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  1. we havent used them in the 19th YET.hopefully we use them soon.
  2. it was a great episode 1 hook to get you interested in the show. if Kamino doesn't happen at some point ill be shocked
  3. it wasn't so much picked random. the people she picked are the only people with an app in. I just doubled checked. https://www.semper-vigilans.org/forums/forum/194-user-directory/
  4. After being asked to put this on hold for a month I am putting in a request to promote Jason again. attends when needed and very objective focused. He was part of Operation Blue on Blue and without him It couldn't have been completed at the rate it was. We were asked to lay low so no op reports have been put in. With our small team of 4 on a winter class ship having Jason promoted will help strengthen the foundation of From The Ashes.
  5. cant happen to notice the black widow Voice channels on the ONI server keep getting their names changed. they changed like 3 times this week alone it feels like. what's all that about? we even lost some channels like theaters even. I know a few of us actively use the those channels and are just confused by all the new names.
  6. I am filing this for Jason L Lewis. He could not file it on his own due to the fact he is still resigned on the site. I am willing to testify what I say in front of officers and peers of the Office of Naval Intelligence. Yes I have read the UNSC Uniform Code of Military Justice, Forum Code of Conduct, Articles of War & Rules of Engagement. Yes I have confronted the offender in his/her offenses in a professional manner and gave several warnings prior. Yes I have valid evidence to bring in opening this case and wish to proceed with Investigations. Yes File a Name Please put the exact gamertags of the offender(s) Harry Cramb File a Witness Please put the exact gamertags of the witness(es) @B1ue Team Sucks, @Tsar, and @Nemesis File a Complaint Choose all of the offenses you see are applicable in this case. Individual has breached protocol by Discrimination and the harassment of other members in defamation, vilification or misbehavior. File a Statement Tell us what happened to the best of your abilities. LCDR. Harry Cramb on January fifth of 2020, replied to a joke made by myself and blue regarding an out of context line Gamer had said in the Razor chat about china. Blue asked "what about China" and I replied with "IKR, opinion gamer?" which Gamer replied explaining why he said it and we had a laugh. However Harry proceeded to tell me to focus on recruiting and to not worry about what others are talking about in the Razor. This was followed up by a DM with Blue and Harry where he asked harry why he singled me out. Harry responded by saying I do nothing and only use this server for anime and movies and said it was ok for everyone else to slag gamer except me because I did not do anything to earn a right to slag him. He said this twice in their discussion and Blue pointed out that I had not said anything to slag Gamer. the next day I made some comments in a private channel regarding the events at the capitol and during a session that night made a one off Vietnam joke. I was handed a punishment for making it. followed by a written warning where when I challenged them with claims of harassment and targeting, he backed down and only asked I apologized to who ever had felt offended by it. File a Motion How should the court proceed with your findings. I dont really know how the punishment can be handled but i assume atleast a demotion is on the table and would see that as the best course of action https://docs.google.com/document/d/14YboGNOR1o-bPz-fiVAEOiqcIfvcw-fkZX6B9Pi59vE/edit?usp=sharing ( evidence in reference to the the private chat about the capitol raid and war jokes )
  7. Approved 3/19/2021 great to see more people sticking around.
  8. approved 3/19/2021 keep up the good work @Ultimateracet8
  9. approved 3/17/2021 Keep up the good work @StandoPowa5487 !
  10. Im getting tired of this being looked at as bad joke or any form of a meme. Would filing a conduct report been taking more seriously.
  11. thats not even a game at that point. its a skeet shooting range.
  12. This is meant to be a fun to a fun halo clan. Not a fully political one. I do have fun joking around playing customs, multiplayer, and Campaign and I took it my role as we can make joke and have a blast but when I need to get serious, I get the respect of my peers.
  13. fine ill change it to iI no longer respect shawn and not lost creditably. Everyone thinks ive been trolling this whole time. This is not the case. Ive been serious the whole time. The 34th failed because of me, I resigned so Corey couldn't discharge me is true because I really enjoyed ONI and didnt want to lose my ability to come back. every time Harry and I discuss clan related topics It turns into an argument since I would say something He would spin it a different way so I try to explain it to him a different way still doesn't get the way i want him to get it. We have an argument and nothing gets done. We are two headstrong people going at each other.
  14. You are right Harry, I did tell them to write the promos because i was lazy. I also had no idea what write given i met them one time and weren't here long enough to qualify for anything. To me all they did was pass BT and thats what i put.
  15. I am not a troll. I am friends with Tsar and He told us you are black on top of that Morris sent us a picture of you through Facebook because you made a ONI Facebook group and morris saw your profile pic. Ive been serious the whole time.
  16. if you are confused just say im confused i dont understand X can you elaborate.
