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  1. @Shawn4JapanI mean when i say its harder I am comparing it to the other BT which was extremely easy, its not extremely hard. Maybe I could show you it someday anyways. The first map was very basic and easy which meant it lacked things where i thought needed improved like the parkour, breach and clear and vehicle training area(?). The hardest thing on that map is the grenade jump and thats again cause as i said already needs to be lowered.
  2. On halo 5 a very competitive focused game our UCMB was 3 different maps and an hour to an hour and half long each. Originally i believe was meant to be 12 maps but never got fully developed. I decided to make BCT one map to make it simpler and shorter but with a wider range of activities to help target what we need to know about a member and what knowledge they need to learn. After a while i knew we needed to make it harder and better plus the criticism from shawn. Agent had done that with his map. Yes it made BT longer than the first improvised map but it has a higher quality which in turn makes it more difficult as well.
  3. You are coming at this from a competitive/multiplayer social stand point and i understand this especially since the first few months we wont have forge but i do not feel these reasons justify why we should be focused on turning the BT into a more casual 4v4,8v8 try-out to see where they are at type of BT. As we can do this at any point after BT. Like we have been doing. majority of our events are BTB, 4v4's, Team Tacs and raids all combat focused.
  4. What you are talking about in terms of map jumps in zealot isn't the place for BCT you are talking about a totally different event. EDIT: Leadership can be found to an extent within BT but what we are trying to find more than anything is where they are at in terms of skill and knowledge in the game. If you feel more "trainings" need to be done around maps you may do that with your unit in your own time like I and others have done with my unit after BT. "stress testing patience" is a bit of a twist to what he is saying. but it does matter in my opinion. If they get mad and start screaming in BT over not getting a crouch jump what would they be like whenever they are getting stomped in BTB,4v4's or raids? We know then we can work on this. Hellz is a good example of this she now doesnt rage since we caught onto it early on. I think again you are taking what should a training that is based on us figuring out where they are at and what they are good at across the spectrum into a very linear thought based on a game coming in 2 months.
  5. People struggle all the time on BT and its fine that's why i hanged back while blueareo continued up the way with others. I think you are being highly critical of this and if you don't have the patience for them to keep trying then that's just that then. On the note you made earlier with the jump courses (grenade jumps and pummel jumps). I already stated in the game that this was a first test and i wanted to test it on a large group of recruits to see the difficulty of it and already said i plan to lower both of the walls so you don't need to get the "perfect" jump, you were in the party and game when i said these things. In terms of more combat involved there is a valid criticism that blueareo didn't take enough time on the combat but I do not agree we need to add anymore combat driven areas. Again i still think you are causing trouble as i did say in the party before i left to dm me for any constructive comments about the map and if you feel there could be improvements but instead you decide to make a very disrespectful, degrading and childish "opinions". Even if it wasn't to me you could have messaged blue or shawn. Lastly while infinite is coming soon we may end up with a legacy mcc team and these trainings may still have merit. If nothing else it’s something to do that is more open worldly then regular matchmaking.
  6. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: Crossplay OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 2 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Training Ned to become an Instructor OBJECTIVE: To have ned become a BT Instructor ATTENDANCE: @Harry Cramb @Ned Rich Personal Notes: Today what was planned to have Ned observe how a BT was to be ran but eventually got him doing the full routine on becoming an instructor which was observing and then running a BT under supervision. Spite my connection issues I can safely say ned will make an excellent instructor. He is knowledgeable, respectful and caring to the recruits when running the boot camp. Its clear as day that this is not his first rodeo. After this is filed I will be making him a full instructor in hopes he can help speed through the BT's in the future. During his supervision phase of the training he was not afraid to use me or ask the recruit questions and was honest when it had been a while teaching certain techniques. As well as that during his observation stage he contributed in the BT excellently without inceident and got stuck in with the training while also helping his fellow recruits. Watching this definitely changed my opinion on him greatly and i expect great things from him.
  7. BT is a requirement for E1. We made a more difficult map since the previous one wasn't exactly difficult or even a challenge. This was a complaint made by shawn more than a month ago so its been on my agenda for a while. Seems your just out to stir trouble again. We hosted this for your guys, my guys and to train ned to be an instructor as well. EDIT: Just one last thing BT will always take longer with more people and especially new members to Halo itself this is what BT is for, to help new players to halo coming into our community.
  8. Should have said this in your previous report.
  9. @Ned RichThere is a template for these reports (same for AAR's) if you cant find the template just use the UNSC Razor's reporting as an example and copy and paste the layout. The title usually is the ships name (of who's hosting) followed by a date too.
  10. Conveniently left out the two i was apart of where we lost
  11. Look it was a good learning curve clearing we have been out of the loop in terms of playing against other clans. We plan to play these guys again even if the leader is a little toxic at times.
