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  1. All my best to you and your future endeavors, wherever they may take you. Likewise with Harry, just drop me a line whenever you want to play some games. - Pvt. Shandy
  2. I’m touched but also saddened by your departure Dred, glad you’re still staying connected my friend. Feel free to join me on Xbox or via Discord at anytime. Respectively, Shandy
  3. There is a little more to it then what this article perpetuates, as it is a secondary source. The increased division of the social classes (e.g. lower and middle class members), has gotten worse over the years. Social class has blossomed to the point where people no longer want to discuss their SES. If you would like to learn more about research that is relatively recent click here. - Shandy
  4. Thank you! Just got the clockwork tower
  5. Actually met a guy on Xbox 360 who sounded like this naturally
  6. Hello LEGO builders, show us your builds so far in whatever state they are in. Depending if this kicks off, perhaps we can do categories. Here’s mine so far (all Harry Potter). - Shandy
  7. Hi Harry, America also values the importance of a handshake as a show of determination, loyalty, and a test of their character. In job interviews, meetings, and other “high stakes” situations it is seen as something that is a cultural norm and is expected. This who do not shake hands and do so firmly, are seen as “holding something back” or “not being fully committed”. In the education section it is a crucial determination (least in my state) of determining if you “have what it takes”. The other aspect in eye contact but that’s for another post. - Shandy
  8. Hello everyone I wanted to make a post on the state of the overall community of Halo. While it seems to have in the past to have grown and blossomed, it also seems to have caused division and animosity. Looking at the state of discord, do you believe this will be a continuation as the next Halo reaches our consoles or monitors?
  9. Ahh okay, not a problem thank you for the update and the clarification regarding the decision making process. - Shandy
  10. Ahh that makes sense, thanks for letting me know Jason
  11. Has the pistol (the name alludes me) been developed yet to your knowledge? - Shandy
  12. This seems like a really good idea. I for one have no knowledge of ARMA in general, but would like to learn more about it, especially with more voices being potentially brought in. Thank you for helping us grow both of our communities and knowledge bases @McNasty. Any updates yet @Shawn4Japan? - Shandy
  13. This is so awesome, thanks for sharing Shawn!
  14. We use STAR a lot as well
  15. Quality post man, great work!
  16. Not a problem, when I pop online and I see you’re on, I’ll message ya for an invite. - Shandy
  17. Hi, has there been any updates on this front and/or a way to join a regiment on Modern Warfare, on my end we have to be invited to it. Does anyone know if there is a work around to this or as I know @Jason L Lewis has a 34th style one, can I and anyone who wants to, be invited to it? Thanks, Shandy
  18. Is it a worthy purchase, packaging in both nostalgia and or any Easter eggs that we may find within?
  19. I can give it a shot @Shawn4Japan - Shandy
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