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  1. Found yourself in a funny place! Welcome to the party, I'm sure someones got something good to ask. As for me, maybe any recollection of what was done with Spartans and ODSTs in the day. Its every other day someone approaches us with some sick sense of delusion, or manipulative effort to become a Spartan here based on training they did years ago. What kind of incite can you provide to that, what was actually done where members felt so validated enough to continue, and of course not everyone is in the same page there either with apparently other groups starting around the same time, but no digital footprint or network to know each other existed.
  2. I noticed that too, but it wasn't with this update. It just kind of disappeared one day and might be settings with the PERSCOM Soldier Management System, as much as I like the app its just so hard to use and really confusing. With permissions for it kind of everywhere, I want to put someone in a place solely to figure it out but I don't trust anyone with back end information.
  3. I can't add tags to stuff in the MOS forums.

  4. The ship structure for the Razor should look something like this right now. UNSC RAZOR COMMAND Captain of the Ship/Commanding Officer XO STAFF Pilot/Navy Aviation Forgers, photographers, whatever else PLATOON CO XO/Platoon Sergeant OPSO/ Platoon composition 1 Squad Marine Recon & Navy Hospital corpsmen (12) 1 Squad Marine Sniper & Navy Hospital corpsmen (12) 1 Squad Marine Raiders, Special Operations ODST (12) All squads are shared between 2 units, the UNSC Razor and the 11th MFR/ODST this means that the 11th MFR/ODST should be able to host training days and so and practice as a marine unit in bettering themselves. Marines can take higher leadership roles than the ship can maintain, allowing them to ideally move to where needed when we schedule something. The Platoon should take advice from a larger company, that makes up the 11th and engage with other people in the clan especially marines all the time.
  5. I still cant comment/react to certain posts and have noooo clue what to do 🤣

    1. Shawn4Japan


      Sorry I'll figure this out and let you know, reshuffled group permissions a couple of days ago trying to give you access to the PERSCOM forums.

  6. I think people are too comfortable in their current positions and need to be jump started to where they want to be. If someone wants to make a difference and wants to join staff, promote them to O1 to help. Put more risk on their backs because the cushion of being an NCO is building confidence to solve all the problems we have. The number one thing I am always hearing about is that the rank stops me from doing x, y, z. This is simply not true. You are stopping yourselves from achieving any kind of greatness, respect or progress in the clan. Any position ahead of you can be fulfilled if you just knew how to do it or did it already. My answer would be Promote Maple to an O1 in the Marine Corps. add him to TRADOC, make him responsible for documentation of AIT Advanced Individual Training and possibly more higher in training staff, like a director or something in raids and tactical action. Promote Blueaero to an O1 in the Navy, and fulfill an XO role of the ship to assist Harry in online coverage. Even though Blueaero may become XO, another person in staff should probably help Blue, I simply do not know enough people in your ship but someone else closer to you and higher in rank should join you as a point of contact for your ships logistic operations. Canadian Taco is expecting a baby (everyone say congrats) so his role needs to be rotated out, find an apprentice to replace you and join a staff corp (Medical, JAG, Engineering Corps.) maybe even joining Mr Morris or even instead of a staff corp become an O1 with more auxiliary duties not required to get online every single event. Fire2theflame which I am not fully aware of your status, you are active you have the most options because your gripes come from one of us in command failing, you can pick up after us to become one of us replacing someone in command as an O1 or enjoy enlisted leisure in the mess hall, taking up a position as Platoon leader or Platoon staff. Considering the size of the ship, to avoid infighting the Platoon head should be Harry, but that is one of the more technical details we have yet to really iron out or I just don't know and maybe Osman can shed some light on that. We have a ton of great members and simple tasks that if someone wanted to be closer to staff, to help staff out or even become staff its hard to deny it. An NCO can pick up most officer duties BECAUSE THEY ARE OFFICERS, and we have already recognized this. NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS, OFFICERS its why 2nd Lieutenant and 1st Lieutenant requirements are easy, if you become a Platoon Sergeant or Company Sergeant you basically an O1, or O2. The entire move to a newer rank/SQUAD focused structure is to give more power to these NCO's who think that they cannot do something because they are not x, y, z and command does not appreciate them or some thing. Very frustrating all around and I hope my message comes across that way that this isn't as big of an issue as it is.
