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  1. I have become a nuke, as stated in the Discord server's lobby. You have until 10 AM PDT tomorrow to disarm me. Go.
  2. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this. I have been thinking about the clan and whether I should continue to be a part of it since taking leave of absence. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not fit for it. On top of all the things I have to do right now, I also want to be able to sustain myself by getting a job in the future. That would leave me with little time to do anything here. I would like the sincerely thank both the UNSC Vanishing Point and the UNSC Razor for taking care of me over my time here, especially @Shawn4Japan, @Harry Cramb, @B1ue Team Sucks, and Flatline. You four ma
  3. TYPE OF LEAVE Undetermined REASON FOR LEAVE I have been prioritizing this clan over more important things for too long. I now have one year to finish school or else I get locked out, so I need to start working on that, among other things. EXPECTED RELEASE DATE January 11th, 2021 EXPECTED RETURN DATE Unknown
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