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Found 2 results

  1. Previously the forum ranks were judged through reputation system on Enjin, now we've decided to incorporate an much anticipated system based on the cube and third power. As most of us scientist of numerology in command decided this is something we needed to add in one form or another and Invision shines best here by having a global system that counts everything you do as a content item. POSITION LEVEL CONTENT/POSTS Serviceman 1 1 Junior Attendant 2 8 Attendant 3 27 Senior Attendant 4 64 Junior Operative 5 125 Operative 6 216 Senior Operative 7 343 Junior Agent 8 512 Agent 9 729 Senior Agent 10 1000 Junior Field Agent 11 1331 Field Agent 12 1728 Senior Field Agent 13 2197 Chief Field Agent 14 2744 Junior Special Agent 15 3375 Special Agent 16 4096 Senior Special Agent 17 4913 Chief Special Agent 18 5832 Junior Supervisor 19 6859 Supervisor 20 8000 Senior Supervisor 21 9261 Chief Supervisor 22 10648 Chief of Staff 23 12167 Public Affairs Officer 24 13824 General Counsel 25 15625 Inspector General 26 17576 Deputy Executive Director 27 19683 Executive Director 28 21952 Deputy Director 29 24389 Director 30 27000
  2. Hello ONI agents, Quick website announcement (more of a record that this happened) we recently updated the domain from inv.semper-vigilans.org to our most faithful traditional semper-vigilans.org this took a lengthy downtime but nothing was missed. I am being asked the detail what happened and if I do find the time I may write it up in the UNSC Engineering Corps. forums for those interested in standing up your own website or just knowing how/what ONI's web server looks like. We've also added SSL or 'the lock' on our website, as we understood that it was a concern to potential recruits and people in general that do not want to go to untrusted websites. As the Office of Naval Intelligence it also makes more sense for all our connections to be as secure and in the highest quality possible. I'll be explaining SSL encryption and what it means again like I did last time for in another thread. With a new domain and SSL we'll be moving forward with adapting the best recruiting process possible. We're still on the look out for app developers that can help us bridge Discord and the Website and take advantage of all the technologies we have access to. With SSL we can now officially encrypt and run a store, host galleries and a multitude of files on the site. SSL is truly a make or break for some people and in a 10-point inspection we are looking good. That's all. Reply with how you feel or any questions, I don't mind answering twice here and in other threads I make.
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