  7. The title of the thread is inaccurate, I did that for a more shock and awe since otherwise this website is dead and the forums are really only me and a handful of boomers who use it. No one would look at it if it did not have a problematic title. While I agree there is less so any rumors of, there is animosity. Towards command, towards inactive CO's and towards From the Ashes and decisions made in High Command. Maple was very transparent about that, the title again is inaccurate to describe the whole ship but some members definitely feel that way and their feelings are justified. This is not the perfect clan, with active officers and daily operations. Halo isn't to blame for that and there are plans to remove inactive people from holding key positions. I don't have the answer either, I'm sure its frustrating all around when you look up to staff and we can't figure this one out. For the most part, Staff can't recruit in our current system because if staff does recruit and cannot keep up with said recruit the penalty of that will add up and officers like Admiral Osman would have to step down from the 100+ people she's invited but cannot keep up with. I have recruits too that are just a different time zone, they become lost and have no where to go and by our own standard now I am held responsible for the success of the recruit. If the recruits fail, I fail. If I am unable to recruit this clan basically dies. Here’s where shits gonna start. I said at the beginning as I drafted this I was gonna keep it simple. Doubt that will continue. A few lines into your post you say : So the #Razor chat and your own channel, it should be understood by now that you are in ONI and the general chats are really for general conversation. In most of any case there is an slew of channels available to chat from but now since the Largest Ship believes that they need their own chat channels it takes away the Largest Communicators from chatting in the channels provided. If Razor needs to make a specific announcement, there is an announcement channel. The pseudo privacy creates division, like what are you guys racist? hate furries? Why keep a separate chat when the same functions can be exercised in the main channels. All other teams are being asked the same because as admins we shouldn't have to look through 30 categories of Discord to find what we want. It is over-organizing and stressing staff out. But then threaten to take away the chat we use to communicate between ourselves as a group, for socializing and planning events. You really go out of your way here to demonize us for simply existing. Planning events I went over with Fire, we should just use the events chat and only @ Razor, prevent anyone else from signing up. I discussed with Maple too that if he's going to do any private 1 on 1 training, or more he should let everyone else know. If we're going to move on and create a collaborative space where we all get better at the game we need to be playing together and sharing knowledge, not no private meetings and anything of the latter. Being demonized is harsh to say, this is constructive and maybe not everything that we see in command is being considered here. This is a collaborative effort that personal chats like that not be allowed on our platform as its preventing us from hitting other goals we have. And why is that? Why have we not received invitations from Port Stanley? Why have they not bothered to respond to pings or other prompts? This is a two way street and you can’t blame us without have the same conversation with them. I play with them because they invite me, because I know them too. There is all kinds of reasons to believe where and how the Razor and Port Stanley never met each other, that team is highly reputable with most us in command as the badass A-team we send to get anything completed in the way we want. There is a skill gap and knowledge gap between both units but also a gap in ambition, this conversation in this thread I don't need to have with them because its understood why nuances like a chat isn't needed. Why an entire ship of 30+ members is not needed. Why training should be shared knowledge. I know for a fact that the UNSC Razor outside of Harry does not know anyone from Kilo-5 and Kilo-5 is not interested in the UNSC Razor outside of training in all areas they specialize in, that is a unit that wastes no time. They are either raiding or training to be better for raids. I thought it was an area of interest for Razor but not too many people responded in such a large unit but the opportunity is open until Halo Infinite comes out. And hey this is great, different content for different people, gathered together to support each other. That said if you want us to invite people to our games but then give us shit for pinging the other ships. It’s been clarified in the discord at the time you asked your question as to the platforms of the other ships but I don’t believe it’s listed anywhere accessible or visible. I would have a more accessible page either in the discord or website giving brief overviews of the different ships and what there main focus areas are on. See you'll have to screenshot where I am giving you shit for pinging other ships. If every time you are told something by someone higher in rank than you to do it differently or here is a better way classified as being shit on, you are talking to the top shitter. Like this entire thread if you want to read it that way, is shitting on you. In fact I don't know why this is so common but when you are being coached, mentored or even just told to do the right thing it is not to shit on. I can't even begin to believe where that mindset comes from, I am hungry for feedback and what people think so I could always do better, I expect more from you and not take anything we say or do for a "he's shitting on me again smh" And you are right, its not accessible or visible and thats something I need help on, thats something we are working on. But pinging ships, when no one wants to be pinged especially for something that isn't urgent comes at a request from members that are my friends that joined the clan to play Halo with, from members that do not want to associate with Razor because they do not know you and again from members who exclusively keep to themselves in their circles and own chats. Yes we take pride in our ship, as navy personnel have for centuries. As for not know Command personnel above Harry, where does the fault lie there? Your relatively active Shawn, but what of the rest? I get that everyone has lives outside of this world and that fine, but you can’t say that we don’t know you all if we never see or hear from you. Well I talked about if you were looking for them to drop dead and leave the clan @Anna Richards resigned and more are to come most likely. @Dale Kilkin is resigning end of December I think but from the other officers does it really matter? Does it answer all your problems that these people go away. Because they do not affect you one way or another and their lives and service here is slandered by enlisted who join and 6 months think they are equivalent to the officer who spent 6 years in ONI. This pointing up and gaslighting needs to stop. For what reason do you even need to know officers over Harry, what you need to know is goals that are set for you and whether you had a voice in them or not and if you are meeting them or not. If the ships are not coordinating then there is clearly a high level lack of active leadership. Leadership and should be replaced with those who are able and active to take it on. If Razor is too large