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  1. Hmm, if you put in the right mods and setting you can just do whatever you want.
  2. That's good, most of my knowledge of farming does not come from real world experience so I wouldn't be surprised If everything I just said is false. Well other then that field with the Kubota, that part was true.
  3. Excuse me I said that I used a disk harrow to cultivate the field
  4. Kubota cultivated the field and thats as far as i've been. My... employer is waiting to plant it but now that you mention it the previous season I did see a massey pulling something like a cutter.
  5. Grass. I thought I said that. Grass to be cut and baled and fed to horses.
  6. *gasp* I do! I used a open cab Kubota to cultivate a grass field just last month!
  7. So this technically belongs here, its part of the Serpent series but... not really. Sort of. Ish. Just read it. Read the other two first though!
  8. I wrote it in word and then transferred it to Sway so I could share it. I have a job at my family's Ranch so Microsoft 365 really helps. Because of that, I had 365 already so I just thought I might as well use that if im paying like $8,000 dollars a month for it.
  9. What makes you think I didn't spend $38 dollars on that game? But yes I play that game and its great. I also play snowrunner which Is basically just a game where you drive trucks through difficult terrain. But Farming simulator 19 is just so good, its got all the best brands. Well except for Kubota but that'll be here soon enough.
  10. For some unknown reason (Can you blame my cute face for not knowing how my brain works?) I am medically obsessed with tractors, attachments for tractors, harvesters, ATVs, four-wheelers, and basically any type of machine. My favorite brand is New Holland Agriculture, with my favorite model being the T6 Series. Anybody else share this strange obsession?
  11. I meet every spartan II requirement except for two! 😭

  12. I dont know whether to laugh or cry.
  13. Hmm. I play will four people on the original Xbox one. Have you figured out how to get the pressure, temp, and oxygen working? I made a ship and got stuck on that part.
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