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  1. Your rank does not show in the forums anymore. Is that part of the update?
  2. I'm presuming this would have already been done by now. Thank you for not causing anymore headaches, the growth spurts can wait until Halo Infinite releases.
  3. It was an honor having you onboard misses. Although we definitely did clash some times over what the future of ONI could be you proved to me that this is a place worth fighting for and compared to other clans, communities a place where we can outright debate what we think is important for compromises to succeed in the end. I hope you will revisit soon, if not weekly or monthly whatever your time table allows to keep up with the conversation here.
  4. "Perhaps you have heard of the friendship which often springs up between the Allies and their foes. I know something about it. It was at Laventie that the Germans began to amuse themselves by putting a bullseye on a biscuit box and letting us use it for a target. We then returned the compliment and set up a similar bullseye. Every time the Germans made a bullseye, I would raise a shovel. If they missed, I put up a handkerchief. They did the same for us. And so we, who sought each other's lives, played together while death spoke sharply all around us. We used to talk back and forth—those German boys and we Canadians. They were the 157th and most friendly. "Hi! Where do you come from?" a voice in French once called over to us. "We are French Canadians," we replied with pride. "Well, we're Canadians, too," came the astonishing answer. "We come from Ontario." There came a pause. There was no firing. Then the German shouted, "Let me see one of your group; let him stand above the trench, and on my word of honor we shall not fire." One of us sprang out of the trench and stood up. There, fell a deep silence upon the two armies. Then many stood up, and finally the Germans, too, were rising. We talked for hours. One day the Germans threw over a bit of paper wrapped around a stone. "If you don't fire on us, we won't fire on you," some one had written. We kept that strange pact for days, until the officers, discovering this pact of peace, moved us to another part of the trenches. Some months later, curiously enough, we found ourselves opposite the same regiment. Neither side forgot we were both Canadian, and steadfastly kept our treaty of peace. They did not consider that rough note a "scrap of paper." Not a single shot was fired and only one man was killed, and he by a stray bullet. Because friendships started easily between hostile bodies, they kept moving a regiment from one part of the trenches to another, that we might not get too friendly with our enemies. We had no heart in the butchery, for between Germans and Allies as individuals, there was no hate." - Pvt. Roméo Houle, Canadian Expeditionary Force.
  5. “My dear parents. It’s New Year’s Eve. I am thinking of home and my heart is breaking. Here everything is terrible and hopeless. Hunger, hunger, hunger, lice and dirt. Soviet planes are bombing us day and night, and the artillery fire hardly ever ceases. If there is not a miracle very soon I shall die here. Sometimes I pray; sometimes I curse my fate. Everything just seems so pointless and absurd. When and how could we be saved from this? How can a man bear this? Is this suffering a punishment from God? My dear parents, I should not be writing you this, but I have long since lost all my courage. I have forgotten how to laugh. I am just a shivering bundle of nerves. Everybody lives here as if they are in a trance. If I get put up before a military tribunal and shot for writing this letter, then that will be a release from suffering. Here we have learned the full meaning of God’s word: give us this day our daily bread. I am getting 100 grams of bread a day - almost one slice. You cannot possibly imagine how that feels here, when the temperature is minus thirty-five. I have no hope left. I ask you not to cry if you get a letter saying that I have died. Be kind to each other and thank God for every day that he gives you.” -Corporal Bruno Kaligo - German 6th Army, Stalingrad 1943
  6. “We had captured three Soviet soldiers in Kabul during the night and taken them to a hideout in the Morghgiran Mountain village. The next day, we offered them the chance to convert to our religion and to choose a righteous path. The Soviets became very angry and began cursing us and insulting us. They stated ‘That there is no way back from the path chosen. Afghanistan will be communist. We will not accept you or your religion.’ They refused to cooperate. We could not get them out of the area without cooperation on their part and we could not shoot them because the shots would draw attention from nearby security outposts. So, we buried them all alive. We kept their uniforms and papers which we would eventually use for sabotage missions. The next day, the Soviets surrounded the area looking for their missing men. They had a clash with some of our neighboring Mujahideen fighters. After the battle the Soviets found where we had buried the three men. They were all dead and their bodies had turned black.” - Mohammad Humayun Shahin. Mujahideen. Soviet Afghan War. September 24th, 1983. ———— Every soldier has a story, and every story deserves to be told.
  7. I told you about this why are you posting this. I'll make a short story tag too to organize some of these.
  8. Now this is a hot bomb to drop, I'm glad some members came forward and voiced an honest opinion. I hope they can read past what is otherwise a lengthy document. If its not my place to comment I will not as I understand my position and current rapport relative to the Non-commissioned Officers on the UNSC Razor is not a positive impact with more of the newer members especially.
  9. [ https://www.halopedia.org/UNSC_military_organization ] Just leaving this resource here. In the continued discussion about reorganizing the units to add more value its important to followed what is loosely a role playing of the UNSC to which we stand. Its improbable to simply repurpose each command.
  10. I actually don't think it is necessary. Simply create a tag and arrange threads by order from the two and the overall BT.
  11. 12.323.1344.323.233.323.11123.124.123.1223.11.23.12
  12. Hey Shawn, about this thread. What is it suppose to mean?


  13. Don't think you should actually have the access to say this to him but good points. This role is a little more on the serious side and the answers are lackluster. I mean the first answer to the first question? "I don't know" is not acceptable.
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