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  1. Darn I almost did it. Entered the Off topic dimensional navigational rift.
  2. Just wanted to be off topic here in the off topic forums with the title off topic > off topic but what is up with the random threads? .. Off topic forum is quite the most off topic bizarre random bit of information I've seen and it has the most posts.. What is up with that.
  3. This is a lot more random than anything is what it is.
  4. This is the silliest thing I've seen all COVID-19
  5. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMANDOPERATION: CordialSUM/INTENT: To set up friendly raids with sovereign creating friendly relations between us.PRELIM/REQ: Since we are still quite a green ship getting some experience with raids under our belt will benefit us in the long run and help us form relationships with the clans above who we have made contact with.OBJECTIVE: To arrange a total of 10 raids with sovereign.COLLATERAL: NoneADDENDUM: Getting raids under the belt will give us good knowledge on where we need to improve on and new knowledge on who can potentially be new leaders in the future.COORDIN
  6. UNITED NATIONS SPACE COMMANDOPERATION: HORIZONSUM/INTENT: Establish A Operating Base on MCC.PRELIM/REQ: With the release of infinity only a few months away it would be essential to have an operational ship ready to go for the transfer from this theatre to the next and having a more active base of members will contribute to this in the UNSC Prowler Corps. with experience in ONI. OBJECTIVE: To have a total of 35 members aboard the UNSC Razor and signed up on the club.COLLATERAL: NoneADDENDUM: With the new year and the ship expanding it is important to keep our momentum going. Reaching 35 member
  7. Microsoft decided to rollback an announcement they made to raise the price of Xbox Live subscription by nearly double the original amount. I guess the post didn't make it here because you are all so rich.
  8. Noah we unfortunately have to first accumulate some posts for forum ranks that will then give access to this stuff and more.
  9. I am unable to edit the post, looks like I can edit within a certain time frame and it just passed. I think we should let regular users edit their messages. But really, how am I not able to?
  10. Saeed Shafiq demotion from Rear Admiral to Enlisted pay grade 3 of the UNSC Navy. Saeed was given ample amount of time to complete tasks before him as Rear Admiral. He will continue his duties from E3 rank unless replaced by subordinates. Saeed is no longer the head of the UNSC HIGHCOM/PROCUREMENT Arm however continue acting in position unless replaced by subordinates. Saeed's task revolves solely around the site and if should not increase his activity here should be promptly honorably discharged. Officer Discharge are special discharges for an individual baring an officer rank. Officer
  11. Life is a coin.

    One side is having, holding, tightening, keeping, remembering.

    The other is losing, releasing, loosening, giving, forgetting.

    Living is watching the coin sparkle as it spins in the air.

  12. I haven't been able to play much recently but Call of Duty has came so far its kind of cool to have a unit. Maybe a unit name that meshes with the UN military or Insurrectionist timeline. Something not too heavy on the role play but puzzle pieced into ONI and can recruit from to at least the website for numbers if not Halo.
  13. Love the condescending note, you know someone affected by this? I think we all might know just one person. Urban and rural both come with its own troubled set of working class dependents. I see now more then ever schools care about their reputation, keeping it up and attractive moving trouble makers to align with the school to prison process. @Shawn4Japan do you think that this is also on purpose or accident?
  14. Wait why is this not in just one table and instead two posts?
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