisioned but they could just do it the old way in the forums or on the old site like we all used to do. It's an excuse we use that covers his ass for no reason because he clearly takes it for granted.
  7. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND DEMOTION Earned demotion in privately messaging insulting an superior officer over Discord. In what is observed as miscommunication, Ultimatewolf805 attempted to micromanage the situation which was cordially answered by 2nd Lieutenant The Mr Morris. This sightly conversation was de-escalated however revisited in an insult to Lieutenant lxx Retro xxl, where disciplinary actions will follow as required. Demotion became necessary and with my involvement when Ultimatewolf805 went to his personal server to share an alternative narrative promoting drama internally to the Say My Name ship and using the abstaining verbiage to describe moderator actions as abuse. CORRECTIVE ACTIONS • Discord #bootcamp chat will only allow for certified instructors to be able to talk • Discord usernames will add week suffix to rank in [RCT|W#] format • UNSC Fleet Command to review UNSC Say My Name for leadership candidates ADDED REMARKS I have asked for Ultimatewolf805 to figure out a punishment for himself, this Demotion is a given but he has mentioned discharged which where as Officers we are required to dissuade however I will not. This same person has consistently ridiculed others and belittled command including myself. Where allowed previously it is clear actions need to be taken as November-2019 objectives need to be met. He has also shared that he does not know what his job is, or at least shared a narrow perspective to what the title of leadership means to him personally without abstract understanding. This kind of subjectivity is not a quality to keep the UNSC Say My Name in good standing with the rest of the active ships and I do not see it meeting its goal in autonomy with this obstacle. As discussed in observation notes #2455002 Ultimatewolf805 is one of several who are unfit by rank for the responsibility they have and need a demotion to better fit the underlying capabilities of said character.
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