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  1. THEATER OF OPERATIONS:XBOX OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 1 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Social Lobbies OBJECTIVE: Raid cringe lobbies with the intent to further relations with "notable" UNSC Clans ATTENDANCE: @RDML Ned Rich PERSONAL COMMENTS: Joined a party with Defense Command members present. The following players were present: (II Randall 037), Nozext and Hunter A072 and one more. (Parentheses for one in command at the time) They were having trouble raiding a base and I offered my assistance which of course went flawlessly when the (enemy) group lead by Punisher6426. Apparent to me was a cringe UNSC clan trying to gain clout by holding defense command out of the base. I joined their party and got power weapons and directed defense command to a modded falcon in which the enemy team told me the location of. Afterwards everyone fled inside the base where I waited for Hunter A072 and his guys to give me the okay they were outside and ready. I killed three people punisher6426, fatninjaslob and combatalarm584. In the back while the party of 8 was confused as of to what happened. "They did not know I killed them" we successfully took the base and held it down appropriately. Afterwards we joined two socials with the same tactic flawlessly taking bases. I suggested we do joint training sessions and II Randall 037 agreed on the premise that we not bring bound. I told him I dont think thats going to happen but would like to focus on smaller team tacs and 4v4 type setups so we can break the ice before raid intensive joint trainings so we can be on a more friendly basis. Lastly I will add. If the UNSC Razor is willing to do the aforementioned joint activities with From the Ashes. That would be appreciated.
  2. In regards to halo infinites launch the BT can be seen as irrelevant. But in regards to fresh new recruits this is to gauge where they are at; especially patience wise when doing Parkour courses. Before, we gauge their combative skills it is good to figure out how short of a fuse they have and what they can deal with under pressure in regards to leadership capabilities. Another thing I will add in regards to current community and for those who don't have game pass and are unable to get infinite at launch this training can be viewed as omnipotent to the whole demographic whom of which is joining our clan. I feel there is a need to add a more intensive combat training in regards to what b1ue is saying he is right. As far as it being "Partially" redundant towards Infinite I can agree but not "completely." Moving forward i have encountered the razor doing much much much more intensive combat training in their later stage trainings that they host outside of recruitments. I care about the well being of all and I wish to not pick a side in this argument as implied.
  3. THEATER OF OPERATIONS: Crossplay OPERATIONAL CAPACITY: 3 ACTIVITY VARIANT: Training OBJECTIVE: To run all new members through basic training to see what they can do. ATTENDANCE: @Harry Cramb @E-4 dark unsc defiance rep @Ned Rich Personal Notes: Rivu Sramai Flew through this training like a swan migrating south for the winter. Overall good job. Thanks for Harry's input throughout the training. I am very hopeful for this recruits performance moving forward. Took him 30 minutes to complete BT
  4. From the Ashes comprehensive training consisting of these members. Hosted by me. RDML Ned Rich @Dragons Wrath @Agent Stratus0 @E-4 dark unsc defiance rep @EggLad5834 @Megumin @Fire 2the Flame @Archerlord @Valentines Training consisted of alpha lines, bravo lines, a refresher of the mountains, as well a combative training to test leadership skills on the field. Overall everyone completed the mountains shoutout to @Agent Stratus0 for taking command during combat training as well as @E-4 dark unsc defiance rep for speaking up and helping with mountains for those who were having trouble. At the end we had a short refresher on what a leader should be as well as getting everyone's versions of who they see as a leader. Following which a refresher on common sense as it was well needed for [redacted] enlisted. Thank you to @Fire 2the Flame for showing up and helping throughout the course as well. Good joint training. Thank you all who attended.
  5. For: From The Ashes List of attending members @Dragons Wrath @E-4 dark unsc defiance rep @StandoPowa5487 Recruited Rivu 'Sramai, chill dude. Has good experience. Look forward to his performance.
  6. We had a recruitment session with me and @Dragons Wrath Cac A Shaw joined the lobby and started trying harass with numbers. I assassinated the blacklisted cuck and booted his members out of the recruitment as they were a nuisance. I recruited 2 guys who I will be mentioning a guy named Stafish43. And HH Artemis. All around got some hatemail. 03e6cd31-0db4-4f19-b08f-4c349568b7d5.mp4
  7. Very fun looking forward to another one
  8. Welcome. Not much here. Please contact me on discord or Xbox live if you would like to chat. 

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