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  1. Nope, looks exactly like discord.
  2. We know that in July there will be first party game reveals. We can hope Halo Infinite is a part of this reveal. "In July, we will dedicate time to focus on the incredible games coming from Xbox Game Studios. A number of our studio teams are looking forward to sharing first looks at new gameplay, insights from development teams being optimized for Xbox Series X, and brand-new game announcements. We cannot wait to share this initial look at what some of those teams are working on." (Jerret West, CVP, Gaming Marketing, May 5, 2020) Xbox continues to say, "Our goal remains to launc
  3. It's really fun, using a mic and calling out/pinging is key.
  4. I just invited random people I played with, lmao. I didn't expect for us to make a COD Division. I was thinking about removing some inactive people to make space, the max is 250.
  5. I just recently started playing DayZ. On Xbox It seems there are many units like this, but this is the most professional one I could find.
  6. Battle of Thermopylae is a good example of this. The Persians won the battle in the end, taking control of Boeotia, Phocis, and Attica. I would like to know peoples thought on this and what situations this could be true. Would this apply today with our modern technology in warfare?
  7. This may sound a bit dumb but, Imagination is Imagining. Anything you can imagine can be imagined. Acting on that thought that you imagined is where it goes into right or wrong. You may imagine terrible things because you have had a rough life or going through a bad time. But doing terrible things is different from imagining them. Being able to think in complex ways is what makes us human. Imagination itself is neither good or bad in my opinion. I think imagination and having a complex thought process opens feelings of love, strategy, and kindness and understanding what those mean. Yet it also
  8. This is true most of the time from what I learned. But I wonder to what extent imagination is changed by motivation. Admiral why don't you clone two AI subjects with an aging life with the same exact simulation and see if they turn out with the same leading capabilities of a simulated marine squad? Then do it again and change the motivation level to inspire others.
  9. Modern Warfare 2019, has a system where you can change your Activision display name so that others in the game see that instead of your Gamertag. This may all just be because it is cross-platform. I would however like to see more games do this, allowing the community to have the names they want in-game and be able to change it over time. People then could have their rank before their name. I do see a couple of problems regarding stealing identity if people are allowed to have the same name. How does everyone else feel about this and would you support it if Halo: Infinite had this?
  10. Yeah, their is a huge update tonight. 12 GBs. I can't wait to see what they did with the blueprints, you are supposed to be able to mix and match. They added an obsidian camo and added a contract called "Most Wanted" in warzone.
  11. Tabasco is pretty good but I like Cholula hot sauce. Has anyone tried it?
  12. I guess my reason for this would be that it's not necessary to uphold a Mil-Sim and breach privacy, causing others to invest in VPNs. Especially when people want to simply have a good time in a community and then get harassed.
  13. I understand this part and you have a good point there. What you say here is true, but I wish it wasn't that way. I personally think that some role-play goes too far on that aspect of gathering personal information on people and getting their accounts. I guess my reason for this would be that it's not necessary to uphold a Mil-Sim and breaches privacy, causing others to invest in VPNs.
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