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  1. Alright I fixed it, welcome back soldier.
  2. I am proud to be ONI and see what we've accomplished in this counter-intelligence work. Bravo to all teams, I cannot wait for the announcement to come and information to be released.
  3. This thread is great but I wonder if its too confusing to new members.

    It's not written like an standard operating procedure, maybe in steps this would be easy to understand and digested.

    1. Shawn4Japan


      Its really only for Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers, I mean you got the copy and paste stuff down.

  4. Well I'll add to it now. I haven't decided who but after creating what would be your operation and scope in the Package Deal I want to change this one up a bit.
  5. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMAND [] OPERATION: PACKAGED DEAL SUM/INTENT: Build teamwork completing PvE modes on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. PRELIM INQ: One of the seasonal challenges is called Package Deal, it details to complete the Non-Prophet Organization and Story Scorey Challenges to earn the Another Sunrise animated visor. The Non-Prophet Organization challenge is to defeat 7,000 Covenant enemies in PvE modes. The Story Scorey challenge is to complete 50 campaign missions. OBJECTIVE: Have 4 players unlock the Another Sunrise animated visor by completing the P
  6. Should let us know before you do that, if anything the form results were viewable just not how @Shawn4Japan or you wanted them to be.
  7. I have seen them change their names in the Discord at least twice since joining. It doesn't look like they are a stable group to do anything with, we should just assimilate the members already. They are wasting our time if they can't be an actionable resource.
  8. I've been doing fine without one but a format for these operations would be nice too.
  9. I don't know which to go with as far as the SPARTAN-III Program goes but I think that the SPARTAN-II Requirements are too easy. The maps themselves are outdated and once Infinite comes out no one is going to want to go back to the games that will eventually be phased out in the coming revamp of the franchise as 343 Industries has shared Halo: Infinite to be. To future proof ourselves in the coming months that should be re-looked at, its important to remember we're not competing with other clans too. We shouldn't make these things easier just because people are turned away from becoming so
  10. Hope everything went well indeed! That surgery could mean a lot more to people than others shave it off to be, be there for them in their time of need.
  11. @Shawn4Japan as a superimposed unit are they coming to the sites to create reports or submitting them privately to you and leadership over them?
  12. So this same operations had its scoped changed, is this something to allow? I think if Sovereign ended and cannot schedule games it is a forfeit to us if another clan by the same name does not take up the request. I recommend reaching out to our old friends in the Sovereign Guard Sangheili clan to schedule games although understandably they are less into doing Raids due to the inferior shields Elites have on Halo: Reach.
  13. I may look to promote people who complete this operation as its a true test to our communities mission to get on and get games in playing campaign, multiplayer and campaign.
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