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  1. I can point my finger at any one of you and say that I set a deadline and expect you to meet it, I have removed people from the administration for less and accepted that adulthood comes at the valuable commodity that is our time. So as time management becomes self management, I simply did not find the time to revamp the UNSC Navy ranks to be future proofed and ready for Infinite but also beyond. I would like to apologize to everyone for this as its put a strain on our abilities to do simple tasks all through out, highlighting the key component and advertised incentive to join ONI. Over the years I have not enjoyed Halo as much as I would like to, with college my freelance work in graphic design and professional job I was only meagerly able to play Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Both games great in so many ways. I will step down from CINCONI, and depending on this new announcement E3 will resign from ONI. I have committed a good amount of time building our documents and getting our website ready but its become an commitment I can no longer make in the role that is CINCONI. I understand many are probably after this position already and that the decision being on the table may be good enough to some to try to take this position from me before E3.
  2. I have an idea. The Navy as a social experience simply should not have an emblem and nameplate at all. The only restriction is to restrict emblems from using the other branches emblems and to also restrict colors? Keep it black and white so everyone in the Navy can look uniform. We can then set Officers to have a specific emblem and uniform because most of us interact with both branches.
  3. So you explained that you wanted to see more uniformity but I am not so sure if I am reading you correctly. I think the branches at the very least need to be separated.
  4. The tumbler will probably be the favorite store item. Everything else is kind of boring, the 20th anniversary logo itself it was more about Halo, more than just Master Chief silhouette it would be more interesting.
  5. Well I was expecting just 8, but logistically this became more challenging for me to do. I may look to actually executing this after Halo: Infinite's release. For each book, I was thinking a month was an ample amount of time to read each book.
  6. I am not sure I understand the topic of misinterpretation. The responsibilities are not suggestive, its what is asked of them. It is the expectation that someone can play 30 hours a week or show high activity. It is a relative number, shouldn't be so serious or hard to misinterpret. I do not understand the "why" where was there a "why" in this?
  7. I am in favor with that. With clear expectations to those in senior non-commissioned officer roles.
  8. I am not surprised. When I first joined ONI I was told there was an active presence on Halo 4 but Halo: Reach was always the game with more events per week. Even after when The Master Chief Collection released people were still playing Halo: Reach on Xbox 360.
  9. I am not against you creating operations for yourself but I do want to know exactly with what forces? The UNSC Song of the East has 8 people yet? We are all also waiting on Piglif and others return.
  10. I sure hope not; any character deaths should be someone less major. Lord Hood for example or Lasky.
  11. I know we made the decision to reset stats when Halo: The Master Chief Collection comes but, we have so much history sometimes. It is truly hard to let go of the games we've given to groups that did not earn it.
  12. Bump! will be posting on Waypoint and Halo Reddit too, perhaps give some new perspective from our clans eyes.
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