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  1. I’ve always been told having a second set of eyes allows for different perspectives on a project. I assume the same could be said of running an organization of ONIs scale. Real world militaries bring in civilian contractors for some projects so I could see a parallel here.
  2. I would say no, just because people know what *not* to do doesn’t mean they know what is right, or I should say optimal. I, as many do, commute daily to work and the number of bone head drivers I see is astounding. And yet they’ve all got their licences. Not blind checking, no use of turn signals and distracted driving are all common. And yet they still drive. My own time running a clan I felt I knew what I was doing. In hindsight I would change a few things but I generally felt I had a good grasp on what was right. But perspective changes from those inside and organization to those outside and I’m sure many folks in my slice of the halo community probably thought I was terrible. I do believe people will automatically understand between right and wrong but there are degrees of “right” that some follow. That said I do believe people can know what’s wrong and still fail to be 100% right.
  3. She’s pretty that’s for sure
  4. Eve Online. Always have and always will. Learning cliff like climbing a ball from the bottom. But god damn the scale and complexity is beat no where in gaming.
  5. Has it really been 12 years?! Geez how time has flown! Here’s to hopefully dropping feet first for another 12 and more
  6. Oof. Remember kids, it’s not war crimes if your winning.
  7. Some of these guys have fallen for the ole ligma joke so I think we should be fine.
  8. // - - - - -______Office Of Naval Intelligence // - - - - -______// Forward Recon Deployment // - - - - - ______// From: LCPL Canadian Taco5 // - - - - _______// URGENT // TO: ADM S OSMAN // - - - - -______// UNSC RAZOR - REACH POLAR ORBIT // - - - - -______// ZODIAC PLATOON - ZODIAC 1-1 // - - - - -______ The Office of Naval Intelligence often operates independently of other UNSC branches. At times it contravenes the law and UNSC protocol to complete top-secret missions. Agents appear to enjoy significant latitude in the discharge of their duties, often violating moral boundaries or acquiring vast amounts of UNSC resources to achieve their ends.
  9. // - - - - - Office Of Naval Intelligence // - - - - - // Forward Recon Deployment // - - - - - // From: LCPL Canadian Taco5 // - - - - - // URGENT // TO: ADM S OSMAN // - - - - - UNSC RAZOR - REACH POLAR ORBIT // - - - - - ZODIAC PLATOON - ZODIAC 1-1 // - - - - - The Office of Naval Intelligence often operates independently of other UNSC branches. At times it contravenes the law and UNSC protocol to complete top-secret missions. Agents appear to enjoy significant latitude in the discharge of their duties, often violating moral boundaries or acquiring vast amounts of UNSC resources to achieve their ends.
  10. // - - - - - Office Of Naval Intelligence // - - - - - // Forward Recon Deployment // - - - - - // From: LCPL Canadian Taco5 // - - - - - // URGENT // TO: ADM S OSMAN // - - - - - UNSC RAZOR - REACH POLAR ORBIT // - - - - - ZODIAC PLATOON - ZODIAC 1-1 // - - - - - The Office of Naval Intelligence often operates independently of other UNSC branches. At times it contravenes the law and UNSC protocol to complete top-secret missions. Agents appear to enjoy significant latitude in the discharge of their duties, often violating moral boundaries or acquiring vast amounts of UNSC resources to achieve their ends.
  11. Office of Naval Intelligence // Operational Report 09/15/21 // Operational Group - Alpha // UNSC Razor - Reach Orbit // Zodiac Platoon - Zodiac 1-1 and 1-2 Rifleman's Creed[1][3][4][5] This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will ... My rifle and I know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit ... My rifle is human, even as I [am human], because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will ... Before God, I swear this creed. My rifle and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is UNSC and there is no enemy, but peace!
  12. If it’s not already being worked on, I could offer assistance to creating a more unified roster, ive being assisting with the curation of Razors for a couple months now.
