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  1. Billet can mean a specific personnel position, assignment, or duty station which may be filled by one person. Every person reporting aboard a ship or shore installation in the naval services is assigned a billet according to the unit watch, quarter and station bill, which shows the duties, stations and billet assignments for all crew members. Billet can also refer to the position and weapons of the members of a unit.
  2. The Multiplayer Team’s approach to the Ranked competitive arena experience: Fair Starts Players start the match with fair and balanced gameplay mechanics. The Lone Wolf Survives but the Pack Thrives Players feel like they can have a high impact on the game individually through their skill expression within the combat sandbox and mode ruleset, but the team with the better coordination, communication, and reactive skills will seize the most victories. Mastery = Mechanical Depth + Tactical Decision Making Mechanical skill expression will get players far in the Arena ecosystem, but mastery comes from macro gameplay decision making within a map and mode’s framework. A match with two teams of equal skill should be determined by the teams’ tactical decision making as the mode’s state is continued by player action. Concise and Clear Game Mode States Arena game states are communicated efficiently and urgently. When a mode’s state is progressed then all players should be informed of the change and have a window of opportunity to react to it. This meant to bolster tactical decision making. Power is Earned and Impermanent Scavenging gameplay within a map/mode combo pushes teams to contest the acquisition of items within the Sandbox. Any item that can be earned can also be taken away through combat resolution, positioning, and tactical actions. We wanted to take the baseline pillars from Arena and push them as far as we could for Halo Infinite’s competitive settings. In that way, competitive is an extension of our other initiatives on MP such as introducing systems that allow us to update the game with new items, modes, and maps in a way that that feels curated for the competitive audience. This was important to us because we want Ranked Arena and our competitive settings to grow with the game over time, allowing us to react to feedback we receive from the competitive community. COMPETITIVE SETTINGS The BR75 will be the starting weapon. Motion Tracker will be disabled. Grenade Hitmarkers will be disabled. Friendly Fire will be turned on. Modes will be Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Oddball. Weapons, equipment, and grenades on maps will be set on static spawners meaning they will always appear in the same location on each map and mode combination, and will respawn at the same intervals. Why these settings were the final settings prelaunch and more can be read on the original article. [ https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/ranked-competitive-reveal ]
  3. OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE | | ONI COUNCIL / SECTION ZERO — DISCUSSED TOPICS ARE CONFIDENTIAL, ADVISE EYES ONLY FOR CLEARANCES SECRET OR BELOW UNSC Navy/UNSC Marine Corps./SPARTAN Program Future Proofing The ranks for both branches are done but now need to make sense for Halo Infinite with a greater emphasis in how exactly are we going to re-nact stories and have a story telling experience as ONI. Ranks need to be formatted for Discord channels as well. This should be done in one weekend, but hasn't been done yet because of the ongoing conversation of Infinite becoming the "end all be all". We want to edit the ranks but not have to touch them up again to drastically change the current rising junior enlisted. "If new players for example buy Halo Infinite and it turns out to be an amazing game we wouldn't want to ask for people to return to the previous games" - @Dale Kilkin Change in pace, Change in Interests We all agreed that we need to let go of bad things, people who do not fit a role or position right now need to resign. So the next month will be a tumultuous month but a more needed one as enlisted pressure to action in key areas are not met. This will give space to new ideas and new operations, and is as scary as it is exciting. Discord Operations Its been discussed before that we are indefinitely looking to grow our Discord, at the very least to 1,000 members. This is to be granted to ability to hide players that are offline. This function would clean up the members list we believe in a more sneaky and theme appropriate to ONI's pattern of prowess. ADDITIONAL INTERESTS Acting Command Roles, What does it mean to be in an Acting position Consolidating ONI, downsizing teams from variety units to geo-based or other Recalculating points for ranks in new automation system Rosters published on the website like this [ https://www.semper-vigilans.org/rosters/command/security-council/ ] NordVPN Tournament/Giveaway
  4. Official, with an unofficial way / access https://github.com/XboxReplay/xboxlive-auth https://github.com/XboxReplay/xboxlive-api
  5. He billets his people on the basis of activity. @Harry Cramb I never said BT was too easy, I simply want better looking maps, ergonomical you know or just very detailed. Stuff makes sense, no floating walls or giant floating platform with no support. I also want whatevers being done on the map to be shared to help standardize stuff instead of one unit pulling to put higher emphasis on things others do not care about. I don't have the time to breath down everyones necks on what I want and how I want it but just like how everyone wants to know how to do everything on Halo that I know how to do, I want it posted into appropriate forums. UCMB, BC and all of that is meant to be easy. I think whats asked is standard, Its initiation and test on what you know how to do or what can be taught to you and introduction to the clan but I don't think I need to reiterate that. The harder you make boot camp though the significantly less fun people will have in SOI and the other maps we want to do hyper focusing on subjects. Everything else will come across as easy, maybe thats something for discussion. Unfortunately the information we want from Operational Reports isn't a critical analysis of someone elses activities, think about raising this as a concern or thread for discussion in TRADOC.
