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  1. From what i understand all the tech/equipment left behind was for the Afghan army to use but they never did or were trained in how to use it. I recall reading something where it was said the contractors paid by america were the ones upkeeping the equipment and the main people operating the machinery and vehicles were also contractors.
  2. Nice report and good to see you hosting again priceless keep it up!
  3. He's a loyal member and i do hope he does not think this as a bad thing. I am hoping with his rank now being our of a JNCO role he may become more active now with the relief or stress that he does not need to lead for the time being if he ever does though he is welcome to try for JNCO again. Approved 14/09/21
  4. Since i now have permissions to reply I will catch up in the many conversations...
  5. Like Blue said it's sad to see this happen but there's only so much leeway we can give to inactivity to people in positions of leadership. E3 might help you become more active/comfortable again with us @KrxzyUndead. Approved 13/09/21
  6. I am going to approve this for now and maybe the thread can be moved later. Approved 13/09/21
  7. I still cant comment/react to certain posts and have noooo clue what to do 🤣

    1. Shawn4Japan


      Sorry I'll figure this out and let you know, reshuffled group permissions a couple of days ago trying to give you access to the PERSCOM forums.

  8. This is i the wrong place now from what i understand @Shawn4Japan?
  9. Approved masterchief needs to make a new account that is why he is under a guest account as of right now. 01/09/21
  10. A lot of them who was in the original convos above are taking their time on what they want to say so its not so emotionally driven but i do keep saying that currently you all are looking and it would be worth to say your piece on how you feel on certain topics.
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