  17. Im done also replying to you since clearly there is a break down in communication every time I post something with you, Its exhausting to keep commenting to it,
  18. @Shawn4Japan I am done commenting towards you. Asking a question that if I am problem with based of him being Irish shouldn't even being a point made. Its the same of asking do I have a problem with you because you are black. You are basically trying to put this now as an ethnicity/race problem when that was never the problem to begin with. You have lost creditability and not worth giving you the time of day,
  19. No one checked with us after morris left. Harry was just there accepting promos. No discord DMs or posts in the 34th chat. No website messages asking for any update or posts in our club or website checking in. Nothing came in or out.
  20. I did ask why and it was because with morris he simply was distracted by life like his job and husband and when get got on in the extreme rare cases He just wanted to play customs or work on team tac maps. With Tsar he does so much filling and paperwork at his job that he just hates doing it for the clan. This is reference to the new site. not for your whole career. You have zero promotions on the new site. I can boot up halo and I do invite the every active member on the game on the right then and there and they would all join. Even when i join them on BTB i become host and invite anyone else we see online. More things happen on Halo then you realize Harry. Just because we dont @ razor X thing is happening at X time. We run things and do stuff. Its not just hosting. Nemesis keeps activity going, So does, Blueareo, Chillguy,Gamer, and myself. If you were on more you would see this. Discord doesn't make our clan go around. being on xbox does. No one came to me for any questions or concerns. I assumed everything is fine since no one was talking to me about and I was the XO. My job with the roster is not an official job. it was something I made without anyone asking. It was a fun thing for me to do to help myself stay organized. You didnt see the point of having the activity tab so i stopped updating regularly. Out of nowhere you said its been a month and the activity sheet hasn't been updated. I didnt even know you used it.Also with you constantly moving people around from fireteam to fireteam without telling you basically took the roster sheet yourself. I did find us clan to raid and that was Sovereign. We raided them twice. Its not my fault our connection with them went silent I was the point of contact, I was the one who set it up, Im the one who scouted the bases and we joint lead people in the raid. You are correct I did offer nothing. I was an E4 leading an inactive branch with no idea whats happening above me. All i knew is that Harry was trying to get the razor off the ground. I didnt see anyone doing anything else. There was not point of a restructure if no one is doing anything from my prospective. It was keep easier and made more sense to shut down. Even If I wanted to add something or discuss changes. I am not the rank to have those kinds of discussions as stated in the High Command Forum.
  21. There is no problem someone higher than Harry approving it. I understand my duties as an NCO is to assist the CO. I was merely pointing even when Harry was on the Razor with only gamer at the time was E1 and Ultmatewolf was an E1 Harry has never written a promo on the site because as he puts it if he writes then someone above would have to approve it. which is correct. In the 34the Morris an O1 worte promos and Harry approved them. As of right now no one above Harry has approved a promo. Its not an issue. just an observation. Just like how Harry has yet to write an promo on the site for anyone. its not an issue just an observation. This is correct me coming to the conclusion the clan was failing because I lacked the knowledge of what was happening above me. This thought also came from the conversation Shawn, Harry, and I had in Officers Lounge before i got transferred to the Razor when Shawn was taking about doing a restructure like sizing down the clan within the ranking structure or closing the clan all together and he wanted our opinion on the matter. people do get promoted for actions and accomplishments. The bar is right where is needs to be. In reference to may leave, The reason why Jason left the last time was because because he felt ranked locked at E2 because we lost morris and him and Harry were not on good terms at the time. I was also holding jason because he did not meet the requirements but I tried to get him to meet them but the unit went under before he met the requirements which was at the time attend 30 calendar events. unfortunately the unit went under before he could finish. I stayed at E4 until I got transferred to the razor and Jason left because he was E2 and felt like he was not going to get anywhere. My feeling of undervaulued is correct. Given I am holding the rank E5 the rank is is mainly for squad leads and team leads. Given my duties and the role i filled on the razor which was overseeing/leading the fireteams and I lead one while. I was doing way more and what i felt was going above and beyond what was required of me given my rank of E5. I was told multiple times by Morris he would put in my E6 and that im well deserving of it and the other enlisted agreed with that statement. After Morris leaving Harry was not going to put it in because he stated "well someone above would have to approve it" and then Tsar got reinstated to E9 and He felt i was deserving of E6 but et yet nothing was filed. The way Harry described the roster on the site to me its just the club and thats just like the the Spartan Company system which works at a basic roster of whos in the unit or not but for organizational purposes of whos what rank, time here, whos fireteam the are in. The club and Spartan Company do not provide a way to do that. The Percom system is great once its fully done. I do like the integration and when i can get to the point i can look at the club and click on the person profile picture and i can see everything about them like.
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