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  1. Alright my message disappear. I am leaving! I had a response for you @Jason L Lewis but it doesn't matter. I am done typing to post for me messages to just disappear.
  2. No longer respecting Shawn, I thought you never did though. It's kind of clear this isn't all just about Harry but you have a vendetta towards command in different ways. This vilification is brutal, if anything we all know you like ONI a little bit because this kind of website beating does not come often and is very brutal.
  3. I am in tears, the idea that it was that of all things to stonewall you.
  4. If Nick doesn't write his biography can we just copy and paste one for him instead? Can he do one by proxy. Maybe even start with the I am Unethical one out there right now on Beyond.net I believe.
  5. It was an honor serving Nick. I don't think there is a way out of this one. What a way to throw away 6-7 years of being in ONI, you knew that we didn't have to do them right? Well. Unless you were demoted like me at least.
  6. The flag was co-opted for sure but the South is not co-opted with White Supremacy anymore than it is with Louisiana Popeyes Chicken. I have family that live in Alabama, the state is southern and what that means to people is that the infrastructure is less so, the towns are more rural and the houses are cheaper. The south is an objective term to define the southern part of the United States but to be a southerner is to mean so much more than what you're saying. In a lot of ways, no one is making this connection between being being southern and white supremacy but you. Its an odd world we l
  7. @Noah Reibach isn't amish at all just probably had a different name signing up.
  8. If this issue was only isolated to Harry's hypocrisy with LOA and forcing him to follow the same rules he laid out for himself this would be easier to pass by as a member looking to help others and social justice warring but because of the sentiment in really trying to discharge an officer and lack of humanities which is ironic to say in ONI, I think its safe to say you won't be doing anything in this Promotions/Demotions/Discharges forum anytime soon. I would answer questions and ask just in the threads already made, cannot imagine someone who twisted acting command be given anything mo
  9. I have to turn sides against you now, you got too carried away! Denied 03/11/2021
  10. What a mess! In what community did you want to join where the rules are not followed, she requested we break rules for her and make her a favorite. You would allow that to happen? Just exempt her from abiding by the rules we agreed to follow joining the community..
  11. Are you able to check how many people I've recruited?
  12. You did your homework, I know there is no forum rules for this or if their is I've seen much worse discussed. I don't want to take away from this post so I'll start my argument later but to maybe think of an rebuttal when that time comes. Why does it matter?
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