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  2. I write this recommendation with little to no hesitation, as I know @ShadowLing77777 deserves this. Over the past week, we've had a fair number of trainings, everything from team tac's, open raids, and normal BTB's. Throughout all of these games, I've been thoroughly impressed with how Shadow has done. His commitment to razor, ability to listen to orders/calls, skill level and is a good guy to get to know. I've been able to call for his help during open raids when no one else has been on and he gets on and delivers, even when other people are on(maybe those who've been in razor longer or more experienced) he is still one of the people I call when I need some help.
  3. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: Khaan Vrakio OUTCOME: Loss E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST SST Raid 00:30:00 Gustrag MAP VARIANT SCOUTS Unknown COMMAND & CONTROL Harry Cramb FRIENDLIES HOSTILES LoD Maple FO Gustrag Harry Cramb RaggedAlpaca880 Fire 2the Flame Chef Pippy Canadian Taco5 Khaan Vrakio Chillguy23 Baphomet2000 HellzJanitor174 TDS IrishPryd DEMON KING x45 Additional Contacts but not captured in screenshot REPORT: Myself, Flame, and Taco spawned on top of Alaska, the base was situated on top of Montana. To get across there was a "light bridge" that you could only get across using a vehicle. The defenders had a wraith, revenant, and a banshee, they also invisibility. A couple minutes after getting in, Harry joined then shortly after Chill and Hellz. We all attempted to capture the base but because of the lack of vehicles and pressure from both sides it was difficult and we were unsuccessful. Myself, Harry and Chill were able to get into the base at some points but were taken out by stealth elites. Communication was decent, team shooting is something we will need to work on in the future. PICTURES:
  4. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: HeroOfLight27388 OUTCOME: Win E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST SW Raid 00:30:00 HeroOfLight27388 MAP VARIANT SCOUTS SW Raid COMMAND & CONTROL LoD Maple FO FRIENDLIES HOSTILES LoD Maple FO InertBrute27388 Shadowling77777 HeroOfLight27388 Fire 2the Flame MonkeyDLuffy479 CrimsonCody77 LeAdEr Of KaOs SW Harbinger El Diabeto SW Fusing SW Bronze KsoTwlzTiD Note Additional contacts but they had left before the game finished REPORT: Myself and Shadowling spawned in, picked up needle rifles then made our way to the base. The defenders had a sniper, laser, grenade launcher, shotguns, and a modded falcon which they used to defend. We attempted multiple times to get into the base, but were killed shortly after. We used warthogs to rush the base, shoot at the defenders (rocket hog) and attempt to take out the falcon. About 15 minutes into the raid we found a Target Designator which had unlimited ammo, so we were able to use that for suppression and killing some of the defenders, shortly after Flame got in and we had Chill on standby waiting for a spot to open. This occurred over and over, eventually I was able to get into the base and take out two of the defenders but was killed by the falcon. Flame had suggested we team shooting the falcon, so while her and Shadow did that, I kept pushing and was able to get into the base a couple more times. Flame and Shadow were able to kill the falcon and I got into the base. They ended the game immediately after the falcon died. Comms were good overall and coordination with shooting was really good. PICTURES:
  5. Yeah they're a solid bunch
