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  1. What is the point of this operational report? As far as I have read, you didn't host this training and you showed up late. BlueAero was hosting and already posted his report. What's the need for this to be posted, pretty much completely based off of opinion? This post has kind of has lost it's meaning, or is in the wrong place. Operational reports, are suppose to cover what was done in the event, no? Then why is the majority of this post all biased opinion? Correct me if I am wrong here.
  2. Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 13 ACTIVITY: Training (Basic and Fireteam) OBJECTIVE: Practice some accuracy training and teamwork ATTENDANACE: @Fire 2the Flame @RDML Ned Rich @DefineClutch710 @EggLad5834 @Archerlord @JayCeeTee2 @Agent Asirim @Megumin @LXV Brambles @StandoPowa5487 @Darth R3D @TakeoutSeven09 @Valentines PERSONAL COMMENTS: This was a very successful and very long training. The training lasted almost three hours, yes, a lot of time but a lot of knowledge was gained from this training. This training was hosted on a map that I made myself, which consisted of different zones of training, from shooting, to warthog driving, to sniper training, team on team training, then also mountain climbs. I began this training off giving Brambles an opportunity to lead, which he took the reins too very well. He was in charge of putting everyone through the courses of shooting. There were four sections everyone had to complete in this one, shooting cones off of pedestals, shooting plasma grenades off of pedestals, shooting just the red dot for landmines and accurately throwing both frag grenades and plasma grenades into specified targets, without missing and successfully blowing up the fusion coils inside. Agent over saw this part of the training to make sure that everyone respected Brambles being in charge. After this, Agent took over since he knew the map better than Brambles. Agent then brought everyone to Hemorrhage, where then he had multiple people work together to get through numerous obstacles, consisting of trees and rocks all throughout blood gulch. Agent had 2 snipers and 1 laser at the end of blood gulch - towards beach. The defending teams objective was too keep everyone else from making it to the end of the gulch. The attacking teams objective was to make it all the way to the beach successfully, whether they used the warthogs or they moved on foot, working as a team to successfully get as many of their men through to the end. They all ran this about 8 times, switching up defending and attacking teams. After this, Agent and I split off into different groups. I ran everyone through some sniper spotting training, which consisted of 17 targets all spaced out along Alaska and Montana. I started off with Brambles and moved through everyone, one by one. They were positioned on Crows nest and had one objective - to shoot all 17 targets (10 on Alaska and 7 on Montana) within 60 seconds. If anyone missed any targets, they had the option of trying again, or to have me show them what they missed and try again. Everyone went more than once and continued trying until they were successful. While I was doing this with individuals, Agent moved the rest of the team onto forge island, where he split everyone into two teams, some with power weapons, other with regular weapons like assault rifles or magnums. They ran through this training 3 times. As it took me some time to do my part of the training, Agent continued with his part of the training, moving people back into blood gulch, and working against each others in warthogs. One side was in a warthog, along with the other. The objective was to destroy the other team before they destroyed them. I ended this training working with Agent on the sniper spotting course. Overall, this training was way informational. I thank everyone who attended and stayed the whole time. I was very proud of everyone, with how they acted as a team and how no one argued with each other.
  3. Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 15 ACTIVITY: Internal Raid OBJECTIVE: Practice teamwork and callouts ATTENDANACE: @Fire 2the Flame @Agent Sniper00 @Harry Cramb @REK Burnz @Ned Rich @Enemy @HellzJanitor174 @LXV Brambles @boomiseebrain @DeadlyDerp17 @BoW2M3 @Chillguy23 @StandoPowa5487 @Trill808080 @DougDimmaDamb PERSONAL COMMENTS: The teams were as listed, Sniper lead the attacking team which consisted of Harry, Rek, Ned, Enemy, Hellz, Brambles, and myself. The defending team consisted of Boom, Deadly, Bow, Chillguy, Stando, Trill and Doug. Harry swapped over to Boom's team with 30 minutes left, to assist. The raid went very good, originally, it took the attacking team about 10-15 minutes before we regained control of the base. From there, we held it for a bit, but then lead of the base started going back and forth. We had control, then we lost, then we regained control and lost it again. Our team work wasn't the best, but also wasn't the worse. Callouts definitely needed to be worked on, because it was hard to hear anything that anyone had to say. I believe the reasoning the defending teams loss, is because callouts were so scrambled, as in numerous people were calling out at the same time and talking over others as well, most times when people were pushing, other people were hanging back, waiting for orders. Overall, the raid went okay, I know it's been a little bit since I played last, with the busy season now upon a lot of people, but the raid wasn't bad at all. It definitely was a good refresher, on what to do and what not to do in a raid, or any matchmade game at that as well. Callouts definitely need to be more refined, and definitely need to be worked on. It's not that the callouts were bad, as said before, it's only that numerous callouts are being made at the same time and a lot of people are talking over each other, so the callouts aren't being heard. The attacking team, though able to hold the base for a bit, was not able to regain control and overall, the defending team won. It was a very good game.
