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  1. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox/PC OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 6 ACTIVITY: 3v3 Capture the flag OBJECTIVE: The Objective was to practice team work. ATTENDANCE: @Chillguy23 @REK Burnz @DeadlyDerp17 @ShadowLing77777 @Blueaero3535 @Maple Personal Comments: The whole game took 40mins I was teamed up with REK Burnz, and Blueaero3535. With Maple, ShadowLing77777 and DeadlyDerp17 being the enemies we played on the map Asylum although the battle was challenging my team did win with the score being 3-0. However, Maple's team didn't go down without a fight especially with DeadlyDerp17 holding my teams flag throughout the entire game. None the less it was very fun and challenging game and I'm looking forward to see what DeadlyDerp17 will bring to ONI.
  2. I recommend that @REK Burnz be promoted to the rank of PRIVATE FIRST CLASS. REK Burnz has shown me and many others that he deservers this rank for not only his dedication to the UNSC Razor but also to the clan itself, and he has shown what it means to be a ODST. Furthermore, REK Burnz has meet most of his requirements for the rank of E2 and has been very active in many open raids and trainings. Lastly, REK Burnz is my inspiration because I am hopeful that more people will rise up and try out to become ODST's. I look forward to see him rank up and grow as a person. Sincerely, STAFF SERGEANT, Chillguy23
  3. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: Internal ACTIVITY: 13 OBJECTIVE: The objective was to sharpen up our skills. ATTENDANCE: @Agent Sniper00 @Glitch6664412 @PriceLessIrony @Chillguy23 @UnicornVenom @Megumin @Fire 2the Flame @Creeperkidl0l @Darth R3D @StandoPowa5487 @ShadowLing77777 @EggLad5834 @Blueaero3535 Personal Comments: The attacking team was Agent sniper, Chillguy23, Stando, UnicornVenom, Blueaero3535, Darth R3D The defending team was ShadowLing7777, PricelessIrony, CreepkidI0I, Megumin, EggLad5834. The attacking team was able to take the base within the first 15mins. Although, the defending team had more people they lost the base within said amount time. I believe the biggest thing the defending and attacking team needs to work on is tac coms. I took lead for attacking we were we'll organized but we had a hard time holding the base.Stando took lead for the defending side unfortunately his teams communication was not good. Overall, the game ended in a tie we need to work on tac coms the most.
  4. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 4 ACTIVITY: BTB OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the enemy team ATTENDANCE: @Chillguy23 @HellzJanitor174 @Maple @Agent Sniper00 Personal Comments: communication was good I think the only complaint is that we need to be more effective at using vehicles. Overall, I can see no further problems while playing btb.
  5. I was wondering when these colors will be a thing?
  6. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation XBOX / STEAM OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 12 ACTIVITY VARIANT: CTF/BTB OBJECTIVE: The objective was to work on communication and call outs ATTENDANCE: @Chillguy23 @XxGHOST374xX @JayCeeTee2 @Agent Sniper00 @EggLad5834 @Archerlord @PriceLessIrony @HellzJanitor174 @ShadowLing77777 @StandoPowa5487 @Darth R3D @SuspectedAphid PERSONAL COMMENTS: Everyone did already throughout the games my only concern was listening to orders. Me and Agent sniper had to raise our voices at someone people. To the point we had to kick out the same from the party twice, so we mainly had these issues at the end of each game we played when joining back each other's party. Besides that everything in the training session went smoothly we just need to work on discipline when permisson to speak is active.
