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  1. If i may ask what does this entail is it temporary until i show more activity or is it permanent
  2. Current Rank:E2 Rank to be: E4 enlisted time to date: (11/21/19)- current time and date. Reason being he shows commitment and dedication he is involved with the troops and when I tried to host something but had technical difficulties. I asked him to take over and he did. He is also very organized and helps out a lot when I have real world things going on. with that it would be of great recommendation from me to make him an NCO and have him help out with the unit and with organizing many other activities in the future. like in the pass he has gotten together with other clans an
  3. Death471

    Slayer on Reach

    playing slayer to improve callouts and communication skills within the 34th.
  4. ISSUED BY: Sergeant, Death471, Second in command of the 34th UNSC Infantry Brigade, UNSC Army. ISSUED TO: ONI Section 1, PERSONNEL COMMAND FORM TYPE: Promotion Requisition (F441) >>Promotion Type: General >>Enlistment Date: 11/21/19 >>Current Grade: E-1 [Private I] >>Current Position: Infantryman >>Requested Grade: E-2 [Private II] >>Requested Position: Infantryman Blue Team Sucks. has completed the needed requirements to obtain the paygrade of E-2 in the United Nations Space Command Army. Blue joined the 34th Inf
  5. Death471

    Team Tac

    team tac with the vanishing point and the 34th infantry.
  6. Has been given several verbal warnings, also as shown is out of uniform and not representing the clan.
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