  4. Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 8 ACTIVITY: Fireteam Training (Including people from all 3 teams) OBJECTIVE: To introduce the newer recruits to trainings like these, and to refresh on a lot of skills. ATTENDANCE: @Fire 2the Flame @Darth R3D @EggLad5834 @PriceLessIrony @Halo Master @JayCeeTee2 @Megumin @LXV Brambles PERSONAL COMMENTS: Originally I was filling in for fireteam training this week for Stando, but then I decided to include other fireteams as well, since there's new recruits and some of these people I have no played with in a little bit. I started the training off on dividing the members, giving them the option to whether they wanted to practice some parkour, or accuracy training. I set Darth, Brambles and Jay off on the parkour training part of the map, where they then learned, or got a refresher, of how to do crouch jumps, precision jumps and overall learned the reins of what their Spartans could do. I then set off with the rest, Egg, Priceless, Halo, and Meg to work on accuracy training. Here, they stood in front of a wall, working all the same time at throwing grenades into a specified housing, where they was an fusion coil at. Their goal was to throw the grenade accurately, at a far distance, to blow the coil up. Everyone completed this successfully, at least once. Once everyone had felt they had done a good job together, I flew all of them over to Alaska, where again, we refreshed or the new recruits, learned on how to front Alaska climb. At a later date, I plan on taking the recruits through another training including all the mountain climbs, but this training, we had just focused on that climb. This then ended the training once they had completed the climb. While the new recruits, were doing this, Jay set off with a few other members on doing some 1v1's. Overall, it was really nice meeting the new recruits and seeing their skills and ability on the game. I had planned on having a chill training this time, so everyone was allowed to talk and have a conversation and basically enjoy a training all together. While the training was laid back, everyone did learn something new this training. I feel like the new recruits have quite a bit of potential and I look forwards to seeing them in more trainings from here on. As for the other members, they did very well as well. A lot of them hadn't played the game in a little bit, with everyone being busy with school and work right now, so it was a nice refresher for them, and my self as well.
  5. It's always a shame to have to file a demotion. This demotion is being filed for @the gamer 24833 because of inactivity. Lately, it's been announced that he will be more active and even with the opportunities to join multiple trainings every week, he ceases to join any of these activities. I understand this is a busy time of year with people being in school and in college and work, but that's why Loa's are filed so these kind of demotions do not have be written. Even though this demotion is written, does not mean you can't get back your title of E4, gamer. Being E4 comes with responsibilities, if you are unable to attend any events that are planned, then plan and host events yourself to show you are trying to be more active. I hope you become more active with this.
  6. If I may here, out of all the conversations I have seen and been apart of, I have yet to understand this ego Shawn, and now you, keep pointing out. It's not per say an ego from my stand point, I don't see how we're walking around bragging about how 'we're the best' or 'we are better than anyone else'. That to me is ego, and I don't see that within the Razor ship. I have never seen it, not once for that matter, so where is this coming from? We don't have this pride of being a bigger ship, even though we are, and I don't mean that in an egotistical way or anything. A lot of people in this ship have busted their ass to recruit and to keep the members active and involved. The ship in itself, in all reality, if you add up the day to day active members, is not that much. There are a lot of people within the Razor ship, a big chunk of our numbers come from people that have been apart of the ship for a while and are no longer active, or people that can only be on a handful of times a week. I'm sure this happens within other ships as well, not just Razor. On another note, just out of curiosity, why is it that a ship "never should exceed 20 people"? I find it more reliable to have quite a few members, so if need be for anything, there are plenty of people who can hop on and assist for any ships that need it. Also, a lot of people joins clans to do something in their free time and to make friends, having a small group of people in a ship, I feel, would turn away a lot of people.
