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  1. 1st wish: Live until I am between the age of 80-100 (so I don't know when I will die) 2nd wish: To be healthy my entire life. 3rd wish: Live a life where I will be remembered in history for something good. If it didn't break the rules or count as multiple wishes I would include my wife in all 3 wishes
  2. Nemesis


    I wonder if it'll have the ability for expanded memory too since 512 GB isn't a whole lot compared to how many games people have.
  3. Nemesis


    It reminds me of a switch just better hardware. Also since you have to login to steam, will you always have to be connected to internet to use it? As a handheld system like the switch, people may use it areas without a internet connection. Its definitely interesting.
  4. Nemesis

    Day 1 Teams

    Put me in Coach! Day 1 lets go
  5. I get the reason for a discharge but I would assume it would be for double duty. Just for future reference, being out of uniform at any time is punishable up to discharge? I just don't want one of my guys out of uniform while playing like a game night and discharged. I guess I'm just looking for more clarification.
  6. I haven't had an Xbox since the 360. I know that Infinite is going to be on PC as well as the series X. I personally would go with a PC since a lot of games are transitioning to PC and you don't have to pay for xbox live on PC to play online. Steam has such a plethora of games that you can almost do anything on a PC and adding storage space is super easy. Thats just me personally lol
  7. 20th Anniversary Collection link Honestly, I didn't see this until today but as someone who has been playing Halo since the start, I am very interested in getting something. If I did get anything it would be the tumbler since I can add my GT to it and that would be super cool. Anyone else have a sense of nostalgia thinking back to when they first started Halo? Would you guys get and what would it be? Have you gotten something already and what was it?
  8. The reason I am requesting a transfer is due to my own interests within Halo. I have never done raids before until I joined ONI. Raids have been kinda fun but I personally prefer Comp and Social games. I have never been heavy in the Role Playing community as the only part I really role play is the ranking structure. My overall goal is to become an officer and play more comp and social games without the need for heavy RP. Signed, Sgt. NemesisUNSC Razor Junior Head InstructorMarine Command Bravo Squad Leader
  9. I would like to request a promotion for Pfc. SuspectedAphid. Pfc. SuspectedAphid has completed the necessary requirements for this promotion. Pfc. SuspectedAphid is an active member of the clan. Sometimes due to parental constraints he is unable to attend events and training but he has always communicated those issues and does his best to attend events. He is just starting in his career and is learning more about the site and how to properly submit operation reports. It is always fun to play with Pfc. SuspectedAphid and he has expanded my own taste in music. I am proud to have had Pfc. SuspectedAphid as a member of my fireteam and as his Squad leader I am still proud. Pfc. SuspectedAphid still has a lot to learn, but that will only come with time and experience. Signed, Sgt. NemesisUNSC Razor Junior Head InstructorMarine Command Bravo Squad Leader
  10. I messed up my days for this. My return date was supposed to be for 20th of April. I was out of State and just returned yesterday. Effective today, I am no longer on LOA. Apologies for the miscommunication.
  11. I would like to request a promotion of LCpl. Blueaero. This promotion is long over due. Not only has Blueaero completed the necessary requirements for this promotion, he has gone above and beyond what should be asked of him as a Lance Corporal. This promotion is late and I take full responsibility for that. LCpl. Blueaero has successfully lead a Fireteam and is not been selected as a Squad Leader for the UNSC Razor. He is consistently hosting and attending events. He has been on the forefront with our ground troops and has gained the admiration and respect of his peers. I remember one of the first games I played with LCpl. Blueaero, LCDR. Harry hosted a team tac and asked Blueaero to lead the team. At first Blueaero was reserved but after a round or two he started to really lead. Although his time in my Fireteam was short, he has come far from that first team tac game. I am proud to have him as a peer, working side by side on the UNSC Razor. Signed, Sgt. NemesisUNSC Razor Junior Head InstructorMarine Command Bravo Squad Leader
  12. I would like to write this recommendation for @Ultimateracet8 for his unwavering loyalty, commitment, and activity. Ultimate has consistently attended activities and has started to take in interest in leadership. As a member of Fireteam Jigs and Reels, he has consistently been asked to take lead during activities and has done very well. He is not shy of taking charge and shows good leadership qualities. It has been a pleasure getting to know and play with him. I hope to see him eventually lead his own Fireteam some day. Signed, Cpl. NemesisUNSC Razor Junior Head InstructorMarine Command Bravo Squad Leader
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