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  1. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 6 ACTIVITY VARIANT: BASIC TRAINING OBJECTIVE: To learn callouts and practice strafing. ATTENDANCE: @Megumin @Darth R3D @EggLad5834 @StandoPowa5487 @Archerlord PERSONAL COMMENTS: We started with simple location callouts on the map Hemorrhage. It was fairly successful. Afterwards we practiced some strafing against each other. We worked on team shooting each other. The last and final thing we did was Sniper strafing. We did decently well at this aswell. We need to work on our discipline. Too many times were we screwing around and wasn't focused. Even I had to speak up because it got so bad.
  2. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: SII Malcolm 059 OUTCOME: Win E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST Raid 00:01:09 N/A MAP VARIANT SCOUTS N/A I05 Section 4-0B COMMAND & CONTROL FoD Maple FO FRIENDLIES HOSTILES REK Burnz Akymbos FoD Maple FO Devo Vrakio Hellzjanitor XxRapidWraithxX Blueaero3535 Dorito6977 Oro Vrakamai Xoro 'Korum *Note: This was an open raid, so we rallied a few more other people, but most were small and didnt take much time before they left. That goes for the hostiles aswell. Also there was a group of spartan twos that open fire on us almost immediately. Those include SII Douglas O45-SII Jerome 092- SII Malcolm S059- and SII Samuel 034 REPORT: When I first joined I noticed it was the same map as a few days ago. So we decided to climb alaska to get to the base. While doing this we were open fired by both the Shangelli and the Spartans. We kept getting engaged. They also had two banshees that patrolled that area, so we kept getting killed. The Spartans took the base from the Shangelli, and result the Shangelli kicked them. This opened the door so we were able to get in. We finally after 10 or so minutes got into the base by taking out the banshees and climbing Alaska. After we got in, I held armory with Invisibility and sword. We lost the base after 10 minutes when three Shanghelli rushed me in the armory. After we had about 20 minutes of brutal fighting from gates and Blue ended up needing to leave. We ended up hijacking a banshee and was able to carry each other to Montana (the other side of base) where both Maple and Hellz had banshees. After the time expired I was in the base with a few other randoms and Maple and Hellz on banshees. One thing we did very well was listening and understand orders and therefore executing them. This helped with both the mountain climbs and the banshee lifts. One thing that we could work on is not being a fool with the banshees and getting too close to be hijacked. This almost destroyed us. Luckily we recovered from it.
  3. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: SII Malcolm 059 OUTCOME:Win E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST O.N.I. Official Game Type 01:00:00 N/A MAP VARIANT SCOUTS Outpost Karliah v2.1 N/A COMMAND & CONTROL REK Burnz FRIENDLIES HOSTILES REK Burnz SII Malcolm 059 Canadian Taco5 SII Mike 120 MasterChief5301 SII Samuel 034 aidoneus7065 Temmie9728 BAJAN GHOSTXPOW SnooPyPoopy84 Muppy SyN 1 o KADIN o eyercrazycs TwOCUT3MIsT Tzowla DGP8734152 *Note: This was an open raid. Once we took the base we befriended Bajan and aidoneus, who helped us defend the base. These were the beginning enemies, which pretty much was the enemy the entire hour. REPORT: When I first joined I saw that MasterChief5301 and Canadian Taco5 were both in the game so I invited them to a party. Although Canadian holds a higher rank than I, I took charge. We attacked the base and was engaged by Malcolm who was on the sniper. After a few minutes however we killed both Mike and Malcolm. Samuel ended up killing me however. After the initial attack, we saw that Bajan and aidoneus was not attacking us, and I wanting more recruits invited them to a party. Once they joined they declined my clan offer, but they helped defend the base with us. After they joined the party, I gave the order to consider the rest of the game lobby as hostile, unless proven otherwise. I took sniper, Canadian on rockets, and masterchief with shotgun near armory. The Spartans never retook the base again. After an hour, we left considering it a raid win. One thing that we did very well was team shooting. I would be able to take shields off of some guys and Master or Taco would finish them off with DMR. However our lack of actual communication didn't occur. We didn't really call out guys. Especially the spartans in which I wanted to keep a close eye on their movements. Overall I think it was one of the better raids we had in a while and I enjoyed doing it. Looking forward to more games with Master aswell, he was a valuable player in this raid.
