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  1. Takes alot to realise that you are no longer viable or able for a position. Hopefully you decide to stay just as a high official. Good luck with life it is sometimes funny how much some people (including me) forget this is a game and life comes first. So good luck! Thank you for your service ma'am. Signed, Captain of the UNSC Razor LCDR. Harry Cramb
  2. I mean the ship has adopted the current system fine. Alot of people do enjoy the uniform aspect but others dont. So it lies to maybe who do we want too appeal too.
  3. Shit to hear that it feels more like a chore but we did discuss this before and as I have said plenty of times you shouldnt feel guilty for taking an LOA. ITS OK TOO. Like i say countlessly ive taken a 6 month loa before so really its ok to go for however long you want too also.
  4. Yup they do need posted that i can agree on.
  5. I agree with everything you have said above but I think you need to stop with your defensive stance in your recommendations/discussions @WulfeBear . All of the marines and navy learn call outs and enjoy improving. We are not going to debate with you if you are generally being helpful but assuming that we will act a certain way is premature.
  6. People do not at times I agree but that is also what demotions are for when someone is not doing what they are meant too in their position. But I think the 2/3 pre req rule has been great for myself in encouraging people to push for the next rank. But like everything else ill adapt to what you guys want.
  7. I mean here's the thing. He hasnt been here for over a month so he doesnt exactly know how we "hand out ranks" I think its fair to say I am one of if not a tough captain when it comes to approving people into NCO positions. Making a person a fireteam leader or a 2nd in command fireteam leader, for me is prepping someone as an NCO. It also allows me to see who is a capable leader. Here's my point. I know @Verocy @Chillguy23 @Maple @boomiseebrain @Fire 2the Flame @Agent Sniper00 @Nemesisare all capable or have the potential to be great leaders, even officers due to their activity, leadership and general knowledge and they are all fireteam leaders and some people who were fireteam leaders but were not suited or active enough for the role have been removed from there like @the gamer 24833. Now the navy on my ship is under developed since I have only been having marines but i will be using the same method and mentality as i have done with the marines, with the navy. If i do not think someone is suitable to be a leader or to be on my ship I will not have them where they want to be. As you have seen @Shawn4Japan. Personally hearing that we hand out promotions like candy pisses me off because besides maybe giving out the fireteam leader positions "handing out promotions" is something i do not like to do even with the 2/3 pre req rule. Further more this is a game. I cannot hold someone at E3 indefinitely and im aware of that. So at times if it has been a while and ive seen improvement and loyalty I will promote them when its long over due. Like @the gamer 24833and @KrxzyUndead. I think his recommendation is in the right place but lacks experience with us. He has yet to see a promotion for a NCO go in and be with us longer than a week. He is also yet to attend a ship wide event.
  8. Yeh never resigned and i couldnt exactly discharge him.
  9. This man left lol why is he applying for ODSTs??
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