  13. This is a solid plan, though I would bring Harry, Blue, Maple and AgentSniper together to had out the roles. I think with how many people Razor currently has between our navy and marine contingents it may be worth considering a sister ship, allowing for more training of fireteam leaders, squad leaders and officers to be prepped for Infinite. Also thank you for the shout out regard my soon to be bundle of joy ^^
  14. I’m willing to take criticism, feedback and quite frankly told when I’ve fucked something up. That’s what we need to do to learn and grow. I will apologize for not representing myself better when I said: “That said if you want us to invite people to our games but then give us shit for pinging the other ships.” It had been brought up a while back in a discord discussion regarding pinging ships without thought to their AO’s or activity. As for Port Stanley and Kilo-5, if they are the go to team, the top of the top, then surely they have knowledge that could be passed onto Razors memebers, or assist as raid training for one another. I personally feel that giving Port Stanley the freedom to not engage with us at the same time as indicating we aren’t open to other units to join us for activities *feels* hypocritical. But this tread isn’t about Stanley it’s about Razor, so we will swing back to the main topic. Im not going to make this post excessively long, the only thing it will accomplish is more in fighting than is needed. Both of your last posts are honestly exactly what I would like to see, and not just from you but everyone involved with ONI regardless of rank or role. Problems were outlined and solutions and plans were given. I’ll freely admit that many of the points I’ve made in this thread I’ve both regretted and made too hastily. I do not want senior staff to drop dead, no one should have that kind of hate for people they’ve never met. Anna’s resignation post high-lights the strife that staff have to go through when conclusions are being thrown around without facts or confirmations. As was mentioned, most of us under O1 or staff have little reason to interact with those above our CO’s. I guess I’m still not used to the compartmentalizations of ONI, such depth in a halo community. That all said I think at the end of the day we all just want to be heard. And realistically if we had issues or misgivings we as a ground should have drafted this post and had a conversation around it. I still believe sitting down with small groups of the folks in razor would be good to have everyone say their peace, for those who don’t frequent the site. I want this conversation to continue and I for one will do better to stay away from commenting on those areas I don’t know about or have a mid-informed opinion.
  15. First and foremost most I want to thank you @ADM S Osmanfor responding and giving your perspective to all of this. I understand that you, much as many others, are busy with life out of game and taking the time is appreciated. I also want to say I don’t envy the position that your currently being put in through all this. While I have experience running my own clan, it was never this deeply rooted or diverse as ONI had become .i just have no practical experience with this in a halo clan. I’ve seen this similar scale in EVE Online’s Alliances, which are more organized then most small scale companies in the real world. Logistics and infrastructure are actual headaches at those levels and directing them is an even larger one. Im going to boil down what you posted into what I see is the most pressing points: - While satisfied with what Razor and Harry have accomplished it’s felt that we as a ship have grown too large and that’s creating a us vs ONI mindset. - Members of Razor are not offering to fill positions or responsibilities that they could fill - Keeping new recruits interacting other members is proving problematic - There is a lack of PERSCOM and TRADOC files that would assist with informing members, files could be filled in by enterprising members -Razor is from an outside perspective a welcoming body to those they don’t directly recruit - Razor has grown too large as a prowler and there is no current plan to increase her to a ship of larger tonnage - Finally a reorganization and re-ranking is currently being planned out without a full launch date, but is currently being worked on. I hope I summarized those points well enough. At this stage I think getting the senior nco’s from Razor together and hashing things out would be the best. Also with the decision to not increase the razors tonnage to a larger hull as much as I would hate to see Razor split I think it would be worth with to move half of razors active members into another ship, they can both work together on MCC, possibly just different focuses (roleplay vs comp as an example). This has really all come at a confusing time for everyone as we are all excited and prepping for Infinite but without a lot of info from the devs to give a clearer idea of what support there will be out of gate. I will start directing anyone, be it razor or otherwise here to voice there disagreements and perspectives, and hopefully to provide options and solutions that can be used to correct what’s been happening. Open and honest discourse is the only way we will all be able to come together and understand one another. If I’ve incorrectly worded something above or Mia-represented or over simplified please let me know and I’ll correct as needed. Thank you for your time everyone
  16. Communication, shared/common goals, comradeship
  17. So after giving this a lot of thought I’ve decided to keep it simple as I can. I will offer solutions as I’m able or as I see them. This is from the perspective of a line member only and there may be bigger things at play then I can discern. There is no rumoured animosity and discord in the UNSC Razor. What we do have is pride for our ship, for Officer, our NCO’s, one another and ONI as a whole. So with that in mind, let’s break into some things. Then we either need more designated recruiters or better site/discord integration. I don’t have an answer for the site/discord integration. And it may honestly be fine and I’m just not paying attention. I’ll gladly do what I can to transfer folks from site to game. The issue that people would rather be playing the game or chatting on discord. I don’t see many people utilizing the website beyond Op reports and aars. Both of which are tied into advancement one way or another. And this is how you build animosity. Ships, as clans in general (and I realize that Razor is a part of ONI’s “body”) are loyal to each other and take criticisms and complaints against it personally, wearing their hearts on their sleeves as you put it. A better approach would have been to start a discussion with how those serving on razor felt we were doing, how we felt we could do better, how we felt about the clan in general and how it