  6. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: Snowyspartan547 OUTCOME: Loss E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST 19th ODST Raid 00:20:00 Snowyspartan547 MAP VARIANT SCOUTS Unknown COMMAND & CONTROL LoD Maple FO FRIENDLIES HOSTILES LoD Maple FO Snowyspartan547 MehWhoa | JuniorNorth | aydoghitta Lone Wolf31269 Huny puny1404 RobJ2018 ODST J Lester Dregos9750 SpeedyMcNutt291 JacobLightning7 There was additional friendlies but when game finished not many remained REPORT: Spawned into a map with either an AR and a grenade or just a pistol. The base was basically a tunnel that had some cover, on one end was the spawn area and the other was the defender zone. Myself and Meh initially tried to angle jump up the walls but they had a kill boundary so the only way into the base was through the defender line. There was barely any progress throughout the 20 minutes since any time we would kill the defenders they would spawn directly behind us, which meant if there was 6 attackers, 3 could "attack" and the other 3 would have to watch our backs. I was able to get onto a rock and head glitch for majority of the game, which allowed a constant pressure to be applied so the rest of the attackers could attack. But the defenders had shotguns, DMR's and a grenade launcher so our attacks were rarely successful. A couple times, myself, meh, and Lester made it through the initial line of defenders but we were killed shortly after due to the "sandwich effect". PICTURES:
  7. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: DarkWolfMindo OUTCOME: Loss E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST MAW RAID 01:00:00 DarkWolfMindo MAP VARIANT SCOUTS MAW RAID COMMAND & CONTROL LoD Maple FO FRIENDLIES HOSTILES LoD Maple FO DarkWolfMindo SN 0117 UnarmingPit060 SN 0131 SpartanFred6868 SCG SN 0102 Forgeborn7578 Earpeople6615 Typhoon7469 CookieKillerZ11 AfootCascade873 IceMan V4LOR There was additional contacts but they weren't captured in the end photo REPORT: I initially spawned on beachhead where I made my way to the base (situated between ranger and hanger under waterfall). We had unlimited ammo and unlimited abilities. At spawn there was 1 warthog, 1 mongoose, and 1 vehicle (that I can't remember the name of). I met up with the SN group on ranger where I showed them the way to get to the teleporter (which was blocked on the other side). I was able to get the needle rifle at spawn a couple times (but for some reason it stopped spawning, so I suspect one of the killer defenders picked it up and kept it while they were in the base) and was able to lay down some covering fire and break the shields of almost all defenders on the gate but was unable to kill any due to cover. With about 10 minutes remaining, I was able to kill the defender at the door and the sniper in the tower. I made my way through the base undetected until I reached the armoury before I was noticed and was able to kill another two defenders before dying. That was the furthest I or any of the friendlies made it into the base. After that we kept attacking but all other attempts were unsuccessful. PICTURES:
  8. I would like to request a promotion for boomiseebrain from an E3 to E4. He has completed all necessary requirements (He has served three months, he understands leadership). Since joining, Boom has become one of my go-to people when I need someone who understands how to lead and also someone who is able to take orders and execute them to a T. Within the past month or so, he has started leading my old fireteam and while some of the members of that team haven't been as active he has attempted to host trainings (both custom trainings such as CQC team tac and matchmaking trainings) this hasn't discouraged him from trying and continues to attend other trainings and clan events. Because of his skill and ability to follow and give orders, he has become a member of raid team alpha. I'm thoroughly impressed with his growth and commitment to razor and I look forward to seeing him progress through the ranks.
  9. TYPE OF LEAVE Moderate-Undetermined REASON FOR LEAVE Personal life, family has been going through some stuff so I need to support them, I need to prep for the upcoming semester and start applying for med/grad schools. EXPECTED RELEASE DATE August 1st, 2021 EXPECTED RETURN DATE -- At time's I might be able to jump on for a couple rounds or some events, but not compared to what I used to be like and to the same level.
