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  1. I’m recommending this promotion for @Jonesyfor completing all of his requirements for E2 and for being here in ONI Navy for a month. He’s shown that he is a valuable member and a very active member. He’s joined most of the trainings and he for all is one of the most skilled players here in the UNSC Razor. He’s also shown potential of becoming a fire team leader in the future.
  2. ULTIMATERACER 8 has been online playing different games for the past 2 months and he has not been active at all, although lots of people have invited him. He hasn’t filed an Leave Of Absence or hasn’t said anything to anyone. He’s also been given the position of fire team leader twice and hasn’t host anything in the past 2 months. Had to remove him as a fire team leader. He can gain his rank back whenever he starts to be active more frequently.
  3. At first I had got in contact with “BUTTER MAN597” who is one of my old buddies. I was attempting to recruit him into ONI. Then he told me he was in a Sangheili clan by “Righteous Vindication Harbengers”. From there he asked me if we wanted to be allies. I’m which I invited my CO and he invited his clan leader, which is “Romi Sivan”. There we explained the requirements in order to start an alliance, They had the requirements. They’ve mentioned how they were interested in 4v4s and other activities. They also mentioned they have approximately 40 members, and that they started they’re clan 2 months ago. They look like a very organized clan and they plan to let us know whenever they’re ready to do something with us.
  4. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox/PC OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 2 ACTIVITY: Invasion comp OBJECTIVE: Invade the territories ATTENDANCE: @Agent Sniper00 @Maple Personal Comments: we played one game in Spire before I had to go, but we managed to win the game thanks for our team work. We didn’t really have a good team so most of the work came from me and maple. Maple rushed sniper after we captured the first territory, and I rushed second territory and captured it on my 3rd try. Afterwards I went for falcon while maple grabbed banshee. After maple died he went for sniper again and he covered me. One guy in our team grabbed the core and I flew next to him so he can hop on top of the falcon and I took him to the objective. second round was a bit more rougher but we managed to lose the first 2 territories but I rushed banshee and maple had sniper. He covered me while i did let them get the core in the objective. At the end it worked out well cause we had control on rockets, sniper, and banshee. The time eventually ran out and we won the game with a score of 3-2.
  5. Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 8 ACTIVITY: CTF/ Neutral bomb OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the enemy team ATTENDANCE: @ArticSnowokd @Agent Sniper00 @Chillguy23 @boomiseebrain @StandoPowa5487 @PriceLessIrony @Maple @REK Burnz Personal Comments: we went into btb objective matchmaking and played 4 games, we won all of them. 1st game:CTF We played on ridgeline, we 3-0 the enemy team. Maple was sniper, boom and stando defended the base, and everyone else rushed the base. Communications were on point and call outs were perfect. When we managed to get 2 captures, 4 hostiles left the game. The game was being led by chill guy 2nd game: Neutral bomb we played on breakpoint, we 2-1 the enemy team. Maple stayed as sniper, agent went for wraith, Arctic and priceless were on falcon and boom had rockets, everyone else defended or attacked. Everyone assisted everyone in some way. Like Arctic taking maple to sniper and agent to wraith. Chillguy was the main one driving warthog . Rek burns led this game 3rd game:CTF we played on highlands. We 3-0 the enemy team. Same set up as the first game. The only difference is that everybody pushed except maple cause he was sniping . Boom led this game 4th game: CTF we played ridgeline again. Boom led this game again. Maple had snipes and agent was ordered to steal the enemy sniper. We managed to 3-0 them again. We sudden death this game and got the capture in the last 30 seconds.
  6. I destroyed that author 079 guy in matchmaking once, I kept in a spawn so long that he wanted a raid, but I wasn’t authorized for one at the time
  7. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 3 ACTIVITY: Halo 3 Free for all OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the enemy team ATTENDANCE: @Agent Sniper00 @Alpaca @XxGHOST374xX Personal Comments: we played 2 free for all games. First game we were discussing topics about halo infinite while we were casually playing. We also discussed on what future events we can do to get some people in the clan better. Second game, all 3 of us we’re going all out, It was a back and forth game since we all almost have the same skill level. At the end I managed to win with 6 kills ahead. @Alpaca did extremely well with the sniper, while @XxGHOST374xX concentrated with the battle rifle. @Agent Sniper00 took the noob route on taking over shield and rockets and camping with sniper when I had the chance. But it was a good game we all enjoyed it
  8. I’m recommending the rank of E2 (Crewmen apprentice) for @Auntyslayer9000due to the fact that he has server 2 months here in the Navy on the UNSC Razor , there was a point where he was inactive but he has redeemed himself for being active this whole month. He’s attending every training for navy and he has proven that he deserves this rank. Since he’s also a very busy member, we all appreciate him trying his hardest to be on time and online during events. He’s completed all of his requirements to make it to this rank, and I hope to see him progress here in ONI.
  9. We should commit an eren Yeager
  10. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 3 ACTIVITY: Halo 4 comp OBJECTIVE: Extraction/ Capture the flag/ squad slayer/ dominion ATTENDANCE: @Agent Sniper00 @Alpaca @Dakota123 Personal Comments: we played a total of 9 competitive halo 4 games, lost one game, tied another and won 7 games. Mystic, which is @Dakota123 used snipers throughout most games and did excellent with it, while @Alpaca and @Agent Sniper00 focused more on completing most objectives games. Communications and teamwork were better than ever. We hardly died in any of the games. We managed to win a 5v6 capture the flag game at one point that it hyped us, including the fact that we were down a player. We tied up another capture the flag and we lost a squad slayer game due the other 3 people in our team feeding the enemies kills. All other games turned out well and we handle it extremely well.
  11. Theater Of Operation: Xbox Operational Capacity: 3 Activity: Halo 4 Competitive Objective: Extraction/Squad Slayer Attendance: @Coachv2 @Alpaca @Agent Sniper00 Personal Comment: we only got to play 2 competitive matches but we managed to win both of them. First game was an extraction game and completely destroyed the enemy with all 3 of us at the top of the leaderboard. I kept extracting and they kept defense. second we also won by a lot of kills. The enemy team had 47 kills, and we had 75. Again, all 3 of us were at the top of the leaderboard. @Coachv2 was assigned sniper at all times and he did excellent work with it. @Alpaca was a ground trooper who switched over to warthog driver, she died the least outta all of us and pull a ton of kills. @Agent Sniper00 was banshee at all times and hardly died. I’ve kept spawn trapping the enemy team with it, and when I actually died I hoped on warthog turret as @Alpaca drove me around. communications and team work were better than ever. And I’m glad to have efficient teammates like them.
  12. OPERATION REPORT Theater of operation Xbox/PC OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 2 ACTIVITY: Halo Infinite insider OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the enemy bots ATTENDANCE: @Agent Sniper00 @Shawn4Japan Personal Comments: we played 13 games of team slayer vs bots, and we won every single game. It was a good test run and infinite looks very promising. We judged how good and bad some weapons are and we managed to figure out the spawns pretty easily in the only 3 maps they’ve allowed us to play in. We went positive in every game and tac coms were good. There were a couple bugs we found in the game, but we mostly laughed at it. I feel like infinite is going to have a lot to offer and can’t wait til it comes out.
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