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  1. Guess this is the wrong place to post this.
  2. Known in-game as the Armor Hall, armor permutations in Halo Infinite allow players to customize their Spartan player model. Inspired by Halo: Reach's armor customization, Halo Infinite's armor customization will allow players to change the Helmet, Helmet Attachment, Chest Gear, Shoulder Pads (left and right), Gloves, Knee Guards, Wrist Gear, Utility, Visor Color, Prosthetics, Voices, Armor effects as well as other components yet to be announced. Halo Infinite has a greatly expanded array of player customization compared to previous entries. Halo Infinite lets the player choose their "Armor core" which is the foundation of their armor where all attachments such as knee guards, gloves, and shoulders are placed. WHAT WE KNOW NOW The first battle pass and season will be called Season 1: Heroes of Reach
  3. @Anna Richards take a look at the linked document. Sounds like internet Nazis hiding behind clans.
  4. Yeah we've seen it before, some delusional spin off. This guy merged every ONI together into his imaginary ONI. Sadly it might stand the test of time if we don't take down the Webs site. Might be worth the cointel op.
  5. In a rather unseen event, we have the first copy or splinter of Cortana being featured in the game. It's been hinted before that smart AI's are capable of doing this and its kind of a rabbit hole in possibilities and opportunities to tell a story. What are your thoughts? Theories to this?
  6. Anyone else follow these series? I think its pretty interesting they took a step back to collide characters in the franchise.
  7. Halo Assembly https://github.com/XboxChaos/Assembly
  8. I'm looking to organize day 1 teams in ONI, Day 1 as in you will own Halo Infinite and be ready for multiplayer matchmaking.
  9. More gameplay and insights from the team, debuts at 8AM PT on YouTube.com/Halo.
  10. Definitely worth the watch.
  11. Whipping up random stuff in Microsoft Publisher is fun
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