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  1. Depends on if the Genie is a dickhead or not I believe.
  2. 1) Become CEO and Majority share holder of Amazon. then immediate distribute the wealth to everyone 2) reverse the environmental catastrophe that humanity is creating 3) create a new stable energy source that humanity can use to expand and better ourselves
  3. You would think in this day and age people should know enough about lightning to NOT climb to high points to take selfie’s.
  4. I will be revisiting this project in the next month or so, though with Infinites launch In the near future I don’t know whether it’s worth the effort at this stage
  5. I doubt we will see more ODST Content sadly. With the push to “Be your Spartan” and the development of the SIV program I could see ODST’s eventually fazed out. Also ODST was a love letter to fans who had been asking for it and was part of the two game deal for bungie to breakaway from Microsoft. That said I would love to see more ODST content, even if it was just deplorable spawn pods for multiplier/custom games
  6. Beautiful up-render of a stylish helmet.
  7. Nothing in that link provided download or playing instructions. All that link provided was some fairly erroneous information
  8. Please 343 don’t get my hopes up and dash them like you did with 5, pretty please
  9. I’ll have it day one, so if your looking for teams sign me up
  10. I think it may be another AI rather then a copy or segment, though I may be wrong. As for smart ai splintering off sections we see it in Halo 4 as well as one of the halo novels, though the splintering can cause inconsistencies and instability in the AI. That said if this is a Cortana copy I’m excited to see how they drive the narrative.
  11. For my own sake, halo is just a better game when teamed up with folds. Regardless if it’s being taken seriously or just for fun. I do solo queue when no one happens to be around or if I’m on a limited time frame. If I was to put a number to it, if I played 5 times a week (which varies greatly) I’d say 4/5 I’m teamed up with at least one other person.
  12. My beloved pc Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 16gb of Tforce Delta RGB 3200mh in White B350 Tomahawk atx motherboard RX 570 Strix gpu Lexar 480 Ng m.2 nvme 1 tb WD Green mass storage Thermaltake Smart Pro 700w power supply P400 Mid Tower case with custom Stained glass panel Wall decor courtesy of Mrs Taco
  13. As the title implies, time to post and brag about your beloved pc setups. Be it budget building or costly enough to make a down payment for a house cry show em off!
  14. No, 3 months is a blink in the eye for an active clan. I ran my own before I joined ONI, around 30 dudes and dudettes. Full lobbies in reach on the daily. We lasted nearly 6 years before life forced my hand to shut down. “A long time” should be a year minimum.
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