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  1. After chatting with some members in a party. I have decided to leak the link to the script of a movie I was supposed to be a main character (Johnny) in. I bailed due to it being too much of a meme and they never made it so enjoy! P.S. It's VERY inappropriate. Attack of the Demonic Dildos Script
  2. I'd feel most would just find the concept of a clan nerdy or a waste of time. But for those who are gamers or generally familiar with Halo would have a more interested approach.
  3. Morris

    6 years?!

    Don’t worry Harry you’ll get your pension.
  4. Wow amazing profile picture 

  5. As many know I was a public safety dispatcher in northern Maine for roughly two years. Only recently have I attained a new job in asset protection management after resigning from my county public safety office. Roughly three months ago I received one of the strangest calls I had ever encounter as a dispatcher and I decided to share it here. March 22nd, 2021 around 3:30 AM EST. I received a call and answered with the policy “9-1-1 what’s your emergency?”. Upon saying this the individual who I will keep anonymous replied “Hi this is (John Doe) with Central Maine Power, I wanted to report an electrical fire at my substation”. Not long after this I got a weird feeling in my gut, the call didn’t feel right, the CMP “employee” who called sounded strangely calmed for an electrical fire especially at a power substation which in the event of an electrical fire could call for a serious blaze, and that being said we are in northern Maine which is almost entirely wooded, an uncontrolled fire in rural Maine could easily lead to a forest fire. I asked the individual for an address which they gave to me, following suite I contacted a local FD station near the callers given address though it was about 25 minutes out so I informed the CMP employee there would be a delay. Things got very weird after this though, after the caller explained to me the size of the fire and the precautions he had claimed to take he asked me “Are you sending the police too?”. Now it IS my business to judge here and having somebody ask me if I am dispatching law enforcement alongside the Fire Department is very out of place. Why would this random CMP employee care if the police were coming or not? In the Maine Criminal Justice Academy where I received my Emergency Telecom training, we spent two weeks delving into psychological understanding of a callers behavior because surprise surprise, 9-1-1 dispatchers are trained to tell when someone is lying or in a scenario where they have to pretend being ok (I.e. a kidnapping situation). Originally, I had only dispatched one county unit to maintain traffic control in the event the fire department needed to take up road space with their engines. After having the caller ask me about the presence of police though I decided to flag two Maine State Troopers in the area. I informed the two troopers of the strange request and had them head there as well for a possible situation beyond an electrical fire, like someone who was a hostage and was using that question as a hint to send help. The two state troopers arrived before FD and the county unit and when they arrived on scene the first thing they told me is that this power substation was most definitely not in service. The trooper sergeant on scene told me it was rusted and had no active lines. To follow up with this I called the Central Maine Power office where I had one of their night operators tell me the station linked with that address had not been in service since 2003. Things were really weird now. The county unit soon arrived afterwards, the fire department was told to wait at their current location as this call was taking a strange turn. Due to the nature of a possible hostage situation, the three responding Law Enforcement Officers went code 4 which meant they would disable their lights before entering the area as not to spook the potential “hostage taker”. This wasn’t the case though. The state troopers who went on foot near the power station ended up finding a Ford F-150 completely blacked out but running. The troopers had approached the vehicle without their flashlights on though upon getting to the truck, it was empty aside from one thing resting on the center console against the drivers side seat, an AR-15. Upon finding a rifle just left about and the very worrying state of the call and the caller who had hung up on me not long after I dispatched the state police, additional law enforcement units were requested by the trooper sergeant in which I had put out a call for any available units to go with the call going from being listed as an “Electrical Fire” to a “Potentially Endangered Individual”. This prompted a response from two more Maine state troopers and one federal fish and game officer who was in a nearby wildlife refugee center. A radio silence was called due to the scenario taking a possible aggressive turn. Not even 10 minutes after the troopers found the AR-15 and truck, they spotted a man hunched down in some bushes near the desolate power station, he was commanded to show himself with his hands up which he did, the three officers detained him. This is where I got goosebumps though, the county deputy reported that the man had dropped a Remington 870 Super Mag, a well-known shotgun for bird hunting. This lead to the man who was now detained to be brought to the deputies vehicle while the trooper sergeant and now the recently added federal wildlife officer inspected the shotgun. This man had loaded this 870 up with slugs, a very lethal form of shotgun ammunition compared to the standard birdshot you’d find in one of these shotguns. The gun ended up being reported as stolen, this guy had stolen this gun from his now ex-girlfriend, the AR-15 was a ghost gun meaning it was primarily created by him, a majority of the parts aside from the interior receiving being 3D printed making the rifle untraceable, while this was not illegal it was concerning. They found the ID of John Doe in his truck, after pulling his name up in the national database he ended up having an outstanding warrant back in Quebec for assault. This prompted the troopers to take him into state custody which would lead to an INTERPOL intervention to have the individual sent back to Canada. Though, before being sent to Canada he’d be tried in the US for the stolen 870 super mag. To this day I still get goosebumps wondering what this man was planning on doing when the fire department and officers had arrived, I can only assume he was planning to ambush them, but why ambush cops when you have warrants? Your guess is as good as mine.
  6. 1) Attain a dual citizenship in Australia and the ability to live there. 2) Have/Adopt two kids and the ability to have a happy family. 3) Create an everlasting positive impact on my loved ones and anyone I encounter.
  7. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 9 ACTIVITY: Big Team Battle/ 1v1's/ 3v3's OBJECTIVE: Create closer bonds between service members, practice efficiency in combat during team and singularity circumstances. ATTENDANCE: @Agent Sniper00 @Grizzly @Morris @PriceLessIrony @Tsar @Chillguy23 @KrxzyUndead @StandoPowa5487 @HellzJanitor174 Personal Comments: BTB was very enjoyable, great team communication that resulted in an efficient win. The 1v1's and 3v3's allowed for some enjoyable team efforts, bonding and practice in combat. Tsar and Agent did an amazing combined job doing voice-over reporting for each MLG match.
  8. I know you said the store isn’t at a stage yet for physical goods but I’d still like to introduce a physical goods concept. How’s a challenge coin sound? Maybe create specific challenge coins that can be 3D printed for certain circumstances I.e (A challenge coin only for ODSTs, a coin only for NCOs or a coin only for Commissioned personnel.) Its a simple concept for a small disc that could allow members of the ONI to have a real life piece of merch to make them feel a lot closer to the Roleplay community they’ve joined here.
  9. This is long overdue but I’d like to apologize. Most people here are aware of my controversial resignation a few months back. So I am here to say I am honestly sorry for my behavior in that resignation. Truth be told I was very intoxicated the night I resigned due to a lot of stressors relating to my marriage and work life, these aren’t excuses for my actions though only an explanation to why I’d be so hammered on a week day. What I said to the other commissioned staff of this clan was inappropriate and uncalled for. I should’ve taken more time to think before submitting this resignation and I should’ve consulted my superiors about my ongoing mental state. A leave of absence would’ve been much better off for me and my career within ONI. So to conclude it briefly I am sorry to those my resignation “called out”. My mental state was in a bad place and alcohol was the last thing I should’ve resorted to that night. I thoroughly enjoy my time within Semper as it gave me something fun to do when not handling life responsibilities. My behavior was unacceptable and I know this clan expected more out of me as an officer. Nonetheless if this apology is accepted or not, I intend to show a much better character my second time around here, I’ve taken a lot of time to improve on myself mentally during my time not being here. 