for a prowler then mane she needs to be re-allocated as a larger vessel. . If you want to remove leaders, call them out. Become confrontational or else statements like this shared from you, to him, to her, to him, to me in a telephone game becomes the rumored animosity I am talking about. If you think you have all the answers to this and see a problem speak up, who should be replaced? Who do you think isn't doing their job well enough for you? So I’ll make going to hand a olive branch here after my rants. No one should be de-valuing what our senior members and highcom have accomplished. They are the reason this clan and it’s infrastructure exist. If they are working sight unseen then I feel like they should get more of a shout out, at least in some small way so that enlisted know what the are doing. There’s a balance there obviously due to Op Sec, but I feel a little light should get shined on them. That all said you can’t blame enlisted like myself for seeing nothing day to day. It’s just the way perspective works. You can’t see over a wall if your at the bottom, but climb the ladder next to it and you can see the harbour beyond. Its an interesting concept keeping OPSEC but also asking for the baseline responsibilities of an officer to be awarded. Staff is strict, we bite at each other in this fish bowl challenging our ideas as Iron sharpens Iron and pressuring each other in a competitive frenzy of coals in a shop becoming diamonds or dust. Yes I agree they should have more presence when warranted, I have been too nice and let people go off coming back months at a time. Because I am too nice officers are lenient, but I am nice because things get done. When I ask for something and build a timeline it gets done, I have nothing to award someone who is doing their job. Fish don't receive medals for swimming. Do some officers go over the top? Maybe. In retrospect members are awarded for being active by being able to participate in discussions and access to otherwise restricted forums. Perspective to me, from the bottom requires an understanding of peoples general roles in the clan and what they do to which we detailed and published in the overview page [ https://www.semper-vigilans.org/organization/overview/ ] But of course I wouldn't even know you have this perspective of us doing nothing because it was never voiced any earlier. We can always work on providing more information behind what we do, but not the finished results as we see the lack of information creates anxiety and rumors again, some people aren't reading everything either. I am still disappointed my Marine Corps and Navy thread was received by a couple enlisted as the branches going to be deleted or something drastic when the topic was to clarify the separation between the two, which is now unnecessary.
  8. Was able to get what I needed from Swaney and report the message to Discord, hopefully that ends that. As of right now, we're ending that partnership with the 19th Fleet and hopefully Garrus will allow for another unit to be partnered with us for Arma 3 OPTRE Activities, if not my focus is on Infinite and rejuvenating/refreshing current staff to be ready for growth.
  9. In observance of this I have decided to also create groups (roles on the website) of the current 7 levels. While access still needs to be sat up for these groups; it should detail all of the following in the levels 1-7 of the categorical organization of High Command. Junior Enlisted NCO Senior NCO Enlisted Adviser Junior Officer/Company Grade Officer Field Grade Officer Flag Officer/General Officer If you join any clan, you should be able to boil it down to 7 ranks. This is 24 of the ranks included, excluding Junior NCO because while someone can technically be a Junior NCO we decided the one rank it is meant for can be easily overlooked and not needed to be categorized.
  10. Also I am looking for the original message of the first person that received this photo, the idea people are out there actively impersonating me is frustrating and I want to report them to Discord, and whoever else I can to prevent further implication that I would do anything detailed in that photo.
  11. It is to no truth that there is a personal vendetta to me as a target of a very recent false flag operation by this persons community. In an action he is definitely responsible for, one of his members joined our partnered communities Discords to minge/troll and act as us. This would not be the first instance where he has tried to tie our names together without even being apart of this group, sending recruits here to register on the website and more confusing toxic role playing without a story line. First off, I know for a fact everyone knows that outside of ONI you are you. You are out of character and whatever status, medals or symbol you become here does not matter. It is a harsh reality but something to accept and understand, pretty sure none of us really have a problem with this. However, its nearly every other day where we are finding absolute crazy people who blend role playing with reality, breaking the barriers to have fun and instead look to be malicious. Threats through IP addresses, Doxxing and so on. It should be clear that we're not a group to do that and this isn't the espionage clan looking to sabotage, witch hunt and promote hacking of any kind. We spy to build others in our vision, learn more to apply to ourselves and create networks of larger influence but most importantly have something to do that is the practice of intelligence. It is completely political as some might see it to the greater Halo community spanning from streamers to community leaders, we empower clans to do what they think they cannot by connecting them to people who can and demoralize leaders we don't see fit who predate members, leaders that create clans trolling and ruining clan experience for others shading a negative image on an already bad connotation of clans through twisted toxic role playing; taking role playing out of context. Of course our interest has shifted over the years growing our community, putting our players first in the driven careers ahead of them in gaming. Its only given more thought into the misconception of role playing overall on Halo games. But that's for another thread, there is much to discuss on next course of action and how to further restrict these actions from escalating, affecting anyone and doing more. I do believe that the motive is there, its clear more than ONI was affected as IP threats are grave and not new from characters like CAC C Shaw, but reached other community leaders affecting their communities postures. What we know of CAC A Shaw ONI, or Anthony Callum Revill is that he is willing to do this for his clan on Xbox and risk his already fledgling reputation as a known predator on Xbox and racist. Despite trying to build a career as a streamer and online identity, in the odds that he was removed from the Xbox Ambassador program for conduct and Army Foundation College in Harrogate was contacted he persists as a threat. We haven't added anyone to our blacklist, but even then I don't think it will stop there. And so I wanted to know if the effort needed to be made for an indictment and arrest from local police in Breckinshaw and Leeds using subpoena'd data that Xbox has through a investigation in international offenses. Should we go through with this route or does anyone else have better options? I've also already shared this with Snickerdoodle and Halo community managers that an actor like this is on the game but what better legal alternative than having this done altogether.
