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  1. OPERATIONAL REPORT THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 8 ACTIVITY VARIANT: UCMB OBJECTIVE: To complete UCMB Week 1 ATTENDANCE: B1ue Team Sucks, HARRY CRAMB, , GHOSTOFDECEMBER, Aeterna Sol, Forger Zeus, the gamer 24833, Zephry Oda, Peakdragon199 PERSONAL COMMENTS: Everyone passed besides ghost and gamer (irrelevant now). Everyone was very attentive and was very involving. Blueteam was the only one not actually there since he was doing an Arma Op with another clan on PC even though i needed him to observe how to run the UC
  2. Never seen something like this even on the old site. It'll be good to have something to use as a resource for our enlisted to understand what the positions of our higher ranked officials do and are responsible for.
  3. So he was saying he went inactive with the clan due to all his friends leaving. I asked if he still wants to stay and he said no. I gave him the option between resignation or discharge and he chose for me to put in a resignation for him in case he chooses to come back at some point. Didnt know him to well i met him once. He was apart of UNSC Vanishing Point. Signed, LT. Harry Cramb Captain Of The UNSC Razor
  4. Kombatman asked to put in a resignation for him as he stated that he doesn't play halo alot but in the future would like to join back and i asked if he wished for me to file the resignation on behalf of him and he said yes. Again this is me sifting through our large amount of MIA's. Signed, LT. Harry Cramb Captain of the UNSC Razor
  5. Resort has shown complete inactivity throughout his entire career. I think ive seen him appear once as an ODST and even before then i saw very little of him. iasked him to respond to me with in 24 hours and i sent this to him when he was online playing another game so clearly he has lost interest. Signed, LT. Harry Cramb Captain of the UNSC Razor
  6. Dont know this man but this is just me filtering through all of the MIA's in the server. He stated he is in the 105th and doesn't care for the discharge. From what im aware he has done nothing. Signed, LT. Harry Cramb Captain of the UNSC Razor
  7. Chillguy23 had really no real impact in the clan having very long breaks without giving notices or going on LOA. I finally thought to approach and ask his situation as i see him online quite frequently. As an ODST his inactivity with little to no excuse isn't acceptable. So i asked him 'if he still plays halo?' and he said 'no' in which i said 'are you fine with being discharged then?' in which he confirmed with a 'nope'. HIs lack of interest says it all and we shouldn't have these kind of unmotivated people within the ODST's. Signed, LT. Harry Cramb Captain of the UNSC R
  8. Have a good one man ill be sure to play some COD or HOI4 with sometime soon when im not busy with work!
  9. No need see you later rookie.
  10. To be honest. This can be an opinion as well as giving facts as it depends where you operate within the community. But if you are talking in general i would say halo has been on a decline since Bungie left and 343 took over. I'm not saying its the companies specific fault as they had some big ass shoes to fill but from Halo 4 not being the best multiplayer (but in my opinion a fantastic campaign) and then for halo 5 to do vise versa they've proved very unreliable which i feel has pushed alot of people away from the game. As well as this compared to how it used to be the tolerance for 'toxic' p
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