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  1. ° I enjoyed semper because it felt like a home. ° I am not doing these things to go after Harry I am actually offering friends to come with or stay out of there own choosing. ° A skeleton crew of people that know each other and enjoy being around each other may last long than you think my old friend Morris. °I understand you are emotional (upset) while writhing these post so I'm not gonna hold your remarks over your head. Also the attention I could care less about. The resign part you are right I could have but I didn't. Forgot how and didn't feel like relearning. To
  2. I don't disagree with the discharge and I did do the leaving and offering a better place to go for members that have had trouble with leadership positions but you should get your facts straight Morris. Three times and first time was lack of leadership 2nd was life stuff. This last time is because of lack of will to keep redoing my recruitment probation everytime the captain pissed off a member I recruited they left causing me to restart. It gets annoying and repetitive. You can call me childish all you want but I'm not going to waste my time on something that doesn't have a result.
  3. The Office of Naval Intelligence has been good to me. I have learned a lot from the people within it however this chapter of my life has came to it's end. Thank you all.
  4. Imagine the things people could and will make if there was no budget within forge mode.
  5. I have to amendment hockey is fun to watch but only when there is a lot of fights.
  6. Yeah, A death of a love one (which includes pets) will do that to you making you dark and cold. This feeling tends to make you grow up faster.
  7. Teens are always saying, "I can't wait to grow up." however this is only until it's too late. Teens seem to realize that Adulthood isn't all fun and games once it hits them in the face. Which makes graduating from High School and starting your life is no easy task. No matter what path you go down. Whether your living status classification is rich, middle class, and or poor; Whether your path is college, military, employment, and or self-employment; Whether you know yourself or not. There will always be a struggle in transiting into adulthood. In one way or another, so if you are not grown up y
  8. How does one get access/permission to use the credit donation function?
  9. I was wonder just like how promotions have requirements what would the requirements be to work your way back up the ranks? As in how does one start? Also how long does one have to wait time wise before even thinking about the possibility of a promotion after a demotion?
  10. Very interesting how do you come across these helpful tips?
  11. I didn't know about this.
  12. I agree on all these points however what if forge budget was a thing of the past?
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