  4. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: Akymbos OUTCOME: Win E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST Raid 00:19:35 N/A MAP VARIANT SCOUTS I05 Section 4-0B N/A COMMAND & CONTROL LoD Maple FO FRIENDLIES HOSTILES REK Burnz Dorito6977 FoD Maple FO Akymbos Hellzjanitor XxRapidWraithxX Harry Cramb Devon Vrakio iHanko SBR5930 Gen Biley SifuFooDog *Note: This was an open lobby, so we had different people every few minutes. These are just the people in the very beginning the game. The first 4 were all shangelli and belonged to the same clan. REPORT: When we first spawned in me and maple rush ahead and was immediately attacked by Akymbos and his clan. They made it to the base, but we were close behind with a rocket hog. We got into banshees and tried killing them but they killed us. We captured the base and killed the leaders repeatedly, they left. After they left I was made leader. We held the base the rest of the game until we got to a point that they stopped attacking. So we left. A positive thing is we used mountain climbs to attack the base. So we were able to flank over and around using front Alaska climb. A negative thing was that we got bored and unfocused. We basically stopped defending. But it was ok because the randoms stopped attacking, which is part to why we got bored. Overall, great defense and even better attack.
  5. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: United Nations Republic (UNR) OUTCOME: Tie E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST United Nations Republic(Mod V3) 00:15:09 GunziMagz MAP VARIANT SCOUTS UNR Fort -01 | Buchanan N/A COMMAND & CONTROL Harry Cramb FRIENDLIES HOSTILES Harry Cramb Hebi Mizu STANDOPOWAA UberChris Hellzjanitor DiscardedSinner REK Burnz Triziava GunziMagz ItsTsar Akymbos Noble Minister *Note: This was an open raid, so there were more than these people in it. These were just the main ones. REPORT: When we first joined, Harry got into a Warthog with ItsTsar as the rest of us was joining still. The base was located in the Everest Gulf. Thereafter we all hopped into a falcon and landed in the middle, running over the sniper. We cleared the base within a minute of landing. We assigned Stando-Sniper; Hellz-DMR; Burnz- Grenade Launcher; and Harry-Scorpion Tank. Harry assigned Burnz the front gate and Hellz the back. Harry helped with front. During the first 4 minutes we held the base. But it fell quickly when Stando was killed. Hellz went to go kill the guy, he was killed aswell. After this Harry commanded me to go to armory and defend it. I was rushed by three people and was killed with grenades. After this we took armory once again, but was killed by their grenades. We left because a modder joined and repeatedly kill us. This made the game unfun, so we left. Some thing that we have to work on is faster set up. We wandered and couldn't find positioning very well. This could be half to that we've never been on the map, but half to just not hearing/listening to positioning commands. We attack very well however. We took the base swift and easily, and after we settled down we held the base for multiple minutes.
  6. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 4 ACTIVITY VARIANT: BASIC TRAINING OBJECTIVE: To review all of the mountains on forge world. ATTENDANCE: @Chillguy23 @XxGHOST374xX @HellzJanitor174 PERSONAL COMMENTS: We wanted to review all the mountains starting with Ranger. Hellz and I kinda struggled with it. The next was back Alaska. Ghost and Hellz struggled on this. Following was front alaska and crow's nest, both were easy for everyone. Marine Hill and advanced Marine Hill, this was easy for everyone. The last one was Montana. I got up there my second try and I was followed shortly by Chill and then after a while Hellz and Ghost. Overall I think this was a good review, it was very needed.
  7. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 2 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Big Team Battle (BTB) OBJECTIVE: To see different callout styles so that we may learn each others styles. ATTENDANCE: @HellzJanitor174 PERSONAL COMMENTS: I wanted to go into big team battle to hear how Hellz make callouts and compared it to how I callout. I saw a massive difference between each of our callout styles. It is a good thing in my mind to see how my fellow ODST says/uses their callouts, especially knowing that I'm going to be playing with her a lot more often. *Note: We played 6 games and had an even spread of wins/losses.
