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  1. In thorough review of whether this individual qualifies to return after the subsequent dox and harassment from two members. It was decided to push the decision onto the UNSC Unto the Breach and @Gabriella Dvørak who reported back that it was okay. Their are several mishandling of information here, that Lucy shares and we wish to rectify. Unlike others I've thought this whole situation was interested given the time and freedoms available Lucy has kept an open mind and is looking to both return but also be apart of the solution. For those that know me I am big on looking out for people who can i
  2. Been looking into this, still no answer. I can't actually view any of the forms, but exporting it into an .excel will let me see some answers. Just not the way we like it.
  3. On the side note who cares if Harry actually submits his LOA, genuinely curious. Why do people care about that being submitted or not is there a deeper issue you have with Harry?
  4. I miss Google rosters. It's too bad its a black hole when we're coding on the site. We cannot edit it in anyway to make it mobile friendly so its been completely done away with. Even though we manage some pretty ones in my Google Drive its a true shame. About this drama you are starting by submitting something like this, an LOA does not mean an absence from Discord or online activity at all. It is an absence from playing the game as we're all intended to do. I'll look at the definition of this but even myself, I was on LOA for nearly 3 months. The good portion of it I was available t
  5. Figured out the MCC command from the Halodbot, my laziness has obstructed me from pulling up the necessary command documentation with the Discord bot to help. Where most enlisted sit there twiddling their thumbs this soldier came forward and actually helped. Unbelievable, an effort to help in a public channel someone whose been known to have challenges here, earned his place to stay I write this letter of recommendation to him for helping where he can even going as far as saying he will study bots and setting up Discord identifying a core problem we have with leveraging that platform. Astoundi
  6. Maybe you meant for this to be in character creations? It this who you are or something.
  7. He's role playing, play along or stay out the thread.
  8. It's a shame because he would actually be called whatever he wanted to be called if he showed us he could act the part.
  9. One of my recruits, deliberately off the wall. He was extremely rude to me when we I invited him to ONI, this place isn't for everyone though so crossed him out, only to be later engaged saying that his clan he chose to join instead of this one (some random Spartan Company) was inactive. He said he role plays on a fandom wiki https://halo.fandom.com/wiki/Halo_Alpha which typically would warrant psychological evaluation and a beating. What's probably the most interesting thing though, this guy role plays but has no idea what clans are and what raids are. What any of the core meta-gaming role pl
  10. I don't understand exactly what this discharge is for but you can't discharge/demote/promote people who are a higher uniformed rank than you.
  11. This should be fixed now just applied the patch, I had to log into the web server and update from there. For something really minor this was a little more work than I wanted to do but it was easy.
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