  7. Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 7 ACTIVITY: Internal Raid turned Custom Game Browser OBJECTIVE: To improve Comms and Teamwork. ATTENDANCE: @Fire 2the Flame @Chillguy23 @boomiseebrain @PriceLessIrony@Canadian Taco5 @HellzJanitor174 @StandoPowa5487 PERSONAL COMMENTS: Overall, I was hoping to have hosted an Internal Raid, but did not have enough people who showed up to do one. So, Chill had a raid map he had wanted to try out, but he was running late to training. Before he joined in, the rest of us (Boom, Priceless, Canadian, Hellz, Stando and I) did some custom games via the Custom Game Browser. We had started off by playing a couple different maps on Shotty Snipers, definitely a good warm up game. After the 3 or 4 matches we had played with this game mode, we then switched it up to joining an Open Raid, where we immediately took control of the base and held it throughout the whole game. When Chill joined, after this raid, we decided to do an open raid with the 7 of us. I had Boom lead this raid, since I don't believe he had before. He had everyone placed accordingly, and we held the base the whole time with no one contesting. We had gotten close to losing the base once after being fired upon with a Rocket Hog, but we quickly were able to go back to the base and hold control again. Though we had some people die here and there from enemies, or vehicles, we did a very good job. Overall, there was only once during the raid where Comms had to be called, as everyone got a little too loud, but everyone quieted down almost immediately. The teamwork for that raid was very good, if someone wasn't able to get an enemy, another person was able to intervene and clear the enemy out. Although, I did not get to host the Internal Raid I had wanted to host, this open Raid made up for it perfectly.
  8. Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 4 ACTIVITY: Fireteam Training OBJECTIVE: Improve on Teamwork and Callouts ATTENDANCE: @Fire 2the Flame @Darth R3D @JayCeeTee2 @ShadowLing77777 PERSONAL COMMENTS: For this training, Darth had taken lead and decided what the goal was for each game we played and to direct everyone on what they would be doing. We played 4 games, we won 2 games and lost 2 games. We could definitely use some improvement with our teamwork. Occasionally one of us would stray from the group, after Darth had directed us to stick together for the game, but we wouldn't stay separated for long and would end up regrouping together. Callouts were very good, we knew where the enemy was when someone died, or where we had an enemy approaching from the radar. Overall, I am very happy of how we preformed as a team and how we played the matches.
  9. Theater Of Operation: Xbox Operational Capacity: 12 Activity: Internal Raid Objective: Improve on teamwork and callouts. Attendance: @Maple @StandoPowa5487 @Fire 2the Flame @Morris @PriceLessIrony @ArticSnowokd @Glitch6664412 @Enemy @Agent Sniper00 @Chillguy23 @ShadowLing77777 @boomiseebrain Personal Comment: The leaders that were directing teams was Sniper and I. My team consisted of Maple, Stando, Morris, Priceless, Glitch and myself. Snipers team consisted of Artic, Enemy, Chill, Shadow, Boom and himself. Sniper was attacking and I was defending. The game went pretty good. I had stationed Stando with the sniper on Alaska, I had the Spartan Laser on Marine Hill, Glitch was posted in one of the turrents, Priceless and Maple were given the Grenade Launcher and Morris was in charge of the Shotgun. Priceless and Maple were stationed towards the front of the base, both allowed to stand wherever they choose as long as they could defend the front, as well as Morris, he was stationed towards the front of the base as well, wherever of his choosing. Sniper had divided his team up also, he had Artic climb Montana to try to get an angle on the Sniper (Stando) to distract his shots from the attacking team. Sniper went right side (towards Dry and Wet cave) with Enemy on foot then he had Chill, Shadow and Boom all take a rocket hog down the middle. Right off the bat, the rocket hog killed me on Marine Hill and Maple then took over Spartan Laser as I had to run from spawn. There was another instance where rocket hog then killed Stando, which then I had Maple take over Sniper and I resumed Spartan laser. We never once lost the base, we got as close as people pushing towards armory, but the attacking team wasn't once able to infiltrate the armory. We nearly had a contested game as Chill and Boom both hopped in the front turrets, but together we were able to remove them and I had placed Morris and Glitch there for the rest of the game afterwards so the turrets would no be a problem. Aside from having a few people die once in a while from the defending team, we held the base continuously and won the raid with no contestation. Overall, both teams did a very good job, Defending team surprised us a couple of times and got very close to infiltration, but were not able to. Attacking team had very good comms, I never once had to call Comm silence, our teamwork was very good. Though we did get clustered a couple of times, where people would all rush to one side to kill some people, but we held our ground and that was a very good raid.
