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  1. I have thought about this long and hard. I am resigning from the Office of Naval Intelligence. I have been here for a little over a year and in that time achieved the rank of Private First Class with the UNSC Army. I have met some amazing and wonderful people along the way and some of whom i'd consider life long friends such as @B1ue Team Sucks @Mr Morris @Shandykidinkent and @Shawn4Japan. I have genuinely enjoyed my time here but there has been a lack of activity in the past few months not only from myself but ONI as a whole. I have also recently lost interest in being apart of a clan and am
  2. The games look sick, but my main question is where is all the venting, how is it not gonna over heat like a bitch?? I mean i know the vents on the sides by the fins but still those are pretty small and im not sure how you'd get airflow in there due to the design, idk imo i feel like the console design is a bit like they didnt know wtf they were gonna do with it until now (i could be wrong though) The games on the other hand mmmm they look stunning! lol
  3. i know right!! It's so cool (and terrifying) all at the same time! lol
  4. Hmm that's really interesting, and makes a lot of sense for it to have originated in politics and then implemented into the military!
  5. Here are some REALLY well done films in this universe as well:
  6. SCP is a whole community of strange and weird creatures kinda like creepy pastas, it is so famous that it has a multitude of youtube videos, forums, blogs, and even whole games made for it. Right now I have been doing a lot of fanning over the whole universe and each creature and just how creative and vast this universe is. My main purpose of writing this thread is just to get a discussion going about something that i truly enjoy and would love to hear from all of you whether it is sharing other stories of creatures or videos or just discussing the universe itself. Here is a link to a
  7. lmfao! this was a great read, I appreciate it. Man sad to have missed it =, would have been a great laugh, guess i'll have to wait till the next one decides to go bonkers. On another note Harry i think you could have a real knack for fictional writing, just saying.
  8. Well I mean you kinda have to look at it like this: they're whole job is to watch for flying objects in the sky so when they get so used to it, it makes sense for them to be not as excited/amazed by it when they see them constantly.
  9. No but it's very weird, maybe some small company or something that likes the idea of discord but doesnt like some features or something or even maybe a splinter company/group
  10. Lmao this is hilarious and rightly deserved to those people, i mean making her cry probably wasnt a desired outcome but she shouldnt have left her cart there. Thank you for Sharing Shawn.
  11. Hella nice build man! I really enjoy it though i dont know too much about Harry Potter lol.
  12. I-I have no words.......the whole time i watched those I sat there with my mouth hanging open and I was concerned and confused all at the same time.
  13. This is a REALLY interesting and well structured video, definitely subscribed. The Doomer is kinda like a meme's version of the stereotypical Millenial.
  14. Lmao this is funny af kinda reminds me of another youtuber i watch. here's a link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LieutenantLickMePS3
  15. Hey im all for partying up to get some games going and i'd be really interested to play I just need to know who to contact/friend and start talking to, however I dont have Arma so i'd be restricted to MCC only.
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