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  1. Favorite Halo in the Master Chief Collection
  2. Should consolidate your identity and choose one. You have three different usernames across Discord, The Website and Xbox.
  3. Yeah this was one of those YouTube suggested rabbit holes. It's crazy where it takes me now the algorithms used to always bring me to new world order but I guess that content is getting flagged nowadays.
  4. I simplified the title of this and want to just add that signing up to the site is not a big deal to me, the people that do go above and beyond always will. It should be a requirement because of the wealth of knowledge there is here. If people aren't interested in learning why are they being recruited. If people decide not to join I don't know if that's better than the people that do sign up on the site, logging in once and than never coming back online. Whatever decision comes from this discussion the look into the recruiting process is definitely important. I don't recruit the same ways
  5. Copy and pasted from #perscom I wanted to really discuss this further instead of the signing up stuff as to me this is a more pressing concern than deciding on wether e want new people to sign up or not.
  6. Administrator group was moved out of Staff/Moderators that is how we weren't able to move it. Fixed that and moved this topic to High Command as it relates to current objectives and conversations.
  7. This is sick, if anyone finds a can or drinks Rockstar let me know. Following this contest unlike many others. [ https://2077.rockstarenergy.com/en-US/ ]
  8. Co-worker shared this story, thought I'd share it here too. Very interesting, features a one handed chef in his journey. [ http://www.chefeduardo.com/hungry-life ]
  9. Gottman repair checklist, something worth noting in leadership matrix? How two people should communicate. Might make the cultural boundaries easier.

  10. Need this to be a discussion topic, grandfathered roles are roles we basically return to people who are coming back from long hiatus in commissioned officer positions, Founders who are more distant or relatively away, should we still keep as admins on the site and Discord?
  11. You're not retiring, you are resigning. Correcting the title* Later!
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