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  1. Thank you Richards, I wish you the best of luck here as well and with your career within the FBI.
  2. With all due respect. Writing a novel of what I did wrong is not going to defend my point. You were never present, Officer Candidate School was a joke and we were just handed our commissioned rank and don’t try and say that’s a falsified accusation as you yourself admitted to failing at OCS and then mentioned resigning after it. HR might’ve failed in the past but HR made more of an impact on the lower enlisted in a few weeks than any of you website admins have in months. I understand you have lives too which baffles me that you come after me about leaving when most of you do the exact same thi
  3. Haven’t you only been in Semper for about a week now?
  4. It’s honestly just a tiring cycle. We can obviously play for fun but while trying to keep members happy and do our jobs of retaining people it’s a bit of an issue. The ranking structure for this clan intimidates a lot of people despite us trying to explain that it’s not as hard as given off. The majority of our losses come from people not seeing and purpose or hope in this clan and seeing it as a dead end. The majority of the people who have joined didn’t even know there were more officers beyond Shawn and the fact I’m seeing staff finally show signs of life on my resignation easily helps my p
  5. Throughout my years of service in the ONI I have made so many friends and have had so many amazing memories. Semper Vigilans has actually had a very impactful place in my life and I am so happy that I got a chance to be apart of it. Unfortunately it’s time to go, not because of personal life or work or my marriage but that I’m burnt out. For the past few years a cycle has continued to repeat where at the beginning of every new year half of the active clan leaves and then we rebuild. This has been a never ending cycle with most of these spots filled by old members who will continue to follow sa
  6. Best of luck to your future endeavors and good luck with your schoolwork.
  7. Throughout February, the Office of Naval Intelligence will be honoring and celebrating Black History Month. With this we would like to thank all of the Black Civil Rights Leaders and participants who have sacrificed so much over centuries to bring equal rights and liberties to those of African and African American Decent in the United States and around the world.

         Equality of every race and nationality in the world is respected and honored here at the Office of Naval Intelligence and we thank everyone who’s apart of this organization to make it stronger and more effective as we move forward.


  8. An artistic rendition for all of my Native American Freemason Brothers and Fellows out there.


  9. Nemesis has completed all the requirements for E2. I feel it is in ours and his best interest to be promoted now due to the amount of roles and work he has taken on. Currently he is a DI, HR Rep and a Fireteam Leader. All of this on top of hosting frequent trainings and activities. The members have shown a great liking to this Fireteam Leader and has shown time and time again he is a mature member and a pleasure to be around. He has proved to the entire ship that he is a necessity to us and should be awarded this Rank. Signed Ensign A. Morris UNSC Navy UNSC Razor Log
  10. Date: 01/30/2021 Promoted Service Member: Cryztal Lynk Service Member's Unit: UNSC Razor [Prowler Corps] Service Member's Branch: UNSC Marine Corps Service Member's Roles: Fireteam Leader, Human Resources Member Retention Department Director. Service Member's Current Pay-Grade: E-1 Private Service Member's Promoting Pay-Grade: E-2 Private First Class Promoting Superior: Alexander Morris, Ensign, UNSC Navy, UNSC Razor. Crystal has completed most of her requirements for E2. Although she has not completed the time limit requirement of 2 months. I f
  11. Meant to say stocks there, typed that paragraph half asleep.
  12. In your opinion what are some of the safest dividend and cryptos to invest in? I’ve been told before that Ethereum and Litecoin have potentials.
  13. Out running that in a pursuit would be a bitch.
  14. A Lamborghini PD vehicle? Sounds similar to Dubai’s entire fleet.
  15. Darkendshado has been with the clan nearing a month now. Similar to KingBoat, this recruit also spoke briefly after arriving into the Discord server and then went silent on 01/08/2021. After sending private messages about activity they never replied with days passing and them being active on the platform. Clearly they’ve abandoned their responsibilities thus reaching the point where our only administrative solution is to cut him out of the ONI and open his space for someone who can be committed. - Ensign A. Morris UNSC Navy UNSC Razor Logistics Officer
  16. Wallstreetbets is targeting DogeCoin next might be a good area to invest as one singular DogeCoin is under $1.
  17. Yeah those ones are pretty nice. Most departments I’ve actually seen and done any form of work with save those vehicles for supervisors only. You should see the newer “unmarked vehicle” type being used called ghost cars which have the side vinyls except they’re only really visible when hit directly with light and are reflective to vehicle lighting and flashlights. This might be the car you were describing as when I clicked on the link it showed on the header a slick top (Chevrolet Impala?). Here’s an image of a ghost car.
  18. Typed this on my break at work and with not many forms I’m apart of this is the one I am most prevalent on. My state’s police department released nine specially marked cruisers with the original state police logo and license plates to commemorate their 100th year anniversary as well as honoring fallen Maine State Troopers. While I’ve always liked the classic sky blue cruisers these newer black 2020 FPIUs look pretty nice with the original logo. Am I the only one who thinks that they should just make this their skin for the entire department fleet?
  19. Masonic lodges are known for their relative presence in most US states. Personally, here in Maine almost every town or every other town has a Masonic Lodge even if it’s in a small town and the lodge is only a simple one room temple with an altar and the specific chairs in the East, West and South for Masonic leadership. How prevalent are Masonic Lodges in your area? I’d also like an input from @Shawn4Japanas I know Japan does have Masonic Temples yet I’ve only seen reference to one which is their grand lodge. Have you seen or heard of any other Masonic lodges in Japan aside from the grand
  20. King Boat has been a member of the ONI for roughly around a month now. Their last reported date of any form of communication was 01/04/2021 which was just a simple reply to having a sexually explicit hentai profile picture. They’ve ignored numerous DMs about activity and are obviously no longer motivated or never were. On an additional note they also mass-invited members of the Razor to a hentai Discord channel so they’re also clearly aware they’re not active and don’t mind it. It’s time to officially bid farewell to our inactive hentai supplier and open their space for someone who will actual
  21. Then you’ve been under a rock, the sheer amount of insanity that’s emerged during this pandemic is insane.
  22. Corporal ODST J Sechemet of the 105th Drop Shock Battalion is now MIA. For quite some time, members of his squad below him have reported strange occurrences of delusion radiating from the Corporal. Instances of randomly questioning his men “Do you like me?”. A Private reported once making a comedic pun about Corporal Sechemet being consistently cocky about his skill performance, the Corporal later on pulled this Private into a secluded area and began to question him with panic-like intensity. “You don’t actually think I’m cocky do you?” “Do the other guys think I’m annoying?”, the Private repo
  23. A long time in a clan to me would range around 7-8 months in. Clans are very time sensitive, rather that be in the actual clans lifespan or the availability of the those within it. Most people join clans in their early teens and will bounce around and check out other clans, factions and all of the possibilities. Since a lot of these newer community members are teens they have a good three-four years to play before adulting shows up. I’ve seen more clans lose their most iconic members due to them growing out of being able to play clans. A lot leave for the armed forces and can’t play Xbox relat
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