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  1. Huh here I am again. As of late I haven't been playin xbox anywhere near as much as I used to. Between rejoining the 19th and working on my story writing skills I haven't really thought much of the 34th or ONI in my free time . Maybe my nostalgia from my first months here blinded me into coming back multiple times, or maybe it was the people. Either way Halo is no longer center stage in my life. As I look into an interstate move and beginning writing an original story and maybe some Arma ops I am cutting one aspect of my life where progress is moving at a snails pace. Thank you to everyone who
  2. anyone else think this would be a meta idea? if so we can start doing tests on discord. if we get the manpower we can do anything. need literally all characters right now.
    joined this one late
  3. lets see what Shawn says. He would most likely have final say in this case.
  4. If he's allowed the Army can take him. He has kept some contact with blue and myself, and I think he could do well with us.
  5. I played very briefly on reach and was involved in some very minor clan wars. Like no record kinds. Back then things definitely seemed a lot more action oriented. I dropped off with four as i had slowly transitioned to mw3 and bo2. Over their i was in reborn, a semi competitive clan. Where i got a feel for the competition halo had to deal with. My name price actually came from clan policy which was a gt change to a cod character-clan name-3 number code format. That was probably one of my best clan experiences till advanced warfare killed the cod vibe off. Made some good friends in the real wor
  6. no the gunsmith who made this does commission i believe
  7. Next time you are on and catch me on mw2019 I can invite you then. I may be able to while your offline.
  8. Id say so. Plus if you own mw2019 you get a ghost skin and m4 variant that looks like the one from 2.
  9. update: Just beat it and god every bit of this remaster hit just like it did when I played MW2 for the first time back in 2010.
  10. Anyone else play this yet? I'm doing my first run on veteran and around every corner so far has been some nostalgia.
  11. Look for the man in town square wearing black coveralls he is the quest giver who will guide you to the first steps in your story as a recruit.
  12. Warzones really only fun if you have a trio or quad team. Blue tsar and myself frequent it and can pick up a 4th every now and then when were not dropping high kill games.
  13. Wouldnt a more conventional warship be better. The ISD I and II are designed in a way all capital ship weapons are able to fired from the ship if its oriented towards the target.
  14. I feel like the aesthetic of warhammer is kinda weird. Their navy literally operates floating castles as ships. And they have floating kingdoms in some of the rts games.
  15. I feel like 40ks universe is a bit over the top though. I personally love the games like death wing. But from a story stand point a scifi universe like 40k is generally extreme. Starwars is a fantastic scifi story, same with halo. There's also a discussion by generation tech where they have tried to figure out which universes "space marines" are the best as well as their navies. Personally i think star wars is the best to read, watch or play. But every one has different standards for the genre.
  16. as long as your aware that the current metric might not work due to server life it should be fine. we were are about to see if we can get 10+ tonight hopefully we find people.
  17. Ill see about tonight getting the platoon going. And making the 34th redbull logo.
  18. The games core premise was an Arma mod. Id assume some of the old Arma unit charm carried over.
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