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  1. I am recommending that @Agent Sniper00be reinstated to the rank of E4 Corporal as this was his previous rank prior to departing in 2020 and rejoining earlier this year. He has proven his commitment to the betterment of the ship and the clan as a whole. As well as being in an influx of recruits and being a big part of the completion of Operation Horizon. I know that he will continue to progress strongly and is a good influence on the lower enlisted as well. This I feel has proven worthy of a reinstatement to his previous rank. Respectfully Sergeant Major Tsar
  2. @HellzJanitor174 has shown over the past month great dedication to her position as a squad leader leading well and keeping them engaged. She has met the requirements to be promoted to Lance Corporal in addition to recommendation provided by Sergeant Nemesis. Her advice and thoughts mid operation have always proven to be useful in activities. I look forward to seeing her continued work in the clan. Respectful. Sergeant Major Tsar
  3. @Ultimateracet8has meet the requirements to be promote to E4. He has been active and has proven that he is capable of leading a fireteam. His continued efforts and activity aboard the Razor show an example to everyone in his fireteam. I look forward to working with him forward as he ramps up his efforts and contributions to the ship and Semper as a whole. Respectfully, Sgt Major Tsar
  4. So I'm currently brainstorming and working on some ideas for raid maps and just wanted to see what design philosophies others had when trying to make a map. These are some of the main things I've taking into consideration for my map that I'm currently working on. Balance alongside available munitions and vehicles -- It should be a challenge for attackers but defenders should not be able to run on autopilot Playability vs Base accessibility ie. options to approach the base Preventing physics exploits because we know how reach physics can be Distance between base and
  5. Corporal @Nemesis has completed the requirements to be eligible for promotion to E5 Sergeant. Over the past 4 months I've been able to work with him aboard the Razor I can say he has more than proved he is deserving of the promotion. After leading a fireteam successfully, his role expanded to overseeing multiple fire teams as their squad leader. He has handled anything thrown his way with class and solid decision making. I look forward to his further success. Respectfully, Sergeant Major Tsar
  6. @AlonePuppet81 has met the requirements for the rank of Private First Class. I look forward to his continued work and contributions aboard the Razor, as a member of Gamer's Fireteam Respectfully, Sergeant Major Tsar
  7. Private @Maple has completed the requirements for being promoted to Private First Class. He has been a very active member and has shown in game and out of game that he is deserving of this promotion. It is great to have him as a part of the ship and I look forward to his continued development . Respectfully, Sergeant Major Tsar
  8. As someone also born and raised in the south, I think southern is too broad a term for what you mean. I would say that the confederacy and the battle standards are not part of the Southern Identity. I would associate the identity of Family Food & Religion with it more so. While it was only a 4 year period, the Confederacy represented a deep mistrust between two halfs of a country that each operated differently and that mistrust was there even before the revolution. Is it stupid that some of monuments are being removed or renamed? No not really, while I do think its not worth the effort to
  9. The original 19th Fleet was lead by Arden, they had some internal falling out with him and recreated the 19th. So the agreements made with Arden they probably never even really knew about that agreement since the leadership is entirely different from what I am aware of. I haven't really see them play mcc either that much. https://discord.gg/v9QDKkZyPm There is the link. The person in charge is Capt. McNasty, discord tag is BobaFett#6232 if you are interested in contacting him @Shawn4Japan
  10. I would like to transfer from the Vanishing Point to the Razor. I feel that it would be best at this time since I've finished few of my class and now have much more free time to put into the game and with Infinite still not having a release date I feel is it my best course of action.
  11. I agree with a majority of the things you've stated here. There is no excuse for the lack of results that came in comparison to the expectations and I understand that. With your explanation I understand why you made the decision and what you would expect out of someone at that rank. This is one thing that is a flat out inaccuracy, you can ask any one who had been on the Meriwether/Vanishing Point, I've been in much more than just 10 raids. Have I scheduled less that 10, you are right with that fact. Even the same can be spoken with trainings was very consistent for a while then slo
  12. Hello Ma'am, I do agree that the demotion is deserved, but all the way to Lance Corporal? I believe that is unusually harsh considering the circumstance and prior cases. I will say January was the last time I actively tried to get people on the ship to join sessions, which of course falls on me. But if we look at a every unit in the fleet, this pattern is not just seen on the Vanishing Point but everywhere else too. Pillar of Autumn, doesn't much explaining there, just like its lack of a track record. Same thing for the Razor but since everyone knows Harry's situation its ok. Lets no
  13. I played invasion in their last one, it was very smooth but it felt like there was a shadow input lag throwing off my aim
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