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  1. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 2 ACTIVITY VARIANT: RAID EXERCISE OBJECTIVE: To assess the raid potential of the new recruit. ATTENDANCE: @CAPT L FLATLINE NoNoSqUaRe9427 PERSONAL COMMENTS: I was not present at the time of this happening since i was asleep. Given that Wayfarer managed to get a recruit signed up on waypoint and get them in the discord is great. Regarding the open raid that they joined. Checking the companies of the people wearing matching emblems they are all different but most have UNSC ranks.
  2. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 4 ACTIVITY VARIANT: RAID EXERCISE OBJECTIVE: The objective was to get them use to being on the disadvantage and seeing how they react. ATTENDANCE: @CAPT L FLATLINE @Aeterna Sol @Tx3 Yanovich @B1ue Team Sucks PERSONAL COMMENTS: I do like how Sol is warming up to raids and getting more map awareness. Their aim is getting better which is also a plus. Flatline has strong leadership potential. She is great at scouting and learns the layout of raid maps quickly. She also has strong callouts and
  3. on later reports you will be expected to add more detail and go more in depth.
  4. I even assisted with Angel Jumping when Harry asked to since everyone was done with it but peak and i explained to him how to do it, assisted in him preforming it correctly. I even ran through it with him multiple times to make sure it clicked with him.
  5. I was still in the party the whole time and never left the lobby. I was just in another call on teamspeak and had Arma 3 up my main monitor and had Halo on my secondary. I also had the Xbox party chat and TS call in the same headset so I heard everything in both calls. The way the map was laid out, the fact I have done UCMB on that same map and the fact we Harry and I conversed before and after the UCMB on it works and what needs to be ran. I was 100% confident I could run week one no problem.
  6. good first report just remember to put the date in the title.
  7. With the new era of Semper Vigilans approaching in attempts to restore the organization back to its previous state of bustling with activity and high member counts, the idea of changing some of the traditional methods within the clan is not something that should be shut down or pushed away immediately. The recruiting process is the biggest factor in the clan right now, the website is a fundemental piece of equipment for the ONI to progress and operate more efficiently than most Discord based clans. Unfortunately overtime the concept of having to join a website upon recruitment as dwindled to a
  8. yes. after rechecking everyone and the new recruits we met the number of people to be in uniform.
  9. to welcome all the new recruits. by seeing what they can do on MCC
  10. Could not not be anymore proud of my crew with all the recent activity and playing with the new guys and racking in new people. @Jason L Lewis playing with  a new recruit, Mud Brick.@Shandykidinkent  is actively playing with skittles and @oMyVoid just being an absolute beast. @Cavalier IV even though hes been doing other things on Halo like solo legendary campaigns hes still in the parties hanging out and i respect his drive to finish what he started.  We did have a lot of inactivity before but now the 34th is kicking strong once again.  

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    1. Harry Cramb

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      didnt even tag me im in parties too senpai >_>

  11. generate Activity Present- Void, Ghost, Shandy
  12. Generate Activity Present - Void, Ghost
  13. Generate activity Present- void,Ghost,Shandy
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