  10. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: TFS Kodamu OUTCOME: Win E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST WarCom Official 00:45:00 TFS Kodamu MAP VARIANT SCOUTS Unknown COMMAND & CONTROL LoD Maple FO FRIENDLIES HOSTILES LoD Maple FO Kodamu Squirtlc TheticWhistle82 ODST D Watchs NobleKnight5730 OnyxRock7390 Grantavius4711 OldBiscut9803 Blast9867 Note: There was additional contacts, include two SIII that were neutral but left due to spawn camping. REPORT: I spawned in by Montana and wasn't fired on until I moved from spawn. I was able to get out and avoid getting spawn camped by Blast and moved through Hemorrhage. There sniper was located on the climb up to crows nest with a small building and shield door meaning we couldn't teamshoot him. I met up with Squirtlc and Watchs around sharkmouth, and we were able to get between Alaska and Sharksmouth and buddy jump up Alaska. Myself and Squirtlc advanced to the sniper location while Watchs did basic Alaska. At this point the sniper had gone through the teleporter, which mean we could drop down through a space in the back (the wall was not fully flush to the mountain so it left a gap). I got into the building first and grabbed the rifle and waited for the other two to drop down. We then went through the teleporter and were able to take out two hostiles before Kodamu came in with rockets. We were able to repeat this a couple of times, about 5 tries later I was able to take Kodamu out and get into the armoury where I waited for the others. After a couple minutes of keeping the armoury locked down, the others showed up and we did a run through of the base killing any remaining hostiles. I grabbed a bubble shield, DMR, and shotty while the others grabbed a rifle and rockets. Every 5 minutes or so, enough of them would be outside the shield doors to attempt a push but we were able to take care of it with only Watches dying once. Myself and Squirtle switched weapons and I watched the main doors while he took the back ones until Watchs got through and took his position back. The three of us kept the base locked down for the remaining time. PICTURES:
  11. I intend too! But I’m waiting for Alpha to get some key stuff done before we move on to fast.
  12. While I don't want to become one, I definitely think we should have something/someone for the new people to be able to go too until they get settled.
  13. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: Ciryc Wren OUTCOME: Loss E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST RAID 00:23:00 Ciryc Wren MAP VARIANT SCOUTS Fort Aranov 2.0 COMMAND & CONTROL LoD Maple FO FRIENDLIES HOSTILES LoD Maple FO Ciryc Wren STANDOPOWAAA Gostuou oria boomiseebrain Gota Wren EggLad5834 Ashad Wren HellzJanitor Itz Krisov Tracyn Aran There were additional contacts but not listed in initial screenshot. REPORT: We did not remain for the full time as we were getting spawn killed by the additional not Wren associated contacts. The question of hosting an open raid was asked so I "held" a poll and got everyone's responses, which resulted in us leaving after 23 minutes and creating our own open raid. The four of us loaded in and I called an Alpha line on me until we could get set up and figured out. I had Stando start to create a post in the command deck (within the ONI Discord) but he had some issues with it. I had him and Egg move out of big cave to scout the base while I made the post. Only one person responded to it (Hellz). For defenders, there was a sniper, rocket, laser and DMR's. We were provided with a sword, two holograms, wraths, warthogs and ghosts. In our initial sweep of the spawn area, we didn't see the two DMR's that were sitting on top of the black crates (we found them with about 8 minutes remaining). After making the post, I had boom and egg work towards the base going along bottom Alaska and sharks mouth while myself and Stando moved up the right side (water cave dry cave area). After a couple minutes Hellz joined into the game and assisted with pushing the base. We used many tactics, such as teamshooting, warthog/ghost distractions to get into the base. All four of us were able to get into the base at multiple points throughout the game, and were able to take out maybe 4 of their members. We were eventually cleared out of the base, when the returning members came back and forced us into the line of sight of the sniper. This happened for the remainder of the game. After the voting process, I had everyone leave before me as I was typing out a couple messages for Ciryc. I sent three in total: 1. "We're gonna dip out and make our own open, the bys at spawn are spawn trapping and making it hella hard to even attack the base" 2. "Really good base overall, but a couple recommendations. For the weapons at spawn, don't make them fixed and make sure they're full ammo so the two DMR's can be used at once. Other than that it's a good base!" 3. "Ima dip, but gg mates. If you want to do a scheduled raid just shoot me a message and add me! gg" Overall I'm impressed the four of us (five after 15 minutes) managed to get into the base multiple times and were able to take out a couple of the defenders. Communication was really good and everyone followed orders/advisements. Ciryc did add me after leaving and I intend to set up a raid at some point in the future. PICTURES:
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