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Found 21 results

  1. With her being a strong FTL and is very committed to the unit. She has enough positive attitude to power the whole ship. With the completion of BT she is now qualified for E!.
  2. I am submitting a promotion for Blueteamsucks for the position of SGT even though he has not completed the full requirements (50 Events) he has achieved in completing a number of things. For exmaple: - Starting and running the marines on MCC - Setting up raids, MLG and 4v4 events with clans - running trainings - Keeping the roster updated frequently as well as making the roster originally on excel. - Working to help newer members learn leadership skills and practice healthy leadership routines. All of these things are a small testament to what he has done. Myself and Harry
  3. Vich has showed excellent strides in being a fireteam leader and excellent mentor to the other lower enlisted. He has an interest in more leadership roles. He has been an extremely loyal member of ONI serving way more than the time required for this rank. I feel he would be a great fit for squad lead role.
  4. Lucy has continued to show growth and commitment with ONI. She is a strong leader and trusts her fireteam deeply. She still has a lot to learn but not afraid to dive head first into anything. Shes not afraid to speak up when needed and good about following protocol when asked to. Shes is extremely transparent about everything. shes a good fit for E2
  5. Originally i was going to medically discharge this person as clearly he has some major issues. But what followed after we told him in more of abrupt way he decided to bring up his homophobic "opinion" (hate speech) onto the reason why we planned to medically discharged. The reason why we decided to medically discharge him was due to his clear mental state in his leadership position when asked to be active after him asking to lead 2 weeks prior and showing 0 activity. He then proceeded to say in his fireteam chat (which i am in also) that he has literally cancelled everything that day including
  6. Flatline has shown great strides in the clan by recruiting people that are staying and being active both in game and discord/site. She has strong leadership skills and brings alot to the table and hope she continues up the ranks in the clan.
  7. Chillguy23 had really no real impact in the clan having very long breaks without giving notices or going on LOA. I finally thought to approach and ask his situation as i see him online quite frequently. As an ODST his inactivity with little to no excuse isn't acceptable. So i asked him 'if he still plays halo?' and he said 'no' in which i said 'are you fine with being discharged then?' in which he confirmed with a 'nope'. HIs lack of interest says it all and we shouldn't have these kind of unmotivated people within the ODST's. Signed, LT. Harry Cramb Captain of the UNSC R
  8. The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers have an expectation that is not being met today, yesterday or this past month and is something staff is working hard to find the resources to work on. Its back logged with no help outside of a training program that we allowed to be developed by ODST J Sechemet that has been here since December 14th, 2016. His responsibilities he took up could not be fulfilled to a plethora of excuses both to me, ADM S Osman and a number of other officials. I don't think that ONI's future and ODST J Sechemet's align but his hard work should not go to waste. I think that everythin
  9. @Gabriella Dvørak over the past meetings we agreed that you are to accept a demotion in place for not having any progress in the multiple projects advised against you. Sharing your account between two people, while you understand that is a responsibility both of you will share and decided to undertake is something we have also discussed is not ideal for the outlook of what we want to do. With this demotion, we are revoking the account and will ask for the both of you to create accounts for yourselves under whatever names you please.
  10. Drededangel has proven to be a flexible asset assisting the UNSC Pillar of Autumn these past several months while also public facing and active positioning over several different Discord Halo clan servers. The versatility is not unnoticed and the effort to take initiative in scheduling, activity in other servers and monitoring announcements of other clans as it happens all are not for nothing. In addition to and as discussed prior in HIGHCOM, we have decided to exempt current prerequisites for ranks that we have no method or proof of concept in adequately measuring. Despite the tools bef
  11. Tsar Halotx3 is no longer active with the UNSC Vanishing Point and was given ample time to create and lead it's UNSC Marine Corps. unit this year. For the first 3 months nothing was done to advance the ships activities and organize its troops. The lack of communication to the soldiers and command has warranted removal from staff and demotion from 2nd Lieutenant position.
  12. Death471 is demoted from Sergeant to Private First Class until he can prove activity and host events. Where discharge was discussed with lower command I want to show faith in his potential by posting this thread.
  13. ISSUED BY: Sergeant, Death471, Second in command of the 34th UNSC Infantry Brigade, UNSC Army. ISSUED TO: ONI Section 1, PERSONNEL COMMAND FORM TYPE: Promotion Requisition (F441) >>Promotion Type: General >>Enlistment Date: 11/21/19 >>Current Grade: E-1 [Private I] >>Current Position: Infantryman >>Requested Grade: E-2 [Private II] >>Requested Position: Infantryman Blue Team Sucks. has completed the needed requirements to obtain the paygrade of E-2 in the United Nations Space Command Army. Blue joined the 34th Inf
  14. Cav has completed the requirements for E2. He has been active and has been making time to join the clan activities on top on of his side gig of being a streamer on mixer.
  15. Requirements Met No uniform violations ( CO wants her double clanning for intel) Completed UCMB (Carried over from previous SV service) Stay active for 2 months (joined 23-11-19) Personal Comments Rin as been one of our most active members on Discord and on Xbox and it is nice having her back in ONI. This humble team wiping slayer player lacks complete communications(medical reasons) but makes up for it in following orders to a T and will destroy anyone in the way of an objective. She is always in a good mood and is happy to play with unit with good sportsmanship. S
  16. ISSUED BY: Second Lieutenant, Alexander Morris, Acting Commander of the 34th Infantry Brigade, UNSC Army, UNICOM. ISSUED TO: ONI Section 1, PERSONNEL COMMAND FORM TYPE: Promotion Requisition (F441) >>Promotion Type: General >>Enlistment Date: 7/20/2019 >>Current Grade: E-0 Cadet >>Current Position: Cadet >>Requested Grade: E-2 Infantryman >>Requested Position: E-2 Infantryman Quizzacle, also known as Valid. has completed the needed requirements to obtain the paygrade of E-2 in the United Nations Space Com
  17. Disilliudes has previously served with the Office of Naval Intelligence for am extended period of time, his original unit was the UNSC Meriwether Lewis. He has since then resigned and has been recruited into the UNSC Army, 34th Infantry Brigade looking to be reinstated into service.
  18. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND DEMOTION ODST J Sechemet abandoned a recruit ignoring him for +5 months hindering his training and career under the Office of Naval Intelligence, it is both a shame and disgrace for a NCO and someone with years of tenure to be trusted in recruiting and fail to follow up. As a recruiter ODST J Sechemet is responsible for the success of his recruits and so, Sergeant and 105th Shock Troops division clearly failed in his duties and abandoned the recruit. 5 months is a long time in enlisted career where we could have had Valid here as an SERGEANT possibly doing mor
  19. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND DEMOTION Earned demotion in privately messaging insulting an superior officer over Discord. In what is observed as miscommunication, Ultimatewolf805 attempted to micromanage the situation which was cordially answered by 2nd Lieutenant The Mr Morris. This sightly conversation was de-escalated however revisited in an insult to Lieutenant lxx Retro xxl, where disciplinary actions will follow as required. Demotion became necessary and with my involvement when Ultimatewolf805 went to his personal server to share an alternative narrative promoting drama internally
  20. Rin Amayu has previously served with the Office of Naval Intelligent for an extended period of time across multiple units and branches. She has since then resigned. Rin has requested to join the UNSC Army and has been recruited and reinstated into the 34th infantry battalion.
  21. Jason L Lewis has previously served with the Office of Naval Intelligence, having a history of being within the UNSC Navy and to a point of leading his own unit. Lewis has requested to join the UNSC Army and is being reinstated into the 34th Infantry Brigade.
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