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  1. @Noah Reibach yeah I'm a SSGT and won't tell anyone yet.
  2. @Noah ReibachI like the point system as well. I was wondering however is there anyway to become a ODST'S Instructor? My discord is Chillguy23#4749 if you need to reach out to me there thank you, for you're time.
  3. I have messed with it a couple of times. Sadly, I can only play with one other person since I have a xbox one s. I know you can play with four people if you have the series x. Overall, my experience is fun but I personally find the game more enjoyable on pc.
  4. Right, I know this is goes against my own logic but let's stop blowing up this threat. Is Hell approved or not for the ODST'S?
  5. @Noah Reibach Lately, I've been doing the AAR's for the UNSC Razor. I'm sure Hellz will be able to do a AAR given the time.
  6. @Noah Reibach Yeah I gotcha, I'm sure REK can get it done.
  7. @Noah ReibachShe might be "Green" but should that not matter? I've seen that Hellz can lead she even has her own fire team at the moment?
  8. @Noah ReibachHe may not have submitted an AAR.But I'm sure there must be more of a reason why he can not be approved?
  9. This promotion is overdue blueaero has meet all requirements for E5. And I can not stress enough that he deserves this promotion. Despite real life he makes time for the clan and has been active Lately. Overall, blueaero has demonstrated dedication as a solider and as a Squad leader. I would love for him to keep growing as a person and as a leader.
  10. Well I feel better and I'm ready to get back into clan activities.
  11. TYPE OF LEAVE Moderate REASON FOR LEAVE Lately, I have been pumping out so much actively for the UNSC Razor and I'm getting stressed out from it. Also I have caught a nasty cold usually when I get sick it effects me really bad. So from my sickness I'm going to take a leave of absence although I hate missing clan events this is a great opportunity to focus on my health and relax from being stress out. EXPECTED RELEASE DATE April 18, 2021 EXPECTED RETURN DATE April 25, 2021
  12. This promotion is long overdue. Glitch has meet two out of three requirements for E2. He has been active throughout events and always trys his hardest. Although he's not much of a talker he works we'll with the fireteam. Overall, Glitch does his best in events such as internal raids and trainings.
  13. Right agent the title is wrong that's not how you file a promotion.
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