  10. ONI SECTION ONE Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 8 ACTIVITY: Originally a Fireteam training that turned into a few rounds of BTB. OBJECTIVE: Practice teamwork and callouts. ATTENDANCE: @Fire 2the Flame @boomiseebrain @Darth R3D @UnicornVenom @ShadowLing77777 @StandoPowa5487 @Morris @EggLad5834 PERSONAL COMMENTS: We played a few rounds of BTB, about 5 or 6 games. We won most of the games, lost a few. We started with Boom, Stando, Unicorn, Shadow and myself. Stando played a round with us then had to get off, then Morris and Darth joined in afterwards. We all played a few rounds together, our teamwork was decent, callouts were good. Egg then joined in for the last two matches we played. We were all playing casually, so the games were fun and eventful. Overall, I would like to have another fireteam training with my team members and work on our teamwork and callouts more, but the matches we played went by fairly well.
  11. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 8 ACTIVITY VARIANT: FireTeam training/Matchmaking OBJECTIVE: To teach/remind the team of how to do Alaska Mountain climbs. Also to work on teamwork and callouts. ATTENDANCE: @Fire 2the Flame @JayCeeTee2 @Darth R3D @StandoPowa5487 @Chillguy23 @Maple @Agent Sniper00 @EggLad5834 PERSONAL COMMENT: I started training off by going over some mountain climbs. I wanted a good refresh on Alaska climbs specifically. Lately with any open Raids or internals, I have noticed the base is usually attached to, or on top of Alaska and a good way to sneak into the base is from the climbs instead of approaching the ramps, to try to flank the defending team. I started off with Darth and Jay in my lobby, and we went onto Forge World where I refreshed their brains on how to do back Alaska Climb, then taught them how to do Front Alaska Climb. They practiced for about 50 minutes then they both completed the climb successfully. Stando then joined us, and from there we went into 4v4 Slayer Matchmaking. The first game we played was 4v4 Snipers, which was a good warm up game, but we lost. The second game we played was 4v4 Swat, which we lost by 5 points. Afterwards, Chill and Maple both joined us, and from which we then went into 8v8 Bomb. After that, Sniper then joined us, Chill left and it became a 3v3, Jay, Darth and I versus Maple, Sniper and Stando. They won the first 3v3, 50 to 37. They won the second 3v3, 50 to 20.
  12. OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 13 ACTIVITY: Game Night OBJECTIVE: Have a relaxing night with some custom games and some matchmaking ATTENDANCE: @Fire 2the Flame @Chillguy23 @StandoPowa5487 @Glitch6664412 @Agent Sniper00 @Maple @Archerlord @PriceLessIrony @Harry Cramb @Masterchief5301 @TFO Spectre @Verocy @JayCeeTee2 PERSONAL COMMENTS: Tonight we focused on having a relaxing night together. We played a couple random games, then a couple people had to get off, from there we then played some 2v2's and some invasion, then some BTB as well. It was a nice change of pace, and getting some btb in at the end wrapped the night up on a good note. Overall, I had a lot of fun and by the way everyone else was laughing and screaming and having a good time, tells me that everyone enjoyed the night. It was nice to have Verocy back as well, she returned from LOA today.