  6. In the hunt I reached out to another designer that goes by chimikat, might've been too cute but we will see. [ https://linktr.ee/chimikat ]
  7. This is cool, the CE tools were hard to use for me but I've seen entire levels being built on it and storyboards with marines playing out fighting all through out the map.
  8. Can't force an agenda, you have to inspire one. 

  9. We'll be updating midnight tonight US EST, probably down for less than 5 minutes.
  10. Key Changes Core Added Stream Subscriptions. Added the ability for public sections to be created in closed clubs. Added Zapier Support for self-hosted licenses. Added Stock Replies to all editors. Improved online member widgets to show the viewing user when they are not anonymous when the block is cached. Fixed an issue where background images in Promoted Streams sometimes didn't load properly Fixed an issue where a specially crafted URL could cause an uncaught exception. Fixed an issue where profile fields are not properly formatted. Fixed a potential issue adding tags to content when using PHP 8. Fixed an issue where the validating information was missing in the 'all' Admin Control Panel member list. Fixed an issue with the Frontend Theme Editor occurring with PHP8. Fixed an issue that could cause a slow query to run when sending email if a large number of emails have previously failed. Content item message form defaults to private, with a colored border around the editor to signify the privacy status. Commerce Fixed a niche issue where an error could occur if a PayPal Subscription notification arrives after the Subscription is cancelled. Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to edit a subscription expiry date. Converters Updated XenForo converter for 2.2.x. Changed the default character set for conversion sessions from utf8 to utf8mb4. Fixed an issue importing attachments from XenForo if you had previously converted to XenForo from another platform. Fixed an error that could occur if the Converter tried to delete a content link. Fixed an issue where converted mentions may contain a static URL (breaking them if you change your domain). Fixed an issue with tag statistics immediately after a conversion. Fixed an issue with some topics not being hidden (but their posts were) after converting from vB5. Pages Fixed an issue with the display of the Page Builder: Upload Images widget when used with a set block height. Calendar Fixed an issue where deleting events would fail when called via the cron job. Fixed an issue with the profile field member filter where date fields would return false for group promotions. Forums Fixed an issue where rebuilding a members content count could fail with broken Archived DB connection settings. Downloads Fixed the broken "Buy" link inside file embeds.
  11. https://www.semper-vigilans.org/rosters/spirit-of-fire/

    So we talked about link embeds within the spreadsheet and it might work, I don't know but we'll have to check it out to cell ranges.

  12. HCS Kickoff Major taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 17-19, 2021 with a starting prize pool of $250,000. Once again, the Halo community will be united under one roof, and this time with an entirely new Halo game to play and watch. In tried-and-true Halo esports fashion, the HCS Kickoff Major will feature an open bracket, seating for spectators, as well as full main stage and featured stations for pool play and the championship bracket. To ensure a world class experience onsite and for viewers at home, we have enlisted none other than Esports Engine to operate the event with us.