could do better. This works a lot better then barging in and being like “what the fucks your problem”. I’ll straight up assure you no productive conversations start that way. This happens Shawn, especially if they are newer, or haven’t spent the hours some have diving through the website. I’ll touch on this a little bit later though. Here’s where shits gonna start. I said at the beginning as I drafted this I was gonna keep it simple. Doubt that will continue. A few lines into your post you say : But then threaten to take away the chat we use to communicate between ourselves as a group, for socializing and planning events. You really go out of your way here to demonize us for simply existing. And hey this is great, different content for different people, gathered together to support each other. That said if you want us to invite people to our games but then give us shit for pinging the other ships. It’s been clarified in the discord at the time you asked your question as to the platforms of the other ships but I don’t believe it’s listed anywhere accessible or visible. I would have a more accessible page either in the discord or website giving brief overviews of the different ships and what there main focus areas are on. I love this idea! This is positive change that should allow other groups within ONI to come together more easily outside their standard AO’s. Also should our accomplishments be a bad thing, if other ships and members aren’t measuring up shouldn’t that mean they need to do better? And why is that? Why have we not received invitations from Port Stanley? Why have they not bothered to respond to pings or other prompts? This is a two way street and you can’t blame us without have the same conversation with them. Yes we take pride in our ship, as navy personnel have for centuries. As for not know Command personnel above Harry, where does the fault lie there? Your relatively active Shawn, but what of the rest? I get that everyone has lives outside of this world and that fine, but you can’t say that we don’t know you all if we never see or hear from you. If the ships are not coordinating then there is clearly a high level lack of active leadership. Leadership and should be replaced with those who are able and active to take it on. If Razor is too large for a prowler then mane she needs to be re-allocated as a larger vessel. So I’ll make going to hand a olive branch here after my rants. No one should be de-valuing what our senior members and highcom have accomplished. They are the reason this clan and it’s infrastructure exist. If they are working sight unseen then I feel like they should get more of a shout out, at least in some small way so that enlisted know what the are doing. There’s a balance there obviously due to Op Sec, but I feel a little light should get shined on them. That all said you can’t blame enlisted like myself for seeing nothing day to day. It’s just the way perspective works. You can’t see over a wall if your at the bottom, but climb the ladder next to it and you can see the harbour beyond. So that’s my point by point breakdown. At the end of the day it’s just a point of view and I can probably explain half of this better over voice comms then texts. As for the recruits being missed that apply to the site, and get lost, the only solution is to have better over site of the recruiting process. NCO’s or junior officers working as office personnel would probably work, their only job is to direct the recruits to the best ship or unit. As far as Razor goes, we are a functional ship that’s active almost daily. We do our best to be inclusive of new recruits. If we are too large for use as a prowler maybe it’s time to think bigger. I think breaking the ship up into smaller units would be a unfortunate decision as we have found a solid basis to work on. At the end of the day high comm makes the call and we can just offer our opinions. If I had to make a call on this myself I would say let razor continue as a single ship until infinites release. Continue working on ONIs next steps with a new game coming along, and seek our opinions on what drafts of plans have come up with. Razor is the largest pool of man power, with exceptional people who just want to see it and ONI thrive. But I’d personally like to see more updates from high com. Also I’m going to bring a question to this last bit. @ADM S Osman how do you personally feel the UNSC Razor has faired, what has worked well and what hasn’t. I’d like to hear your prospective on where you would like to see us go from here, not just as a ship but a clan. Thank you @Shawn4Japanfor starting this topic, and for everyone who posted in it. This will be a continuing discussion and if I’ve come across as hostile it wasn’t meant as such, I’m just passionate about this ad most of those who have also posted are.
  18. After discussions over discord we recognized a need for better map knowledge, specifically weapon and vehicle spawn locations. I will be updating this thread with per map images as I’m able to, as the following resources mostly focus on non-forged maps. Please feel free to add anything other media as well. Good luck and good hunting. http://haloreachprotips.blogspot.com/2011/?m=1 Top down weapon locations brought to us by Halo Reach Pro Tips https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1966938911 A steam community link to Skeles YouTube series regarding weapon spawns across the halo franchise
  19. I’m quickly posting here to save a spot for a later response. I’ve been thinking my responses over and over these last few days, swinging from emotional response to cold calculated. With the wall of texted posted I’ve come to realize I’ll need my laptop to address the points made by those above me. So expect and edit here in the next day or so.
  20. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 2 ACTIVITY: Social Matchmaking / BTB OBJECTIVE: Chill game night ATTENDANCE: @Canadian Taco5 @HellzJanitor174 Personal Comments: We played two games of Big Team Battle in the Reach 8v8 playlist. Sadly we lost both games. The enemy team had significantly better map and vehicle control. Hellz and I communicated efficiently throughout both games, though I had a few moments of frustration. Afterwords we jumped into a UNSC Soical game run by HCS Echo ACT. We assisted with defending their facility. Overall we had a good evening, and learned that gauss hogs are evil.
  21. I’ve always enjoyed bf4 and bf1/5 to a lesser extent. If your looking for boots on the ground let me know I’ll gladly jump in
  22. Le sigh, I haven’t gotten into this flight sadly, hoping for the next one. But once we have full release we should have a running scoreboard for weapon scores
  23. A brief walk through of the Multiplayer flight for Infinite focused around Weapon drills.
  24. Depends on if the Genie is a dickhead or not I believe.
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