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  1. It's okay, enlisted should pick and choose who they want to follow. We all have different styles and so long as its read clearly we shouldn't have another situation like Ultimatewolf, if anything this is all a tactic to see who will kiss ass and tell or suck up for higher rank. It also shows all that you can fight these, most don't but all should. I am not inciting rebellion but I recommend a thoughtful conversation on alternatives to demotions or discharges. Because we all want two things, the best for the narrative i.e. ONI and the most out of our gamers. What be it skill, knowledge or
  2. This is Claire by the way. Ash says hi, don't think for one second that we can't find your replacement. Not a threat or a warning, just a statement for you to remember.
  3. The content-locking from administrators really annoying. 

  4. I don't think I will accept this demotion. The progress and culmination of all our projects speak for themselves and more importantly you. An careless shrewd posh girl that hides behind alternative accounts playing other games like CSGO, Overwatch and League of Legends streaming to your fans beyond Halo. Nothing we do is a failure in our part, we are adults living our lives while you play Cuphead on a Mac. Just because we don't have as much of a time to dedicate to filling out excel and word documents as others we shouldn't be punished. We'll separate accounts only on Shawn's word and if anyth
  5. I've been getting super into Salamanders & Newts, do you have any? 

    1. Shawn4Japan

      Hold on this should count towards content count. 

    2. Gabriella Dvørak
  6. Adding the pictures sure is refreshing. Disappointed to see that the one person who seem to understand that scheduling events is important is gone though, I presume the 11th MRF/ODST unit is doing nothing now?
  7. You last won the day in October and you keep posting. 

  8. July 27th, 2018 to January 10th, 2020 one sentence for a year and a half of service.
  9. Who hosted this if you are out on LOA?
  10. The player is the star of the game. That’s the beauty of games – that it’s you that inhabits it. It’s not about someone else, it’s about that you get to be that person, and if I do my job right, I as a person disappear. Your experience is primary.

  11. Character Deaths are the next best thing to happen to ONI. 

  12. I just want to add having done the SPARTAN-II Conscription along with the 4th generation class that at Supervisor you would already surpass what it takes to be a Spartan in 343 Industries eyes and the Halo Waypoint forums. That takes a year to do, this ranking is almost unrealistic.
  13. You two are asking a lot from all of us in Command to keep our positions, I assume that I can hold you up to those high content numbers too? @ADM S Osman "CINCONI"
  14. Hey Shawn, the Eheim Classic 250 are right in the middle of the quadrant for filters. What are you stocking? I am excited you decided to join the hobby.
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