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  1. This is the last poll I'll ask for a while. Enjoy!
  2. A continuation of my last poll
  3. As before, just a quick poll to get some thoughts from you guys.
  4. Hey iAmODST I don't have your gamer tag or Discord but if you could drop both here to reach out to you that'll be great. If you are in the ONI discord already you can @ me too by my gamer tag Shawn4Japan.

    1. iAmODST


      Feel free to add me, NOBLE-6#5612

  5. It wouldn't let me put an option for voting for all the levels in the series. I was limited to 3 answer slots, with 10 choices each. I'll be going back and making new votes for the spin-off games (ODST, Reach, Wars/Wars 2, and Spartan Strike/Assault) and the Reclaimer Saga (4 and 5)
  6. Just curious as to what everyone here thinks. I was going to do the entire series, but apparently, I don't have enough questions to make that poll.
  7. From what I've gathered, it appears to be a sequel to Shadows of Reach, but following the Ferrets and the Reavians. Interesting idea, and I wonder how that's gonna look
  8. Also, I'll be joining the Discord tonight. I'll make a formal introduction there
  9. Way I see it, go big or go home!
  10. Feet First Into Hell, boys! We are green... and very, very mean!

  11. Nah, not my Xbox gamertag, but it's my go-to username for just about everything else, except discord. On Xbox, I'm FusionCore117
  12. Surprised that someone actually joined?
  13. I have successfully begun my journey to earn my flames.
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