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  1. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 9 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Basic Training OBJECTIVE: to get the new recruits passed their bt and to test out the new map ATTENDANCE: @Blueaero3535@Harry Cramb@B1ue Team Sucks@Ned Rich@TakeoutSeven09@Agent Stratus0@Zhane Silva@Strohk@PeruvianPuff73 PERSONAL COMMENTS: glad to see that everyone passed their basic Training and got their E1 also tried out the new bt map that @Agent Asirimmade, really good work.
  2. I wrote this before u joined ma man ;
  3. Also while we were defending the opposing team couldn’t get past the first capture points every time we defended^
  4. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 3 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Invasion OBJECTIVE: to keep up practicing at invasion, do to not actually playing much of it ATTENDANCE: @Blueaero3535@Morris@HellzJanitor174 PERSONAL COMMENTS: We played three games with full lobbies, we worked really great as a team, coms was good there was no interrupting each other everything went well, we won all the matches both defending and attacking, I’m pretty proud of that outcome especially the fact that there was only the three of us, well done guys. PHOTOS:
  5. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 6 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Team Tactical OBJECTIVE: To get back into the team tac trainings and testing out a newer member for their leadership skills ATTENDANCE: @Blueaero3535@TakeoutSeven09@EggLad5834@boomiseebrain@HellzJanitor174@Trill PERSONAL COMMENTS: Blue team: Blueaero, Takoutseven, Egglad Red team: Boom, Hellz, Trill This was a small team tac for sure pretty disappointed about the numbers but people have things to do and a lot had to update their halo which is no biggie, but other than that I’m happy the other 5 joined they did well plus it was takeouts first and was leading blue team which I found he did a great job, coms were good. Boom lead red team and from what he said everything went well which is good to hear. We only got one game in do to not many people joining and others having to leave, but overall it was still a good training and blue is the winning team.
  6. OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: SN 0117 OUTCOME: Win E Halo GAME TYPE GAME DURATION GAME HOST UNSC Razor classic/open raid 01:00:00 Agent Asirim MAP VARIANT SCOUTS Fort Iroquois Blueaero COMMAND & CONTROL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX FRIENDLIES HOSTILES Blueaero3535 Agent Asirim ODST R Envy Hellzjanitor SN 0117 SN 0131 Des Xellus Skol Xellus Ghost boy 001 ll John S117 MC REPORT: The three of us held the base for the first 35 minutes, I was on sniper, agent with grenade launcher and hellz with Spartan laser. Then they started getting in and took us out for about 10 minutes, after that we managed to get back and keep the base for the remaining time. Communication was great considering it was only three of us it was a good raid and overall kept up with covering each other’s back, great job guys. PICTURES:
  7. I am making this Demotion for Krzxy do to him being inactive for the past few months. I understand he was going threw something at the time but that’s why you file an Loa. Krzxy has had a position as fire team leader but was never there for his team nor did he host anything trainings, also could never keep his fire team full. If he becomes more active again he can easily get his rank back, but until then we have to do this. Sorry buddy.
  8. AFTER ACTION REPORT E OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE VS. FIRST CONTACT: Il Thomas li, li kirk li OUTCOME: Win E Halo GAME TYPE: GAME DURATION GAME HOST Open Raid 00:60:00 Agent Sniper MAP VARIANT: SCOUTS Fort Iroquois blueaero enemyesterminat OCI D Ghost COMMAND & CONTROL Agent Sniper00 FRIENDLIES HOSTILES Blueaero llRaccoonyll Agent Sniper00 Vexitel Chillguy23 Ghemmi Enemyesterminat Peridox PricelessIrony Solstice01 Canadian Taco5 Aldo AP 007 OCI D Ghost ll Thomas ll Standopowaaa all Kirk 018 REPORT: Agent Sniper00 took lead with this open raid, I took the sniper, chillguy23 with the Spartan laser, both Canadian taco and Standopowaa, and PricelessIrony with the grenade launcher. As soon as we got set up we had people join the game right away and some of the enemy’s were from other clans that put up a decent fight for the first 15 minutes, one managed to get in the base a kill a couple of us before he got killed. After that a lot of people started to rage and quit the raid. Threw out the rest of the game people came and left little by little so we weren’t all that busy but the coms were steady and call outs were on point, and everyone done as they were told without complaint, everyone did great.
