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  1. You communicated that you weren't looking for something too serious and postured a different attitude joining. If you do decide to leave, I wish you luck! Come back around when you have some teams we can play against.

  2. I tried playing that farming simulator a few months back...Honestly, if it just let you drive the tractors and do all that stuff with out the "mission type set up" I would have kept playing lol.
  3. Is there a captcha requirement that can be added?
  4. Keep in mind that your decisions matter and will carry over to other games. Do not get out of the Mako if you don't have to. If you are engaging larger enemies, like Thresher Maws, keep moving. Investigate everything. When driving around planets try and stay toward the edge (you'll see a red like do not enter area) you want to stay just far enough away from that, that you can see it...this will allow your sensors to pick up pretty much anything in the search area. And collect everything you can, finding minerals will be one of the quickest ways to earn money. Speaking of money, save it to buy the best weapon then armor you can. I use the assault rifle almost exclusively so I chose to upgrade that first along with my armor. If you decide to use something else like the pistol, etc upgrade that first. That should be enough to get you going...lol
  5. I didn't mind 4...I didn't think it was good, but you had to address Chief, you couldn't just leave him floating out in space. I'm still not a fan of 5's multiplayer, I've never seen 5's forge...
  6. I don't think about it to much...it sent me down a path thats for sure...If I was to get anything it would be the tumbler, only because at least I'd use it...
  7. Anyone in the clan have a Series X yet? I'm not super like concerned about getting one yet, my Xbox One works just fine, but once Infinite drops I'd like to have gotten one...
  8. Did you? I didn't see that...I'm not a pro either, just grew up in farming country...was around a lot of it growing up.
  9. That didn't quite answer my question on whether I should go the PC route or wait for the Series X lol.
  10. Idk about you all but trying to find the Series X in store has been an absolute nightmare. With cross play now available, I'm wondering if maybe I should go back to PC (I don't have a "gaming PC," so I'd have to purchase one). Now, I'm not looking to buy something like super high end or even build my own. But it seems that in the most case its at least for the moment easier to get your hands on a PC than it is to find a Series X. Should I just be patient, I mean eventually the supply will pick up...or should I just start putting money away for a PC and go that route? Keep in mind that I haven't played PC games since like the 90's when Delta Force was out (if anyone even knows what that was).
  11. Anyone make custom graphics? Like for the avatar or cover photo?
  12. I did a lot of work at night, I haven't actually used these but the premise is fascinating and I plan to purchase one (possibly 2). Lightbar Headlamps I've had some bushnell lights that are 1300 lumes and they have a rechargeable battery which is nice...Headlamps are really rather nice since it leaves your hands free...
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