  8. TYPE OF LEAVE Moderate REASON FOR LEAVE Going on a semi longer vacation for a few weeks. Going for a christian festival halfway across the country. EXPECTED RELEASE DATE July 12, 2021 EXPECTED RETURN DATE August 3, 2021
  9. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 8 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Big Team Battle OBJECTIVE: Get better at working together in public matches ATTENDANCE: @Harry Cramb @HellzJanitor174 @Chillguy23 @Agent Sniper00 @PriceLessIrony @JayCeeTee2 @Blueaero3535 PERSONAL COMMENTS: It started with just Harry, Hellz and I. This was very cool to see a fellow ODST and my ship leader working together in objective base games. The others followed in the next few games. The callouts and the just knowledge of each others playstyle was different than most other games. It was a lot of relaxed and less stressful making us all work better together. Overall I thought our big team battles were successful because we did work together in a different playstyle that helped us all.
  10. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: SII Leon 011 Jr OUTCOME: Loss E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST SLAYER raid 01:00:00 N/A MAP VARIANT SCOUTS RAID Deuix XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX COMMAND & CONTROL FoD Maple FO FRIENDLIES HOSTILES FoD Maple FO SII Leon 011 Jr Agent Sniper00 Madmar500 REK Burnz Trashpanda55 Danimals Monkey Gamma Actual RaccoonFTB Darth Supaku *Note: There were many random parties that joined during the match. These were both friendly or unfriendly. These are the notable ones. REPORT: Agent and Maple joined an open raid and began their attacks. They took the base 4 times before I joined the game half an hour later. Maple of course was on sniper, where as agent and I took DMRs to defend the base. The defending team retook the base when Agent and Maple left. At that point it was just me and Danimals left to defend. We lost the base and after 5 or so minutes, they kicked everyone and ended the raid. A thing that we could have done better: Calling out the sniper and rockets. It was difficult to see the sniper, where it was constantly moving. A thing we did good: Knowing our roles. I knew Maple was a great sniper, so I gave him the sniper and ammo in multiple occasions. I took a DMR and rockets because that's what I felt I was strongest. Sniper also took DMR. I also stayed back deeper in the base to defend armory whereas the other two went to the walls. PICTURES:
  11. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS Sons of Conceding Solidarity FIRST CONTACT: MaxGapple OUTCOME: Win E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST SoCS|Raid 01:07:49 MaxGapple MAP VARIANT SCOUTS Base of Virtue Chillguy23 COMMAND & CONTROL Chillguy23 FRIENDLIES HOSTILES Chillguy23 MaxGabble Blueaero3535 SOLO1207 STANDOPOWAA Doxmon Priceless Irony Kuzo Azavayl JayCeeTee2 Haven XXVI REK Burnz DARKG0L3M HellzJanitor EggLad5834 REPORT: The raid started with Chillguy assigning defending weapons to each of us as we waited for them to prepare their defense. The attack began smoothly and within minutes Blue was in the base and killed half of the defending elites. After that Chill commanded us to rush the base. We took the base within minutes of the raid. The base was contested for another 20 minutes while we struggled to find all the numerous ways of them getting in the base. There were armor abilities Jetpack and Invisibility and a bunch of covenant weaponry. This included Beam rifle, needle rifles and Plasma Launchers, aswell as Energy Sword. The Shangelli base was extremely small and very close, so it was difficult not to accidentally shoot our own team mates, although we were the only humans in the game. REK Burnz was invisible inside the armory with a sword. Priceless and Jay was on the right wall with a needle rifle and Plasma Launcher. Chillguy and Blue was on the Left wall with 2 needle rifles. Stando had the Focus beam and moved often. Egg had the front entrance with a needle rifle and plasma pistol. Hellz took jet pack and flew up to a phantom that was directly over base. This raid was a win. We had majority people in the base, where it wasn't contested in the end of the game. Thing to work on: 1) Keep doing your assignment. Too many times Chillguy yelled at us to defend a certain side. 2) Team killing. Once again we had multiple members accidentally killing eachother. This almost made us lose the base multiple times. Thing we did good: 1) Callouts. Although I was in the armory and unable to see outside, I knew where they were the entire game. PICTURES:
  12. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 11 ACTIVITY VARIANT: RAID EXERCISE OBJECTIVE: To get better at communication between other members of your team. ATTENDANCE: @Agent Sniper00 @Chillguy23 @StandoPowa5487 @Archerlord @JayCeeTee2 @Blueaero3535 @ShadowLing77777 @EggLad5834 @PriceLessIrony @boomiseebrain PERSONAL COMMENT: The attacking team took over within 5 minutes of attack and held the base with only 3 people for about 35 minutes until they were finally killed. The defending team was lead by Shadowling77777 (Agent, REK Burnz, Archer, Egg, and Stando) and the attacking was led by Boomiseebrain (Blue, Chill, Jay, and Priceless). The defending team won. We can definitely work on reading names and armor before shooting. There was plenty of team killing on the defending side. We could also work on not being suicidal on our own lives. Rather than rush the rocketeer, shoot him from a far, saving your own life.
