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  1. for context the spreadsheet i restricted him from was a spreadsheet of the ships roster and activity sheet for the whole ship. the link is to the doc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ooyq-zD7Tz-dnrzrkRn7Vg7CgV0GqDclDQg4XUFmSfo/edit?usp=sharing
  2. even with me voicing it to you after the file you was passive aggressive with me regarding your LOA.
  3. Its not a backstab Richards. after talking about this move for months and he is finally doing it he was still trying to lead and update docswhile in the middle of a move. I was getting questioned by people on my ship on if he actually was going to go on LOA when he is extremely active on discord and giving out orders when he said he was going on LOA a day before. I also had people point out how ironic it is when hes telling people that they could be discharged for not filing LOAs when he said he is on LOA without having one filed himself. I wanted this man to focus on his move and getting his
  4. Sir. Im just following Harrys orders that people can be discharged on the grounds of not filing an LOA in a timely manner from the date of which they claimed they were going LOA.
  5. Harry has disobeyed his own order in not filing an LOA after stating for over 24 hours that he claimed he was going LOA. As the the acting CO given to me by Harry himself I am following his orders in following of discharging people who dont follow the procedures of filing a proper LOA. I have talked to him about this and he is ok with me filing a discharge towards him. His orders were given in the UNSC Razor regarding me being the acting CO and people who dont file LOAs could be discharged. I asked him in DM if it was ok and he said do it. Signed Acting CO of the UNSC Razor Sg
  6. Chill joined the back to the Razor on 2/5/2021. With his return he started recruiting for a fireteam and is now currently leading them. while watching him in raids, he still knows how to lead a team and hold a base. His kill potential still above average and still a strong raider. He is more than capable being an NCO and being a strong asset to growing further. He is a man of few words some points but it doesn't hinder his ability to get stuff done .
  7. Nemesis has lead a fireteam with multiple rotations of players for 2 months. He is pretty active for what his life consists of which is working and being married. he is really inclusive when it comes to hosting. He is the main guy that runs BT. He didn't bother me about writing a promo and is humble about the rank he gets. He also checks the website enough so he doesn't miss anything.
  8. Krxzy has been on off active since he transferred to the razor on 11/4/2020 and has been sitting at E3 since that transfer. Life just kept getting in the way for him to be more active than he would like. He did lead a fireteam but life kept him from developing more than anticipated. He though he is not the best at self motivation but when he gets asked to do it he does it to the best of his ability. He has been showing up a lot more to activities recently and has been super positive and respected by his peers. I'm confident he will be a great E4.
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