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  1. For honor is a game that Bases itself on the medieval times and the earliest 790s with the Viking era begin For honor is a Skill base game in with player's must learn how to use Combos and faints In for Honor u find more noobs then good player who use the same combos just to win but must of the time the noob gets killed more and Trashed talks For honor have four Factions The Vikings ,The Knights , The Samurai and The Wu Lin You can pick one of these factions to play as the main 3 factions that can be part of our the samurai Knight and Vikings On this game players
  2. I have not seen or heard from him with in 6 months now and I have tryed to Contact him on xbox and discord and he has not Answer me back and so I like for him to be removed and put back into the marines
  3. I been a ODST and Enforcer

    Odst= orbital drop shock trooper

    ODST motto -feet first into hell ,  Prepared to drop

     I was a ODST on Reach and 3 and 4 And 5

    Odst jobs are assassin, dropping behide enemies lines and  protecting high value targets,

    Enforcers= Death Trooper,  Commando

    Enforcer motto - u are Death itself show ur enemies what they fear most,

    Enforcers job - assault enemies  Base, assassinating high value targets, and doing the bidding of they lord 

    1. Mr Morris

      Mr Morris

      Ok, wow I don't even know what this is.

  4. I know my boots be on the ground first when halo Infinite so my Drop pod is ready and my guns locked and loaded
  5. I think this a nice way to keep people Active on the website
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