  10. First time using GIMP (Too broke for Adobe)


  11. How’s everyone’s 2021 been going?

    1. Chillguy23


      It's been great was able to visit family out of state.

  12. Thank you Richards, I wish you the best of luck here as well and with your career within the FBI.
  13. With all due respect. Writing a novel of what I did wrong is not going to defend my point. You were never present, Officer Candidate School was a joke and we were just handed our commissioned rank and don’t try and say that’s a falsified accusation as you yourself admitted to failing at OCS and then mentioned resigning after it. HR might’ve failed in the past but HR made more of an impact on the lower enlisted in a few weeks than any of you website admins have in months. I understand you have lives too which baffles me that you come after me about leaving when most of you do the exact same thing I do. - Never get on Halo or play with any ships. - Only do website work (I’d add Discord but half of you have alt accounts you never sign into on the server) - Rarely appear. I followed this exact same philosophy of leadership when I came back from retirement and you know what happened? I faded out of existence, creating HR was when the majority of the Razor found out I was a real person so you could imagine how they feel about the VADM and ADM Discord accounts with default profile pictures popping up in months. For someone who spent so much time in the past admitting to screwing up it disappoints me you jump onto such an offensive side all of a sudden. I’ve already admitted to my failures within this clan, looks like Osman has too. I know you won’t respond to that though as it’s the majority of “active” officers versus me. You know how I can tell you’re irrelevant? You miss Elias. Did you even know who Elias was? Maybe an officer you had a chat with a few times a month? The man had a mental breakdown over losing a Discord mod role, flammed and name dropped all of you on the old Enjin site then left. If you have to use Elias as your best “You should’ve been like this Morris” then you clearly need to get some new officers before your defense falls through the thin ice you call examples.
  14. It’s honestly just a tiring cycle. We can obviously play for fun but while trying to keep members happy and do our jobs of retaining people it’s a bit of an issue. The ranking structure for this clan intimidates a lot of people despite us trying to explain that it’s not as hard as given off. The majority of our losses come from people not seeing and purpose or hope in this clan and seeing it as a dead end. The majority of the people who have joined didn’t even know there were more officers beyond Shawn and the fact I’m seeing staff finally show signs of life on my resignation easily helps my point that there isn’t much life to this clan whatsoever anymore. Ship-level wise there is activity but when it comes to High Command it feels like a rumor about people who communicate with us once in a blue moon then vanish off a again for months or years. Most clans are more progressive on this and their higher ranks actually communicate to lower enlisted to remind them of their existence. High Command is forgotten almost everyday on Razor as we only see one member of High Command actually alive and that’s Shawn.
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