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  1. the guy who first received the screanshot would rather talk in the 19th fleet TS.
  2. ill ask the people who i think got the OG message and see if they will talk to you.
  3. SV has always had problems in the past with Shaw throughout the years. this isn't private information for people in SV. ONIs just need to deal with others existing its been like this for years and its just tiring at this point. this is through the first time i've seen SV advertise another unit. in this the 19th. If someone was upset with the current situation with SV and couldn't take the clan down it would be easier to damage the reputation of a partnership than take down a clan. Now is this a shitty way of achieving this goal?yes it is, but did it work? whos to say. IP grabbing is pretty standard in the Xbox Halo community with is annoying asf and some clans have pastebins of ips and gamertags. Even though thats not tolerated in general its such a massive problem on xbox because its kids trying to act cool or an adult whos trying to feel threatening. the PC community doesn't make it obvious that it happens and brags about it like how people on xbox does it. People on PC know that vpns works and typically dont make publicly known attacks. the pc community yes has children but they typically stick to kids games like minecraft/fortnite on pc and don't really play cod on PC. they use an older siblings console for that. People on both do get defensive about there ips getting taken but if you leak an ip to a 12 year old they dont know that means and the damages that could come from that unlike on pc where an adult that plays pc hears someone is taking there ip its way more scary to them since they know what that means and what information comes with that so you can cause more damage.
  4. also if you are interested i can document the 19th fleet ops as op reports.
  5. if you are interested someone in way 2 streamed the whole op. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1089969612
  6. negative. at most its the briefs prior to the ops which is the stuff above the map. we do have have a verbal debrief at the end. regarding record keeping there is no AARs. people may of streamed the op or took clips or screenshots but thats the closest youre going to get.
  7. Here is the plan -Way 3 and 1 Will accompany 1stLt. B. Cavill to the ONI site where we will assist with wiping data and Demolishing the site. -Way 2 and 4 will accompany 1stLt. Zazen and Jotunn (armored) to assault the AA position and the airfield followed by the Enemy forward position. You will be inserting via Jotunns vics. We will air drop them from a great height. so you're BTEC ODSTs. -Recon and Baldr(Mortar Team) Set off early with your vics and set up where you see fit to assist the main order. -Heimdall (logistics) Have your vehicles head out with Baldr and make sure your loaded with supplies we will need the bullets -Fenrir(ODSTs) you will assist the marine force in assaulting the AA sites and assisting the Marines. I've mark where I'd suggest you drop with the red star. -Valkyrie(Aviation) We will need you for the main insertion and to assist with logistics. -We will burn through ammo tonight. Try to fight the elites in as small a group as possible they are tanky but you can take them down with focused fire. If they start pushing you in big groups I would advise smoke rounds from @Baldr as well as HE and break contact. Way 4 didnt start off so great with our pelican getting hit by AA and shooting us down about 500m from our intended LZ. I was the only survivor. everyone else was uncon or dead. After radioing for any assistance and a medic they showed up but it was to late. everyone was declared dead in the crash and it was just me. I booked to to the LZ to meet up with anyone that was on the second pelican and held for reinforcements. Reinforcements were Team Lead Sgt. SpaceCase( Casey ), Team Lead Sgt. Honored Heretic (Masson), Auto rifleman LCpl. Barney, stand in demo LCpl. Latch, and Hospitalman,HM, Nemesis. HM Dean( Tsar ) was tasked to assist other squads where needed. with Way 4 now reformed it's time we moved out towards to AA we got bogged down by covenant forces. With Jotonn focused on taking out the wraiths we managed to book it to a near by town and get air dropped 2 transport Hogs. With all of Way 4 mounted up we booked towards the first AA. Way 2 took to long and got swarmed by elites and Banshees . The 10 members of Way 2 mass cassed and ever less than half standing. medical was trying to get on the scene but had a hard time getting through the covenant line. Way 4 would of redirected back to way 2 but we were in a full rush to to the AA gun with taking shots from the airfield and troops encamped by the AA site. We lost all of our wheels and were driving on rims and a fuel rod hit us in the back and the hog blew up with only Latch and Barney alive. They full on rushed with only needed to about 200 meters. Barney made it to the base of the AA clearing a hole for Latch. Latch was about to set up the explosives but then out of nowhere heard wort wort wort and Latch and Barney got gunned down by elites. We all respawn and get flown in with our troop transport hog again and rushed one more time. The hole that Barney and Latch made the first run we managed to get into the site no problem and took down the AA. upon exiting the site we met up with Fenrir. Way 4 is set to attack the airfield. We got back in the hog and started driving right at the airfield. due to accidental call we get hammered by friendly 155m howister rounds and ate dirt and we respawned back at base. With the AAs down it was easier to get a LZ closer to the airfield. After landing back in we see way 2 had mass cassed again on the edge of the airfield with Dean and any other medic near by assisting way 2. Nemesis was running in to help but to told him to stop luckily in time. The second he stopped a mortar hits the medics and whats left of way 2. Dean flys out of the trenches and lanes near nemesis. Nemesis fixed what he could while the rest of Way 4 assaulted to terminal of the airport and cleans out any stragglers. We turned the terminal into a FOB and continued moving west towards the enemy forward position. Way 4 rushes the base and clears it as fast as we could with one more AA gun to take out. with burning our explosives in the rush we looted any bodies and threw plasma grenades into the base and the AA blew up. Given that the base was on top of a hill we could see Way 1 and 3 almost about to mass cass. Luckily Way 2 was back up to full strength and could assist way 1 and 3 while way 4 provides overlook. After all elements Rped in the nearby town square it was time to move onto the ONI base. Once we touched down at the ONI base Way 1 and 3 were to secure the courtyard and roof and destroy any intel they find. While way 2 and 4 clear out the underground tunnels. Way 2 and 4 dicovered that the ONI base was built on top of some forerunner artifacts and architecture. Way 1 and 3 were holding off the best they could with way 1 getting pushed back to the roof way 2 and 4 booked it to the roof. Way 3 was getting engaged while the rest of the way companies hopped in the pelicans that were called in for extract. we all made it out and the base blew up. Mission End. Staff Sergeant Blue Squad Lead of Wayfinder 4
  8. coins are cool. 19th fleet did a run and it was successful.
  9. we havent used them in the 19th YET.hopefully we use them soon.
  10. it was a great episode 1 hook to get you interested in the show. if Kamino doesn't happen at some point ill be shocked
  11. hmmmm why is everyone spamming this at the same time?
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