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  1. CRIMSON “I need my ships repaired, refitted, and battle-ready ASAP. Code these orders CRIMSON, and pull in favors people owe me to make it happen. You know what I mean.” — Vice Admiral Preston Jeremiah Cole
  2. I joined it, this will not kick me out like the others did will it?
  3. @Shawn4Japandid you mess with this bot? The page is not loading anymore.
  4. Where should resources be invested. Both products revive the older Xbox 360 Halo: Reach and other Halo games. I want to start it up again internally having had done it before.
  5. Which exchange? I am seeing the price is now $166.06 from when you last posted.
  6. Wanted to share this and see some general opinion. The video is 20 minutes long on foreign influence in the educational system and plausible implications it makes to the industries our institutions serve. [ https://www.state.gov/the-chinese-communist-party-on-the-american-campus/ ]
  7. Here https://docs.widgetbot.io/embed/crate/tutorial/ You can see an example here https://semper-vigilans.org/test I could not add it to the site globally as it does not let me save to the theme. I think this is a cool idea though it will show messages from users as bots. It may be better to use against other Discord servers to monitor their chats without being in it, however we will need the widget bot to be invited to their server with permission. That's just a thought. Good luck to any member that can figure this one out further than I could.
  8. Dale Kilkin

    Halo 4 MCC

    We had a steady crowd playing Halo 4 before @Shawn4Japandon't most of the Japanese players play Halo 4?
  9. But I want to be clear also that it will not stop us from raffling something off.
  10. I did vote no for this too. Save staff the trouble of figuring out where to source the newer gaming parts coming out.
  11. Just wanted to see if media in topics showed up to the home page I just refreshed @Shawn4Japan This is also hilarious.
  12. If we have more PC gamers we'll need to determine if we should raffle a part (which part) or whole PC as well. Hope this poll can get numbers soon.
  13. I want to test something, but I am also curious to know where our community is. Who is buying into the next generation of consoles right now or plan to in the future? Is PC still popular?
  14. Just wanted to let you I'm deleted +30 groups as we move to the PERSCOM system @ADM S Osmanpurchased on your behalf. Also set up a donation area for me and others to donate to. 

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