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  1. I am writing this promotion for Lance Corporal Stando do to his excellent work he has been doing for the ship. Stando has completed his his requirements for E4 and recently has been quite busy with Razor. Stando has been hosting and attending a number of activities for for the ship and has recently became his own fire team leader which is great to see. Stando has been takin his leader ship position seriously and doing what he has to do to run his fire team, I believe he deserves this promotion. Keep up the good work Stando. sincerely Sgt. Blueaero
  2. I recommend this promotion for flame because she has came a long way of moving up in the clan, she has reached her requirements for E3, Flame also has became a fire team leader with a full fire team who are all quite active which is very impressive to have. Flame attends most activities that we do and also does her fair share of hosting, even tho she has a busy schedule with working most days. I’m glad to see flame come this far and hope she keeps on improving and moving up in ranks, good job flame. signed, Sgt. Blueaero
  3. I would like to write this recommendation for @Canadian Taco5 loyalty to this clan and especially to the ship. Canadian has shown great promise to his peers helping out in every way he can, taco is a busy man with a family and still makes time to proceed in clan activities, taco also what’s a lot of interest in leading roles which I think would suit him perfectly. Taco is an overall good teammate to be around and is not scared to speak his own mind and is always willing to help out as much as he can. I hope to see him stay with us and lead his own fire team, I believe he will do great. signed, sgt. Blueaero UNSC Razor platoon sergeant alpha squad leader marine command
  4. I believe this promotion is long over do, priceless reaches his requirements for this promotion as in being in the clan for over 3 months and he understands the rules of engagement. Pricelessirony has recently been busy with school do to his exams and still has been putting time in this clan. Priceless is very useful in trainings, listens to what he is told to do. And is efficient in raids. I am glad to see him sticking around and showing up to events with a busy schedule, and happy to see committed and reliable when we need him.
  5. I am requesting a promotion for Maple do to everything he has been doing lately, ample reaches the requirements for his E4 he has a lot of interest for leading and also he is now leading his own fire team which he is doing a great job doing it. Maple is obviously one of our top players and by far the best sniper we have, surely the best sniper I have ever seen. This past while Maple has been hosting a lot of operations and has been attending to pretty much anything anyone else hosts. Maple is great to everyone and everyone likes to be around him and game with him, he is an excellent leader. Maple is great in every raid and knows actually what he has to do or what to listen for and as everyone knows he is a perfect shot, it’s good maple is moving up in the ranks as he is loyal to this clan and his ship.
  6. I am requesting a promotion for Verocy do to her hard work she has been putting into the ship, she has reached her requirements to reach E2, as in being here for 2 months, and unlocked her Boot Camp training achievement. Vercoy is one of our greatest players we have and the rest of the ship would definitely say the same, she is very efficient in raids, always knowing what to do and listening to what has to be done in them, also she comes up with her own ways of getting in which works out great. She also does amazing leading in team tac and other operations, she is now a fire team leader and deserves to be there, I’m happy to be her squad leader knowing I have a great player like her to fight along side with.
  7. This promotion is long over do, Maple reaches his requirements for this rank and highly deserves it, Maple is efficient in every operation we do and is always ready and willing to join for anything. He is a great member to us.
  8. [lance corporal] * I pressed done by mistake
  9. I am requesting the promotion for my second, because he reaches the standards to become an E3 and like to take on leader ship role and will be starting his own fire team very soon, I want to see him to great and to better things. I believe he deserves This promotion
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