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  1. Stando has completed all necessary requirements for his promotion to Lance Corporal E3. Stando has been a very active member attending everything from trainings, internal/external raids, and game nights. While sometimes he may be quiet in games, it's always a pleasure to be in a lobby with him. He has taken a keen interest in sniping, and while others would complain about getting killed with the rifle, Stando is constantly asking what he can do better and how to become a better sniper. He is currently the main sniper for raid team Bravo and the replacement sniper for me in raid team Alph
  2. Taco has completed all necessary requirements to be promoted to Private First Class E2. Since joining Razor, he has put a tremendous amount of work into improving his skills and improving the ship overall. He has recently taken on becoming the second in command of my fireteam, becoming the ships secretary so when he is unable to physically get on he is still able to contribute, and becoming a member of raid team Bravo. Considering his tight schedule it is beyond impressive that he has accomplished this much since joining. Along with this, he's always willing to offer a helping hand, if t
  3. I'm back now. Couple days early.
  4. I would like to request a promotion for Pfc. Verocy, as she has completed all the necessary requirements for E3. During her first internal and team tac I knew she was someone to keep an eye on, over those two hours she was able to show that she is beyond capable of doing what is expected of her and executing it near perfectly. Time after time Verocy has been able to take charge of a situation, either from the very start of the game or in the middle of chaos, develop a strategy and effectively put it into action. Over the past month she has taken on the responsibility of leading a FT, doi
  5. TYPE OF LEAVE Moderate REASON FOR LEAVE Exam season and personal. EXPECTED RELEASE DATE April 13th, 2021 EXPECTED RETURN DATE April 25th, 2021. But could be longer. Will keep updated
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