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  1. I personally am in favor of the ship model and feel as if there can be certain things done to promote unity among the different vessels ,but if this continues to be detrimental to our Organization change is necessary.
  2. Theater Of Operation: Xbox Operational Capacity:8 Activity:8v8 Social games Objective:Eliminate the enemy Attendance: @Enemy @Alpaca @PriceLessIrony @Agent Sniper00 @Coachv2 @Auntyslayer9000 @Darth R3D @Archerlord Personal Comment: We played 8v8 heavies on Superstition and @Agent Sniper00 was leading the team on the match,me and sniper was on the gauss hog and I was the one operating the turret ,the game overall was good ,we had good callouts,team shots,and good map control.
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