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  1. Despite my shoutout to all my friends here and I know not all agree with me, I beg you all to leave as well. Bury this clan, it doesn't need to exist as ONI or anything else these twisted fuck role play. I'll be on Minecraft with real friends and a real world instead of the imaginary one you all live in for intelligence or whatever 25599 stupid uppidty pricks.
  2. Kick me out the Spartan Company, hope you all have your maps saved. Weight is lifted off my shoulder from the stupid ass role playing. Minecraft isn't as serious as this Halo bullshit and making this active doesn't mean its alive. I know you are hiding something @Shawn4Japan that maybe only @ADM S Osman or other dick riders know, once a booter always a booter and whatever illegal stuff you guys are up to KARMA is a BITCH. Most of these other members don't know anything but social games and "activity" both of you don't know anything really about ONI. I was doing undercover operations for
  3. You are literally the only person to break 1,000 posts on this website, you role play owning your own company and want to make money off ONI for your own cars. Of all the founding degenerates to make ONI you are the weirdest mutt with an unfound ego, you are the biggest dumbass and hold back this clan and High command and its no wonder why they tried to leave you out of everything.
  4. What is S5, S5 Companies and even that Tier 1 Esports shit. Are they not the LLC you were talking about in the party with Shaw and Corleone? Ultimate/John gave you the idea and you ran with it why deny it outright. It's literally on the footer of this website. I graduated not off anyone elses backs but other Officers here that all share the same resentment towards you in one form or another. You think all these ONI's hate you for no reason but go off on 17 year olds on the Internet. I'm not even bullying you boomer just putting out facts.
  5. You are literally 24 arguing with a 17 year old, shut the fuck up and get a real job instead of creating fake LLC's to claim ONI as a company to write off. You are the weirdest person here. Osman asked for me to resign because I haven't been active, because NAVCOM doesn't meet like they are supposed to and NAVLOGCOM is literally just me and Dale who is a boomer and somehow can't get a use of Discord. If ranks don't matter to you why is this always being updated with Highcom, you and any of the founders in the loop instead of the people actually trying to work up. You really are the weir
  6. I've been asked to resign and I feel like its really the best time to. ONI isn't what it used to be when I joined, this is a place is much nicer more welcoming and it looks like people are playing together. I'm sorry to say but I don't like the direction ONI is going, I wanted to keep the Minecraft server and expansion into that game with the Halo skins I made. Enjin was a better platform and I donated to the design, how does $3,000 you raised from all us officers be for web design and esports. No one cares for esports here give up on that dream @Shawn4Japan and just start something new. Web d
  7. New website is cool

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