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Status Updates posted by Morris

  1. Throughout February, the Office of Naval Intelligence will be honoring and celebrating Black History Month. With this we would like to thank all of the Black Civil Rights Leaders and participants who have sacrificed so much over centuries to bring equal rights and liberties to those of African and African American Decent in the United States and around the world.

         Equality of every race and nationality in the world is respected and honored here at the Office of Naval Intelligence and we thank everyone who’s apart of this organization to make it stronger and more effective as we move forward.


  2. An artistic rendition for all of my Native American Freemason Brothers and Fellows out there.


  3. Welcome to the Office of Naval Intelligence.

  4. If the Human Resources Department were to open two new positions. Would anyone be interested in taking one of those said positions? 

  5. Welcome to the Office of Naval Intelligence.

  6. Heads up this is a troll account that was banned from our Discord server. 

  7. I-I-I-I, II-II, IIII


    Ths wo unst cact me. 

  8. Typically whenever I post something LEO related it’s based on officers within the 50 states. Many forget that there are brave officers on the island territory of Puetro Rico who are listed under the US Law Enforcement Association. 

    Today, three Puerto Rican police officers lost their lives to a gunman on the island who is still at large. Not many people will hear this story since incidents such as this don't travel far in a media world of politics and pandemics. So here I am posting the three officers so at least some do not forget their names. 




    1. Cryztal Lynk

      I hope they find peace, and condolences to their loved ones.

  9. Today’s Lucky Numbers:

    12 35 18 3 70 . 80


    Cowan have tried to enter the West Gate, be watchful of wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

  10. A little late but Happy New Year to my brothers and sisters that I know of inside of this organization and those beyond it. Let us wish for a less chaotic 2021. 

    Remember to always looks towards the East. 


  11. I feel there should be an section in the forums for unspecified/categorized suggestions for new ideas in the ONI. Lots of people have ideas but don’t really know where to put them aside from “Off Topic” which would seem redundant.

  12. Well since I’m back can I have my website roles back?

  13. I know I'm on LOA but I'm not missing out on mentioning this. Today is National Law Enforcement appreciation today. I'd like to thank every member of law enforcement agencies, foreign and domestic for their service to their communities. Placing a badge over your heart today is more dangerous than it was 30 years ago. Law enforcement officers face criticism and bias from media sources now and plenty of stressors with their work and coping with it. These heros deserve more than they get. Happy national law enforcement day appreciation day.



    1. Rookiejr1


      Thank you for serving.


  14. What unit are you with?

  15. On this day December 7th, 1941. The Imperial Japanese Navy launched an assault on the United States Naval Station Pearl Harbor, located in the state of Hawaii. This attack resulted in a heavy US casualty rate, with Japanese Mitsubishi Zero fighters using torpedos and the method of "kamikaze" attacks on US Vessels in the harbor. The attack began a little before 8:00 AM. Within this attack the Imperial Japanese Navy attacking fighters managed to damage and/or destroy 20 US Vessels, including eight battleships and over 300 US Airplanes. Over 2,400 Americans died, this casualty rate includes US Military Personnel and US citizens working on-base. The most notable vessel in this attack was the USS Arizona, the vessel was struck in the deck by an 1,800 pound bomb. The bomb struck the vessels ammunition magazine. This action casued the Arizona to explode with the ship sinking at an incredibly fast rate, taking more than 1,000 trapped sailors down with it to the bottom of the sea.

    This day was refered to "A Date Which Will Live In Infamy" by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The next day the United States entered the war. With this, the following assaults and bloody battles in the Pacific concluded the second world war with the US Enola Gay dropping two atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    1. ODST T Raven

      ODST T Raven

      Rest in peace to the fallen soldiers and to my family that fight in that war

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I'd like to thank all members of the US Military, First Responders and medical employees who are on duty today. Even though you can't be at the table with your families, you're the reason they get to sit at the table today safely, stay safe out there! 





    1. Dale Kilkin

      Dale Kilkin

      @Serin Osman need a like button/react

  17. My newest Goat on the family farm that I purchased two days ago. Thumper, he's three months old and adorable.

    Point Blur_Nov192019_134511.jpg

  18. Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all US Military personnel active and retired for your service to our nation and allowing us to endure the freedoms that we enjoy everyday. This country would not be what it is without your defense of freedom. 


  19. With 2019 coming to a close in the next month it's very enjoyable to see that Law Enforcement Officer deaths are at an all-time low this year compared to previous years (2016 being one of the worst in recent years). We can only hope that the fatality rate for those protecting the streets and communities they live in remain safe on duty. 


  20. To anyone who is interested in volunteering their time to Semper Vigilans contact me. With week 3 of UCMB coming up, the class will consist of a large raid simulation. More personnel to help make the simulation more realistic is always appreciated. Anyone who'd like to help please contact me on here or my Discord Mr Thin Blue Line#0911 

    Second Lieutenant Alexander Morris

    UNSC Marine Corps, UNSC Razor


    1. ODST T Raven

      ODST T Raven

      Can I take part in this

  21. UCMB Fall Class 1 has officially begun it's course. Wish all of the cadets luck as they pursue a three week program to their UCMB certification.


  22. Of course the UNSC Razor Spartan company is owned by a guy who last signed on in 2015. Anyone who can somehow manage to contact this person and get the Spartan company from them would be my new best friend. I messaged him already but I don't think he's alive.

  23. Happy National First Responders Day! Be sure to thank a first responder in your community for their service, courage and commitment to keeping you and your peers safe. This nation would be nothing without it's community defenders. 


    1. Agent Grey

      Agent Grey

      Hey at least someone is talking about it.

      Happy First Responder's Day.

  24. Does anyone have any good costume ideas they plan to use for Halloween? 

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    2. Ultimatewolf805


      my bad read the thing wrong I thought it said custom. Oof….

    3. Ultimatewolf805


      Whelp there is a laugh for you.

    4. Shawn4Japan

      We could do some costume party over Skype or Discord lmfao

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