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  1. I would like to request a promotion for Pfc. SuspectedAphid. Pfc. SuspectedAphid has completed the necessary requirements for this promotion. Pfc. SuspectedAphid is an active member of the clan. Sometimes due to parental constraints he is unable to attend events and training but he has always communicated those issues and does his best to attend events. He is just starting in his career and is learning more about the site and how to properly submit operation reports. It is always fun to play with Pfc. SuspectedAphid and he has expanded my own taste in music. I am proud to have had Pfc. Suspect
  2. I messed up my days for this. My return date was supposed to be for 20th of April. I was out of State and just returned yesterday. Effective today, I am no longer on LOA. Apologies for the miscommunication.
  3. TYPE OF LEAVE Regular REASON FOR LEAVE Going to be flying out of state to visit family so I will not have my computer with me during this time. EXPECTED RELEASE DATE April 9, 2021 EXPECTED RETURN DATE April 12, 2021
  4. I would like to request a promotion of LCpl. Blueaero. This promotion is long over due. Not only has Blueaero completed the necessary requirements for this promotion, he has gone above and beyond what should be asked of him as a Lance Corporal. This promotion is late and I take full responsibility for that. LCpl. Blueaero has successfully lead a Fireteam and is not been selected as a Squad Leader for the UNSC Razor. He is consistently hosting and attending events. He has been on the forefront with our ground troops and has gained the admiration and respect of his peers. I remember one of th
  5. I would like to write this recommendation for @Ultimateracet8 for his unwavering loyalty, commitment, and activity. Ultimate has consistently attended activities and has started to take in interest in leadership. As a member of Fireteam Jigs and Reels, he has consistently been asked to take lead during activities and has done very well. He is not shy of taking charge and shows good leadership qualities. It has been a pleasure getting to know and play with him. I hope to see him eventually lead his own Fireteam some day. Signed, Cpl. NemesisUNSC Razor Junior Head InstructorMarine Co
  6. I write this recommendation with no hesitation as @Maple absolutely deserves a call out for his commitment, skill, and activity. Maple has become a household name on the UNSC Razor for his sharpshooting skills on the SRS99-AM. I have always had a great time playing with Maple and he seems to almost always be available for anything. Maple has become an asset in raids for his skills. I know Maple has the goal of becoming an ODST but I know he is also interested in leading his own fireteam. I know any fireteam Maple may lead in the future will do well under him. Thank you Maple for your commitmen
  7. Does one have to first be asked to be a witness? Because I did not get asked nor agree to be a witness.
  8. Well, once someone makes an account they have to get 2,500 credits on the site to change their username.
  9. I would like request a promotion for Pvt. StandoPowa. Pvt. StandoPowa has successfully completed the requirements for the rank Private First Class. He as been an active member of the UNSC Razor and Fireteam Kilo. He as attended raid trainings and team tac friendlies and has shown his ability to preform at a good level. Sometime he can be quite and but after a while he starts to be more vocal and has good communication with his teammates. I am excited to see what his career here holds for him. @StandoPowa5487 Cpl. NemesisUNSC Razor Junior Head InstructorMarine Command Bravo Squad Leader
  10. I would like to request a promotion for Pfc. Blueaero3535. Pfc. Blueaero3535 has successfully completed the necessary requirements for this promotion. He took on a leadership role very early on in his career here and has done very well with his fireteam. Pfc. Blueaero3535 has earned the respect of not only his fireteam but of everyone on the UNSC Razor. Not only has he taken on a huge leadership role early but also has become an instructor of the ship to help train new recruits. It has been a pleasure to work beside and play with Pfc. Blueaero3535. I am proud of the leader he is becoming. I ho
  11. I would like to write a recommendation for Pfc. HellzJanitor174. She has been learning under me for a while now and I am very confident in her and am excited for her to start taking more of a leadership role within the UNSC Razor. Pfc. HellzJanitor174 has recently taken over as a Fireteam Leader and I am proud to see her start her leadership journey. She continues to be an active member within the UNSC Razor and showed great leadership potential in our friendly team tac we had with another fireteam. She still has a lot to learn but I'm confident she will learn and continue to grow not only wit
  12. Congrats Maple! Your a wicked sniper and I have had a lot of fun playing with you! Keep up the good work
  13. Im ready whenever you are o7
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