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    white_blank_oni-on-blank.png.7768841a57b0630afe1af34b86cd72dd.pngOFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE

    ONI 164/224 White N/A SHORTNAME ONI
    Shield 34/105   Transparent   SPARTAN # Discord.gg/ONI
        Transparent   DESIGNATION Unit Specific

    The ONI emblem is the default emblem to all members, this version of the emblem is used over the circle in background to use coordinating blackened nameplates featured in the game. This half emblem becomes whole in a black background, subliminally speaking to the truths in intelligence, while also blending into whatever team an agent is put on in online multiplayer (Red, Blue, etc.) For more information on the ONI emblem, check out the identity page. While this is the officiated emblem, all emblems on the identity page are acceptable including mixed use forms. 

    [ https://www.semper-vigilans.org/organization/identity/ ]




    RECON-class Mjolnir, also designated as the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/R variant, is a stealth-oriented variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor that was originally commissioned by the Office of Naval Intelligence and developed by the Materials Group, with the GEN2 version being manufactured by the Imbrium Machine Complex.

    The Recon armor was developed parallel to the Scout armor in the Office of Naval Intelligence's Beta-5 Division Ordnance Testing Facility in Swanbourne, Perth, Western Australia. The armor was designed to provide the wearer with stealth capabilities and with little or no loss of endurance, specifically by reducing its infrared signature, reflective surfaces, and Cherenkov radiation emission. SCOUT-class Mjolnir, also designated as the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/S variant, is a variant of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor that was developed by the Materials Group.

    The Recon armor is the default armor variant for all ONI personnel. In addition to Recon the Scout armor variants and all other variants created by Materials Group are allowed to be equipped with permission or on the basis of operational environment.

    Certain armor variants and combinations are reserved for ODST, SPARTAN-II, SPARTAN-III, SPARTAN-IV personnel. These armor sets include similar armors not developed by the Materials Group and instead outsourcing weapon defense partners to ONI. 



    The Recon armor was first unveiled on Bungie Day 2007, in a piece of artwork created by Isaac Hannaford. This followed the unveiling of the new armor permutations system, though only the Mark VI, EVA and CQB sets were detailed. The Recon armor remained a mystery until launch, when it was revealed as an exclusive set awarded by Bungie to community members for specific accomplishments that impressed the Bungie staff.

    The launch of Halo 3: ODST in late 2009 saw the Road to Recon challenge unveiled; players who unlocked all of the Vidmaster Challenges across Halo 3 and ODST were prompted to visit Bungie.net, whereupon they would be able to click an "Unlock My Recon" button in their service record. This sparked the fire to the leaders that are here today. Where ONI was founded as a group to gather information writing guides to complete the Vidmaster Achievements the Recon armor is adorned today in its retained legends of the original members and leaders that helped others get the achievements in endless fun.

    In the vastness that is Halo and the armor combinations, variants created and perfected across the generations we see fit that ONI's uniform be consistent to the true purpose of a clan. That is for us to be fun, unified and playing Halo for all of the features included, the utilization of all of its customization regardless of discipline.

    In addition to the armors created by the Materials Group, the ONI Watershed Division and the ONI Beta-5 Division all have options available with the only limitation of the armors reserved to the prestige of the Spartan Programs and Orbital Drop Shock Division. These armor sets are distinguished, we all know them to be true to its purpose whatever variant they may be and ask all members to abide in respecting the SPARTAN-II, SPARTAN-III, SPARTAN-IV and ODSTs in not equipping the armor sets.

    There is no form here or post to make, simply check with your units commanding officer of what outside of Recon you want to change it too and inform them. For habitual armor changing take note that we are here to offer a serious role playing experience, in the military there is a need to justify each action and armor.

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