  13. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 2 ACTIVITY: Fireteam Training OBJECTIVE: To work on solo shooting ATTENDANCE: @Fire 2the Flame @JayCeeTee2 Personal Comments: Tonight was suppose to be a Fireteam training. Jay turned up early to training, before anyone else had so him and I went onto Forge World and I showed him the callouts throughout the map. With him being new, I wanted to introduce him to using his compass, so if he was to be on a map that he didn't know the callouts for, he could help his team by calling out via a compass location. We spent a couple minutes going over the callouts then decide to move on as we waited for the other members to join. Jay and I played two rounds of FFA, one game was swat, the other snipers. I wanted to focus more on handling a solo shooting, instead of team shooting, so just in case a situation were to arise in a BTB or Slayer match, he would be able to hold his ground if his team mates were unavailable for assistance. Darth Red did end up showing up to training, late, but he had informed me he was going to be late. Unfortunately because of my real life situations, I had to postpone the rest of training until tomorrow (06/13), since I had to get off and wasn't able to continue the training. UnicornVenom and Masterchief both did not show to this training. Overall, it was nice getting to know Jay and introducing him to the fireteam, he did very well in both games and I feel confident with time he will be a valued teammate.
  14. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 4 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Got some practice playing solo matches. OBJECTIVE: Practice solo shooting and to be aware of surroundings without teammates. ATTENDANCE: @Fire 2the Flame @Agent Sniper00 @Masterchief5301 @UnicornVenom PERSONAL COMMENTS: We played about 3 rounds of 8 Player (FFA). Traditionally we play some BTB or some Team Slayer, but I decided to switch it up some and we played 2 games of FFA slayer dmr and 1 game of FFA swat. Overall, as much as we had a lot of fun with these games, compared to training as a team, I do think some FFA is useful in situations where a team is not readily available.
  15. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 6 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Fireteam Training OBJECTIVE: Get a better understanding of callouts, how to read the compass, and a refresher on mountain climbs ATTENDANCE: @Fire 2the Flame @Agent Sniper00 @Darth R3D @Masterchief5301 @UnicornVenom @Chillguy23 PERSONAL COMMENTS: Overall, the training went very well. Chillguy and Agent Sniper both were there to offer support and tips if I needed them, with this being my first fireteam training. In this training, I focused mainly on going over callouts on Hemorrhage, since members of the fireteam are new, or refreshing on their knowledge of this map. I showed them what callouts were where and how to direct their callouts if they were unsure of what to say (via the compass). After giving my three members a quick refresher of the callouts, I then had all three of them take turns making callouts. First, I had Darth R3D stand with me in the middle of the map and had Unicorn and Masterchief both go to wherever they choose to stand on the map. I had Darth R3D look around to spot them, then had him callout where he had spotted them. He did very well, I had to correct a little bit to narrow down where he had made a callout, to refine some locations he had made, to make it more clear to understand where he was seeing Masterchief. He took note of what I said and found Unicorn with no problem at all. I had Unicorn take the stand next, with Darth and Masterchief going off to find a spot on the map, Unicorn made very good callouts, he listened to what I had said to Darth and refined his callouts better. Also, to note, Masterchief had choose a very good spot to stand, which happened to be at the top of Sharks Mouth, at the Sharks Nose, that was a very good callout for everyone to hear, since it's not everyday that someone is up at the tip. Mastechief was the third person I had stand with me to spot Darth and Unicorn, which he did very well. He used his compass to narrow down his callout and listened to what I had to note and learned from it. I had everyone try at least twice with callouts, Darth had wanted to try a third time afterwards. I had Chill step in to be a third person to have them callout on. After this, I had decided to refresh their minds and do a little bit of mountain climbs, with Agent Snipers help, I had Masterchief successfully complete both Montana and Ranger climb. Unicorn completed Ranger climb and spend about 30 minutes trying Montana climb. Darth completed Ranger climb and decided to not practice Montana climb, which I was okay with. Overall, I think the training went very well. Everyone paid very good attention to what I had to say, they tried out their compass callouts, like I had wanted them to, and they listened very good. The only thing I would like to note, is that UnicornVenom showed up in training as an E1V, which he had not attended BT yet, so I had told him to correct his tag to E0V until he completes BT. His tag being listed as E1, to my understanding, was not his fault. He told me that REK Burnz had assigned him as an E1 when he was recruited. I feel very confident that Darth R3D, Masterchief, and UnicornVenom have a better understanding of their callouts now and will be better at assisting their teammates during any games or battles.
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