  12. This is kind of an thread to just let everyone else know some thoughts from someone whose committed to a deep dive of the site and given back some feedback. Unluckily to us, I think a couple of days ago I resat the accesses to the groups of forums and so for the most part all forums are visible except the enlistment ones which include private data submitted through the enlistment form. Its not everyday that someone visits the forums and can give a good informed critic of what it can mean or look like. In today's cancel culture and liberal work spaces both in pros and cons we have seen what any attention can do to anyone, good implications could be traffic and conversations, hits and probably even more use from the stores. Bad implications is the possible misunderstanding of forum categories, topics or threatening forecast of doubt in privacy, cyber security and other threads kept here. It's been discussed before that I and a select few others can keep sharing knowledge in our forums on current security problems around our applications and platforms and other cyber security related topics, including other things relative to Xbox Live, Discord and others. This was agreed to in the context that it applies somewhere and that narrative derived from a story line that it matters in itself is unsustainable, it doesn't but it can contradict the actions that we follow to date. While its generally known that members aren't in harm, that members are free to practice and study with us in our growing career fields around Information technology, governance and laws around it. Garrus shared how that can be taken out of context and that browsing the site can make it very easy to come to an unfavorable conclusion that we're a overtly malicious group. I can only think of good to come from this and trust Garrus, as a founder of ONI here I would not put anyone in danger or unnecessary drama; despite the followed hate from our success by competing groups for our name "ONI" and well possibly any personal problems people have with ADM S Osman. I told Garrus what everything means, but I'm not so sure if anyone else could. Garrus shared with me what DSB Nemesis and B1ue Team Sucks was able to tell him but it was not the same depth to where I can go into the narrative and application of. Something I kind of really had an epiphany about as it was brought up before. I've been open to criticism from the Arma community and hope to get more people to suggest action.
  13. @B1ue Team Sucks would you know anything about this person? Maybe a motive as to why he would do that too.
  14. SUMMARY: After being removed from CAC C Shaw ONI's Discord server in an attempt to schedule a game with us, an character by the discord B287/Icywolf#6341 joined the ONI server than our partner the 19th Fleet's Discord server to minge and than frabricate a conversation between me and him to infiltrate the 19th Fleet. This conversation attached to this thread, does not include Tervalent and Desired who both also joined the Discord server before subsequently being removed altogether when denied to schedule a game together. There are several interesting points to this entire sub-action. B287/Icywolf#6341 denies any responsibility or action thereof The photo suggest I am interested in role playing outside of the context to what ONI is, stands for The photo suggest I am dissatisfied or targeting the 19th fleet to which I am not; have no interest in being hostile (as the one person supporting the bridge into Arma 3 setting up #recruitment-office) The Discord invite in the photo is an server invite to the 19th Fleet that is not the vanity URL This would suggest that the person thought of this after joining the server My phone is an iPhone 12 Pro Max, this displays the username fully instead of shortened. The attached photo will show my phone and the hour 11:24AM JST screenshotting the beginning of the conversation with this person, nothing else has been said. The timeline of events are everywhere however an abstruse understanding is why was this done? Luckily a community led effort by a group known as HIGHCOM; An Arma 3 Unit Hub/Recruitment group and Garrus was interested in getting to the bottom of this, in this investigation I'll detail in another thread but included confronting CAC C Shaw or his other aliases in what is a malicious attempt to slander my name. He denies knowing anything about it, but said that he will most likely share an internal message to his clan about it. If anyone else has any details on this, definitely share in this thread!
  15. Aiming for tonight, site shouldn't be down for more than 1 minute. Should be a quick update.
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