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  1. I am requesting to be transferred over to Navy. Main reason cause navy just started up and they need help. I’m also a comp player so I think I’ll be more useful in the Navy. My main goal is to have fun and do everything I can to help out. Signed, Agent Sniper00 UNSC Razor Lance Corporal Marine Command Charlie Squad Leader
  2. I would like to request a promotion for [E1]Private Fire 2the flame to a [E2]Private of First Class. She has proven herself by leading in internal raids, and in different types of trainings. She’s shown that she’s committed to do a lot for the clan and she has also succeeded all my requirements to see her as a worthy member of the UNSC Razor ship. I know she will continue succeeding in the clan. @Fire 2the Flame Signed, [LCPL] Agent Sniper00 UNSC Razor Fire Team Leader Fire Team Spades
  3. I am recommending @Fire 2the Flame to be promoted to E2 Private of first class. Prior to being active in all clan events and fire team events she has proven to be a valuable member of the UNSC Razor ship. I know she will progress far in the clan. And as her fire team leader I’m proud of the progress she’s been doing.
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