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  1. Pending club accepting for me and others.


    1. Noah Reibach

      Noah Reibach

      Add me to the mods to be able to accept those.

  2. Woke up the next day and that game was still going on.
  3. I played a game with NSWC, they abandoned their base and left the game. Weirdos.
  4. You can approve this one, I thinks its better for the unit building ground up with enlisted like HellzJanitor174 If you keep having breakdowns, hounding Shawn4Japan or act out of your character it'll be held against you @HellzJanitor174 remember that. Word travels, chats are visible to some of us but if you're going through something its better to put down your controller than put it on your unit and stress other people out. Any misunderstandings should be cleared up quick.
  5. Thanks Admiral, welcome to the 105th @REK Burnz
  6. Oh its not a requirement I just want to know if you can do it or not
  7. I was expecting the people applying to have more AAR's is all, I don't see anything wrong with the app.
  8. I just looked this up bro we're up $100 at least right? Shit when are we all getting paid
  9. Need to add official tags to my post bro.

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