  9. Theater Of Operation: Xbox Operational Capacity: 11 Activity: Team Tactical Objective: To get more training in the activity Attendance: @Blueaero3535@Harry Cramb@Fire 2the Flame@StandoPowa5487@Darth R3D@PriceLessIrony@JayCeeTee2@EggLad5834@Auntyslayer9000@REK Burnz@HellzJanitor174 Personal Comment: red team: blueaero,Harry, stando, flame, (darth for the first match) blue team: priceless, jay, hellz, burnz, egglad, aunty, ( darth for the second match) for the first match it went well coms were good, on our side and also their side I had stando lead for red team and priceless for blue team, they both did really well and we actually tied it up which I find good. the second match we had the same people lead, it wasn’t takin as serious as it should be, coms weren’t you bad, some of us failed to catch on to what we were supposed to be doing but we learned from it, other than that good job everyone.
  10. Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 13 ACTIVITY: Team Tactical OBJECTIVE: Too keep up with with our team tacs and keep switching people up to work with others better. ATTENDANCE: @Blueaero3535@Chillguy23@JayCeeTee2@Maple@PriceLessIrony@AlonePuppet81@Agent Sniper00@StandoPowa5487@Darth R3D@Archerlord@Fire 2the Flame@HellzJanitor174@tfospector PERSONAL COMMENTS: Red team: PricelessIrony, Blueaero, Chillguy23, Jayceetee2, TFO Spectre, Maple, (Alonepuppet81) was on our team in the first match. Blue team: Fire 2the Flame, Standopowaaa, darth, hellz, archerlord, agent sniper, (Alonepuppet81) was with them in the second match. The first match went extremely well on our end coms were good, PricelessIrony lead for red team and did a good job at it. We all helped each other with what we had to do and give some advice for different tactics which worked out on the end. For the second match same thing we also won that match, everything went well, did a lot of pushing which worked out. Flame was leading blue team she informed me that it will pretty well coms were good and also they won a couple rounds, had us tied up for a few of them which is good but just didn’t get the victory which is ok, there’s always next time. The only other note I want to leave is that if you have a team leader always listen to his command, when we spawn we shouldn’t move until he/she has came up with a plan or tell us what to do and if they say follow me you are to follow them not separate, other than that everyone did well, great training guys.
  11. Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 2 ACTIVITY: Basic Training OBJECTIVE: To get deadly past is bt and earn his E1 ATTENDANCE: @Blueaero3535@DeadlyDerp17 PERSONAL COMMENTS: glad to see deadly pass his bt he did very well, looking forward to playing with him
  12. It’s been awesome being a brother in arms with u nemesis gonna miss u buddy good luck in life, hopefully meet u for real one day
  13. Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 3 ACTIVITY: Basic Training OBJECTIVE: To get the new recruits past their BT and reach E1 ATTENDANCE: @Blueaero3535@Auntyslayer9000@Enemy PERSONAL COMMENTS: glad to see the recruits get past their bt with ease and make, their gonna make great members
  14. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 3 ACTIVITY: Basic Training OBJECTIVE: To get the new recruits past their bt and get their E1 ATTENDANCE: @Blueaero3535@ArticSnowokd@Danimals1011 Personal Comments: glad to see them do their basic training right away and get it done quite fast, good to see they know what their doing
  15. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 13 ACTIVITY: Team Tactical OBJECTIVE: To get the lower ranks practicing their call outs and listening to their commands. ATTENDANCE: @Blueaero3535 @Chillguy23@Agent Sniper00@PriceLessIrony@Fire 2the Flame@StandoPowa5487@UnicornVenom@Darth R3D@EggLad5834@Megumin@Creeperkidl0l@ShadowLing77777@Glitch6664412 Personal Comments: First match: Red team: blueaero, Stando, Priceless, glitch, egglad, megumin Blue team: Flame, Chillguy, Agent, unicorn, creeper, darth I found this match really great, I had priceless leading this match, at the first we took the lead for the first two rounds then they came back once then we took over again, gladly we won that match, I am managed to take out the whole opposing team out myself one round of that which doesn’t happen often so I give myself a little pat on the back; but everyone did well on our team call outs were great and coms were good as well. For the other team with feed back from Flame who was leading red team, they said it went well also their coms were fine as well as their call outs. Second match: Blue team: Blueaero, chillguy, flame, unicorn, stando, megumin, shadowling Red team: Agent, Priceless, Darth, Egglad, creeper, glitch Ummmmm this match was interesting, not really a lot to say about this one, Stando was leading this team the call outs were fine and coms were good stando took the whole team with him while me and chill flanked together but saying that we noticed we couldn’t fine the other teams in every round finding out they camped in places for the whole match leading us to our defeat, Agent was leading that team and on their side they said the coms and call outs were good as well. Overall I found this training pretty good had a good time with everyone, good job guys.
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