  7. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: NA OUTCOME: LOST E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST SD 00:60:00 GBKgory959 MAP VARIANT SCOUTS N/A Nevada Dam COMMAND & CONTROL Chillguy FRIENDLIES HOSTILES Chillguy23 GBKgory959 Speedbiscuit74 Tenrad4059 Krueger B272 openn lobby Janglsz Suumpir wren Chakaar Aran ShadowWalker673 NOBLE1236 Lunatic Spif Basically 74 Ashadwern The scotsman712 *Note*: there were more people but can't fit them all. REPORT: The weapons were inside the base were as followed: Spartan Lazer, Sniper, two shotguns, Rocket Laucher, and Grenade Launcher. Vehicles: Two warthogs, Two mongoose, and Transport falcon. When I spawned in I rushed the base alone with my assaulted rife. Although, the base was already taken over within in the matter of minutes due to spawn rumbling. I found myself putting pressure on the main base I was able to take out a guy with a spartan Lazer. However, the sniper inside the base got the best of me. Throughout the game I kept getting inside of base and contesting it but my efforts were not enough. Towards the end of the game I found myself stuck in spawn with no way to fight back the game ended. One way thing I need to improve on is burst firing with my Assaulted rife. Even through I had a 100 kills most of those were with a Magnum. Lastly, next time I should bring a buddy with me so I can have more control when contesting the base.
  8. Yo Agent you added the wrong ghost to the attendance @XxGHOST374xX is the right one.
  9. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation XBOX / STEAM OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 12 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Internal Raid OBJECTIVE: The objective was to see improvement from both teams. ATTENDANCE: @Chillguy23 @PriceLessIrony @Darth R3D @Maple @REK Burnz @XxGHOST374xX @Fire 2the Flame@Masterchief5301 @boomiseebrain @JayCeeTee2 @StandoPowa5487 @Blueaero3535 PERSONAL COMMENTS The team's were fairly balanced Chillguy23, Blueaero3535, XXGHOST374XX, REK Burnz, Maple and lastly Jayceetee2 were all on the same team. Which we were attacking and I was taking lead, so the defending team was StandoPowa5487, Masterchief5301, Fire 2the Flame, Darth R3D, boomiseebrain and PricelessIrony stando was taking lead. Although, the defending team was given time to get set up in the base they lost the base within a matter of minutes. Due to constant pressure the attacking team put on them. From my point of view the defending team seemed unorganized, so now the roles were reversed the attacking team held the base more than the defending. Since I was leading the attacking we manged to keep the base for mainly the whole game. However, we did come close to losing it since it was constantly contested. In the end the game was tie due to one person hiding inside the base. After the game both teams had a talk. I felt disappointed because the defending team was spawn trapping the attacking team after we took over the base. Resulting in friendly fire happening for both teams. Spawn killing was bad to the point where Maple had to get on ranger and shoot into spawn to help out Jayceetee who was getting killed the most at spawn. Which wasn't fair at all both teams are in the wrong for that. We also found out that no one was listening to Stando during the practice raid. And not listen to each other's call outs personally I didn't do to hot of a job myself when we were attacking and holding the base. My team had the call outs but everyone talked over each other. I take responsibility because I should have told them to clear coms. Overall, both teams need to work on communication and making sure that everyone follows orders.
  10. Oops got the date messed up it should 18/06/2021
  11. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation XBOX / STEAM OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 7 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Big Team Battle OBJECTIVE: The objective was to work on communication and call outs ATTENDANCE: @PriceLessIrony @XxGHOST374xX @HellzJanitor174 @Maple @REK Burnz @Chillguy23 @JayCeeTee2 PERSONAL COMMENTS: Overall, playing Big team battle was successful everyone did great call outs. Thanks to everyone's efforts we managed to win nearly all games. Lastly, it's nice to see all of the ODST'S here today for the Big Team Battle.
  12. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation XBOX / STEAM OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 6 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Big Team Battle OBJECTIVE: The objective was to work together on communication. ATTENDANCE: @Harry Cramb @Chillguy23 @PriceLessIrony @StandoPowa5487 @JayCeeTee2 @Maple PERSONAL COMMENTS: Although, we won all of the games one thing is for sure... we need to work on vehicles. Such as the gauss hog and scorpion tank. As we'll as call outs when the enemy team would rush to one direction we would fail at stopping them. So Harry would get overrun by the enemy constantly. We need to work better on communication and execution.
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