  13. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: Samuel 034 II OUTCOME: Win E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST UNSC RAZOR CLASSIC 01:00:00 Chillguy23 MAP VARIANT SCOUTS Fort Pierce 3.0 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX COMMAND & CONTROL Chillguy23 FRIENDLIES HOSTILES Chillguy23 Samuel 034 II LoD Maple FO Majin Kiru Agent Sniper00 Dom Mirvo Blueaero3535 Keagan Stark STANDOPOWAA Thoro VI REK Burnz Lil Macho Boi Glitch6664412 Fire 2the Flame *Note: These hostiles were all from Project Orion. There were random parties that joined the game, but they were spawn trapped by the hostiles until they quit. This was done so the Orion Project could bring in more troops. REPORT: As soon as the game started Chillguy assigned weapons. They are as follows: Fire on Lazer, Stando on Sniper, Maple on Shotgun, Agent on Rockets, and Chillguy on the Scorpion tank. The raid escalated when the Project Orion boys started to join. REK Burnz joined the game 12 minutes late and helped defend against Project Orion. The entire back half of the hour the base was constantly contested. Their main attack was to jump onto Alaska and take out the tank. After the loss of a few defenders, the base was occupied mostly by enemy units, although we held armory the entire time. The attackers then spawn trapped a couple of the defenders with a Wraith. In the last few minutes we finally cleared the base. This ended in a raid win with the spawn trapping and no hostile units in the base at the end of the game. Couple things to work on: 1) Keeping coms clear of unnecessary chatter. Multiple times we couldn't hear Chill's commands because of the laughing or the shouting of other soldiers. 2) Things we did great. 1) Teamshooting the Falcons and Warthogs. Whenever a warthog or falcon was seen the lazer and/or rocket would immediately take it out. 2) Using compass for callouts. Instead of right or left, it was North and East PICTURES:
  14. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: CBLManticore OUTCOME: Loss E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST Raid? 01:07:56 CBLManticore MAP VARIANT SCOUTS XXX CBL: Stongpoint Cascade COMMAND & CONTROL STANDOPOWAA FRIENDLIES HOSTILES REK Burnz CBLManticore AgentSniper00 Dalek S Night Laf It Up CBLSolrStorm Fire 2the Flame Thetaken python DefineClutch710 CBL BLACKDOG STANDOPOWAA ramfan76 Cagiestsubset15 *Note: There were many random people who joined and quit. All were hostile. REPORT: When we joined the game, we hopped in some of the vehicles. There were two revenants, two default warthogs, two mongooses, and two ghosts. There was also a falcon and a tank inside the base. We rode to the base and saw that there was one ramp going up the middle. We tried to angel jump the walls, but every attempt led us to getting killed. We slowly took out some of the men camping the ramp, letting us get in and take out the sniper. Once we took the sniper, Agent hopped on it and started to defend the base as everyone cleared the base. We ended up taking and holding the base for about 15 minutes, until they took it back. Some things to work on: 1) Saying focused on defending. We got distracted and some people left the base to spawn camp to try to get them to quit. 2) Calling out vehicles. They took the falcon and kept dropping off troops above us. The lazor could have very easily stopped this, but couldn't get a shot. Things we did well: Lots of team shooting. We killed the rocket user doing this. Saved lots of lives. PICTURES:
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