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  1. Seems a shame to lose anyone willing to be active if what Shawn was saying about Ghost was accurate. But if they can't adequately conceal their personal feelings or at least keep their mouth shut and be professional after receiving the warnings shown above, there really isn't a choice. Also, it's odd that he seems to think that his freedom of speech is sanctified by the US Bill of Rights in an international, private, organization. Maybe no one has explained this to him? Truly makes me wonder if he is just generally unintelligent like Shawn postulated lmao ...I suppose we do s
  2. Personally, I have the original Oculus Rift and it does 90% of what the latest VR headsets do, just... badly. However, it's currently gathering dust as I don't have a computer capable enough to run it. I've been fortunate enough to get to try the Pimax 8k X ($2k for the bundle with controllers) and was totally blown away. I couldn't see any pixels/screen-door and the 200-degree fov filled my vision to its edges. Seeing the future of VR like that really convinced me that it will become as prolific as the smartphone or at least the home game console once the "jank" is ironed out. For comp
  3. As far as an ETA, no one's got any news on the next generation of headsets, but we're pretty sure they are coming. For a sim pit though, I'd recommend something with the highest resolution or widest field of view depending on what you find more important, but don't compromise below 90hz for refresh rate. The Pimax 8k has the widest FOV available to consumers and a pretty high resolution for the screen size although I think the new Quest has it beat in pixel density. For your use case, someone that doesn't expect to really live in VR, I'd recommend the quest since it's so cheap compar
  4. I'd honestly wait for the next generation at this point but if you must get a headset now I'd reccomend the Index. It's the most expensive but you get what you pay for.
  5. Dude that flag is so overly literal I love it lmao It's exactly what I was imagining when I clicked on the link lol
  6. Feels like I was in line for it yesterday. I still think that legendary edition has yet to be topped by another game.
  7. I see that lol, I've just begun to work through the post backlog. I suspect I won't finish tonight as I need to do some other things but I look forward to reading it all!
  8. It seems to me that those who acquire near unlimited resources, absolute security, and all their physical desires don't really find happiness until they "interfere" with other's lives, either as a tyrant or a benefactor. The hyper rich and powerful of our current time demonstrate this over and over again. I'd be interested to hear more about what exactly you would do to find meaning once you aren't strictly required to do anything for yourself. Maybe we can have a conversation about it sometime as there really is too much to unpack here for a forum conversation. Feel free to reach out to me on
  9. I no longer maintain my Xbox Live subscription as Halo was really what kept me invested in Xbox. Now that MCC is on PC and cross-play is coming down the pipe I'll be on MCC for Steam for the foreseeable future.
  10. I see you took this to heart I was peeling back through last week's spike in activity to find this at its heart. Funny.
  11. That second one is clearly a bird... the apparent motion is caused by the fact that the plane is passing over at half the speed of sound creating a parallax effect. Journalists at the Guardian never played Arma I guess. lmao *EDIT* I did a quick google search for 'Declassified UFO Videos "fake"?' to see if anyone else thinks the same thing and ran into a CYBERPOL report on the videos. Seems important information was scrubbed from the HUD readout among other edits. http://cyberpol.info/דו''ח UFO Cyberpol 616IS10020_ufo.pdf http://cyberpol.info/CYBERPOL PRESS 616_IS_100_20_UFO.pdf
  12. You've seen "How it feels to get shot from a DMR in a Warthog" but are you ready for "How it feels to shoot DMR from a Warthog?"
  13. Definitely on the decline and I have little hope for Halo Infinite as the title that will reassert Halo's dominance over console shooters. To me, Halo Reach was the beginning of the end for the Halo Franchise. Things really seemed to be ramping up until it was released. That said, the Clan Community as we know it today experienced its height on that game as the popularity of roleplay factions rose to its position of dominance over the other paradigms for the first time resulting in narrative driven conflicts involving many clans fighting across lines drawn by superpowers. Pre-Halo 4 Re
  14. The Latin American based prowler: El Cipse is the deadliest vessel of them all with its crew consisting entirely of ex-luchadores. Jokes aside, I hope you can find some time to correct the mistake in your post Lt Cramb. - I'll add my footage to the pile. I was contacted about this "threat" before I got the chance to read the ONI server. Once in the call, Dragon's Wrath proceeded to describe a hybrid between the Navy Seal copypasta and a comic book villain while I frantically rushed to install and configure OBS. I was only able to capture a poor-quality recording of the tail end of
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