  13. This is drugs to us, thanks haha.
  14. Something is currently wrong with our PayPal account (really mine) that I use for ONI so we will not be able to renew the Radical Tags application installed on the webserver. Where are community really used this most was in the coloring options to color code the tags so that not everything is either red or blue in the forums. Radical Tags is a modern tag and prefix management system for IPS 4.6, carrying over the features you know and love from the original Advanced Tags and Prefixes application by Ryan with many new additions and usability improvements. Features Radical Tags supports many features out of the box, with many more useful features coming in future releases. Tag and Prefix customization Customizable tags and prefixes, supporting both an easy-to-use interactive editor and an advanced HTML based editor. Supports not only prefixes, but regular tags as well! Make your tag lists stand our with color-coded tags. Forum / Category settings Radical Tags allows you to configure settings for tags and prefixes on a per-category basis. These settings include.. Requiring a prefix Customizing the tag mode (open, closed, or prefix only) Setting a custom language string for the Prefix input (for example, “Platform” on gaming themed forums) Customizing lists of allowed or suggested tags Customizing which prefixes are allowed to be used Setting a default prefix Setting the minimum number of tags that must be used Setting the maximum number of tags that can be used Aliases Provide “aliases” that replace commonly used tag synonyms with a single standardized tag of your choosing. For example, on a photography forum, you may have common tags such as “nature photography” that you’d prefer just be saved as “nature” or vice versa. With this feature, you can add an alias that will automatically convert these tags on submission. Tag management View a list of your communities most used tags, filterable by any item type (Topics, Gallery Images, Blogs, even other third-party applications!) Replace tags in just a few clicks Easily search for and delete unwanted tags
  15. Hey @ADM S Osman this was a gross oversight by me, which has been remediated. Leaving Agent Sniper00 as an SPARTAN-III hurts the integrity of the clan and so he's been returned to his unit. From now on there is a request for more eyes on applications or personnel interested, specifically @Maple suggested a review board, as far as I'm aware I've been putting together these Spartan Programs and was just excited to finally have someone competent wanting to do it. For now, I've made some corrective actions and I don't think you should be the server owner but understand the error I made and what it means to ONI, I'll be more careful moving forward and hope we're not in this for a strict regime of cancelling and discharging people for every little problem we have. Its been also said that the training might not be enough or its too easy to become an SIII or the conscription should be longer, I've asked for assistance in this but haven't got anything I can use yet. 6 month classes for me are a little too much in my opinion but if you have anything else to suggest please do. For now, in addition to these punishments Dale has suggested that I be removed as an instructor for the Spartan Programs and NAVSPECWEP. No one else is particularly qualified and we've been handing that out left and right (as to who is in TRADOC and who isn't) but the Spartan training really will die with me, I don't really care what happens with that as you know my only intentions here in ONI is to play Halo with a team that knows how to play the game.
  16. [ http://status.invisioncommunity.com/s/invisioncommunity/subscribe/rss ] To be configured on the server status page, with Arma server too.
  17. This is something we're definitely into doing, I mean we randomly became partnered with NordVPN and a coffee shop at some point sponsored us in 2018. Our goals are definitely there, I remember R.A.C.K well although never actually involved the other communities like Gamers for giving and charitable organizations I definitely would work with.
  18. Members, Recent site outage was from an oversight in the payment system, card has expired however a new one has been set up for the site. Until we forget again to update this in 2025 I don't foresee us making this oversight again.
  19. Weekend 1 (Arena) Thursday evening, September 23: Build becomes available for download Thursday night Training Mode and Weapon Drills are available Friday, September 24 @ 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm PT: Matchmaking available Saturday, September 25 @ 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm PT: Matchmaking available Sunday, September 26 @ 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm PT: Matchmaking available Monday, September 27 @ 10am PT: Flight access closes until Weekend 2 Weekend 2 (Big Team Battle & Arena) Thursday evening, September 30: Flight access turns on Training Mode and Weapon Drills become available Friday, October 1 @ 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm PT: Matchmaking available Saturday, October 2 @ 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm PT: Matchmaking available Sunday, October 3 @ 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm PT: Matchmaking available Sunday, October 3 @ 9pm PT: Surveys go out to a portion of Halo Insiders Monday, October 4 @ 10am PT: Flight access closes Wednesday, October 6 @ 10am PT: Halo Support site closes
  20. Found yourself in a funny place! Welcome to the party, I'm sure someones got something good to ask. As for me, maybe any recollection of what was done with Spartans and ODSTs in the day. Its every other day someone approaches us with some sick sense of delusion, or manipulative effort to become a Spartan here based on training they did years ago. What kind of incite can you provide to that, what was actually done where members felt so validated enough to continue, and of course not everyone is in the same page there either with apparently other groups starting around the same time, but no digital footprint or network to know each other existed.
  21. I noticed that too, but it wasn't with this update. It just kind of disappeared one day and might be settings with the PERSCOM Soldier Management System, as much as I like the app its just so hard to use and really confusing. With permissions for it kind of everywhere, I want to put someone in a place solely to figure it out but I don't trust anyone with back end information.
  22. The ship structure for the Razor should look something like this right now. UNSC RAZOR COMMAND Captain of the Ship/Commanding Officer XO STAFF Pilot/Navy Aviation Forgers, photographers, whatever else PLATOON CO XO/Platoon Sergeant OPSO/ Platoon composition 1 Squad Marine Recon & Navy Hospital corpsmen (12) 1 Squad Marine Sniper & Navy Hospital corpsmen (12) 1 Squad Marine Raiders, Special Operations ODST (12) All squads are shared between 2 units, the UNSC Razor and the 11th MFR/ODST this means that the 11th MFR/ODST should be able to host training days and so and practice as a marine unit in bettering themselves. Marines can take higher leadership roles than the ship can maintain, allowing them to ideally move to where needed when we schedule something. The Platoon should take advice from a larger company, that makes up the 11th and engage with other people in the clan especially marines all the time.
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