  12. Here is a link to the server as well seems pretty standard he told me he is trying to reach 200 members on it. https://discord.gg/aak57tJv
  13. As an instructor in real life this was actually something that got brought up. In terms of kayaking. I can teach people how not to climb into your kayak or how not to hold your paddle correctly. If i then left them to figure out how to get in but still not showing them 'how to' they will eventually figure it out although a lot longer or/and with bad habits e.g. Bringing you kayak out ankle deep then put both legs either side and then sit into your kayak and then bring your legs in. (Correct way) What they might do is take the kayak out too deep where they will struggle to get in or too close to shore where they cant actually get out into the water or lastly and the most likely fall into the water as they are unbalanced. The reason we teach people the "right" way too do things is so they wont pick up bad habits and that they will hopefully be able to develop upon the right way to more advance techniques or ideas. Basically it's our way to give people a short cut into developing new skills or current. Another thing that we teach is not to teach with a negative mind set like saying "don't" or thats the "wrong" way to do it as it is a negative outlook on things. What also happens then is that the kids or teens fixate on that and if they then do that "wrong" thing they get worried and may panic when in reality its ok to sometimes dot he wrong thing as long as they know afterwards that it was the best technique or path to take for whatever reason. Thats why there are things like two stars and a wish. Two things you thought went great and 1 thing you want to improve on (notice not what you did badly). I then also always make sure they say the positive stuff first as its always easier to think of something you done bad as we always fixate on that. I derailed a bit but i feel its all relevant to the topic in someway. In summary people can do the right thing eventually when only knowing about the wrong things to do but it will take a lot longer and they may develop with bad habits.
  14. Hopefully i hear shaw pays people so i want my moneys worth
  15. It really doesn't feel like it. But yeh mind blowing I've been here just over half a decade!!
  16. Just realised I've been in the clan 6 years this month. Officially the longest clan I have been in past my own clan.
  17. Theater of operation Xbox/Steam OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 14 ACTIVITY: Internal Raid Training OBJECTIVE: Control the base for the time duration ATTENDANACE: @boomiseebrain@XxGHOST374xX @the gamer 24833 @Enemy @Agent Sniper00 @StandoPowa5487 @HellzJanitor174 @Jonesy@Chillguy23@EggLad5834@Megumin @Darth R3D@Hobuh @Archerlord PERSONAL COMMENTS: The leader of the defending team was hellz and the leader of the attacknig team was ghost. I thought it would be interesting to pit them both together and see what happens. Hellz was visibly nervous but i pressed on with the game. Defending team: Hellz, Gamer, chill, archer, meg, darth, agent Attacking: Ghost, hobuh, Harry, Jonesy, egg, enemy, boom The game started out strong with us (the attacking team) aiming to take out agent (the sniper) first and foremost. Agent decided to go up extreme marine climb and hit us from behind when the new enlisted member hobuh typed in the chat saying its against raid rules and he must go back to base. In the party i corrected him expecting the defender to know this is not stated in our ROE. Around 20 mins had went by and we took the base. There were some confusions around raid rules with me using bubble shield which was on the map and again hobuh using the wraith which was for attackers to hold the front gate. i tried telling him but he kept lagging out of the party. In the end we sat in a party and chill informed alot of arguing happened on the defenders side. In which i asked had the all read the raid rules? Of course they said yes in wich i then said everything that happened wasnt breaking any rules and for you guys to take the word of a new recruit whos been here less than a week was their mistake. Afterwards i linked the roe in the razor chat/command deck.
  18. Read over them before you post them
  19. Theater of operation Xbox/Steam OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 12 ACTIVITY: BTB Training OBJECTIVE: Practice teamwork, leadership and map knowledge ATTENDANACE: @boomiseebrain @the gamer 24833 @Enemy @Agent Sniper00 @StandoPowa5487 @HellzJanitor174 @Jonesy @Halo Master @Fire 2the Flame@Chillguy23@EggLad5834@Megumin PERSONAL COMMENTS: We played 3 games the first one was online with 8 people where i made enemy take lead because agent plans on having him take his place as squad lead. At first enemy went afk without saying anything so I told everyone to stay at spawn till eh comes back and tell us the plan. When he came back and realised he was leader he done very well leading and communicated actively. I had enemy take lead for a team every game after this. The second game once everyone else joined both teams done very well with enemy leading and stando leading the other. The third game which was alot closer was on haemorrhage where hellz was lead on one team and enemy lead the other. It was clear hellz' team were communicating well and had vehicle control. Which was great to see. Something to work on is peoples comms whenever positioning on the map starts to break down so we can effectively tackle counter attacks.
  20. Couple things... Title needs to be UNSC Razor (and then the date) and how is this a internal raid?
  21. I agree @Dale Kilkin id say just power on with it like you are suggesting we can get a picture sorted for it at anytime.
  22. From what i understand all the tech/equipment left behind was for the Afghan army to use but they never did or were trained in how to use it. I recall reading something where it was said the contractors paid by america were the ones upkeeping the equipment and the main people operating the machinery and vehicles were also contractors.
  23. Nice report and good to see you hosting again priceless keep it up!
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